A Dozen Elegant Fall Decor Ideas with Tutorials

Elegant Fall Decor Ideas

What struck me most putting this post together is the immense amount of talent and caring that surrounds us.  The care and thoughtfulness these women put into their fall decor is so inspiring to me. These fall home decor ideas are spectacular and each one comes with a tutorial to not only inspire but teach.  I am certain you will enjoy the read.

Elegant fall decor quote

Source –  Ana Rosa on Tumbler

Elegance at the Front Door

This beautiful wreath from Common Ground sets the stage for an elegant fall theme.  The colours are seasonal but not garish, symmetrical without looking systematic.  The wreath is sumptuous yet understated because of her perfect colour choices.

Hydrangea Wreath – Common Ground

Elegant Lanterns

These elegant lanterns are very easy to make.  They start with higher quality florals and the posts shows a step by step tutorial on how to decorate lanterns.  The subdued colours make them elegant along with the large scale of the lanterns themselves.

Elegant fall decorating fall lamps with floral arrangements.

Elegant White Lanterns – Faeries and Fauna

Elegant Pumpkins

The variety of elegant pumpkins available on the internet is so impressive.  There are literally thousands of beautiful examples.  I chose a few of my very favourites to share with you, these particular pumpkins attracted me with their soft femininity.

elegant fall decorating a simple pumpkin arrangement

Easy Pumpkin Arrangement – Daisy Mae Belle

Unfortunately, there is no tutorial included in this post from French Kissed, but the elegant fall pumpkin is so impressive I had to include it.    The full post has several pictures and each one is breathtaking.  Pop over and enjoy!  You may have enough photos graph to replicate the arrangement.


Elegant fall decorating idea, floral arrangement with antlers and pumpkin

Blushing Antler Pumpkin – French Kissed

Succulents seem to be everywhere so why not included on a pumpkin.    The greens are so fresh and pretty.   I love the addition of the moss and how she built up the arrangement in layers.  It’s both elegant and interesting to look at.  It makes me feel like a fairy could pop out at any time.

Elegant fall decorating idea, fall pumpkins with succulents

Succulent Pumpkin Planter – East Coast Creative

These sea lavender pumpkins are so feminine, dyed into soft colours and grouped together.  This blog inspires me to a whole new level of soft feminine decor.

Gorgeously elegant fall pumpkins with fabric and brush gold stems

Sea Lavendar Pumpkin – Ozmaofodds

Blush pink, gold glitter and hydrangeas,  you all know how I am drawn by this colour combination.  This display is so easy to create and put together, yet is elegant enough to be a magazine feature.

Elegant pumpkin arrangement with hydrangeas, an elegant fall decor tutorial.

Pumpkin and Flower Centerpiece -Such Pretty Things

Fall Dough Bowls

What fall decor post can be complete without a dough bowl arrangement.  Dough bowls are very trendy and understandably so.  They are antique,  farmhouse and speak of a simpler time.  This arrangement using soft colours is simple to create and the post includes step by step directions.  I can just imagine this in the middle of a farmhouse tables with the scent of fresh herbs coming from it.

Using a dough bowl to create an elegant fall decor arrangement with pumpkins

Neutral Dough Bowl – Plum Pretty Decor

Fall Mantel

Doreen from Hymns and Verses gathered from autumns bounty to create this spell bounding mantel.  This simplistically elegant mantel causes me to be calm and reflective.    Doesn’t it make you want to go for a fall walk outdoors?

Walnut Swag for Fall Mantel – Hymns and Verses


Like fall pumpkins, fall tablescapes are everywhere online.  There are beautiful examples in all colours and styles.  This particular tablescape strikes me as elegant not only because of its opulence but because of the traditional startling white china backdrop.  The classic nature of white and gold in this tablescape is gorgeous.

Elegant fall decor tablescape with brilliant white dishware.

How to Set an Elegant Table – Setting for Four

Elegant Fall Cake

I chose to finish this roundup with a fall dessert.  A good cup of coffee and a piece of this cake is the fitting close to any fall day don’t you think.   This tutorial is easy to follow and the final result is amazing.    This cake is elegant because of the contrast between the elaborate leaf top and quietness of the rustic hand iced cake.  I think its beautifully done.

Elegant fall dessert idea.

Gilded Leaf Cake by I Scream for Buttercream

This post began with a definition of elegance as an emotion invoked in the beholder.

Did you feel an emotion looking at these photos?

If you like these ideas please share them..  Let me know your thoughts and comments.

Elegant fall decor ideas with floral arrangement on lamps.


  1. Oh yes, the pictures definitely evoke a lot of emotions. I’m not really a fall kinda of person but these lovely ideas all make me feel peaceful and might just convince me to like fall a little more

  2. Leanna what inspiration. Each pumpkin is more beautiful then the next one. And that walnut garland simply stunning. I love fall, it is my favorite time of the year and yet I don’t really decorate for it because we only have summer and then a half baked winter of rain here. No other seasons so it robs me of my joy. Your beautiful ideas have certainly inspired me!

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