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Easy DIY Wood Valentine’s Day Gift

A DIY wood Valentine’s gift is a great way to tell someone you care and keep the commercialism to a minimum.  A handmade gift is the best heartfelt gift, it adds a personal touch to Valentine’s Day, and after all, I think that’s what it’s all about.  

This easy DIY project for Valentine’s Day adds a personal touch. The best part is when you make it yourself, it’s an easy way to personalize it into someone’s favorite color and style. You can make it as shabby chic, farmhouse, traditional, or neutral Valentine’s Day decor.  And it’s a fun way to do some Valentine’s Day crafts at the same time.  

You can create this wood craft using a thrift store wood shape like I did, or purchase precut wood heart-shaped ornament at the Dollar store.  Purchasing the Valentine wood precut means no saws or powerful tools are required, making the skill level for this wood craft perfect for beginners.  

Thrift Store Valentine Before

There wasn’t anything wrong with the little Valentine, it was in perfect shape.

The before picture of a wood Valentine thats being updated for gifting. The valentine is yellow with purple flowers.

How to Make a DIY Wood Valentine’s Gift

The DIY Valentine takes about half an hour to do excluding drying time. You can get the majority of the supplies at the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree. I did not need a drill or thin wire for my project, but if using a dollar store Valentine you will.

Wood Valentine’s Craft Supplies

  • A wood heart at least 5 inches across and 1/3 inch thick.  (You can use a dollar store heart or a thrift store heart)
  • Drill 
  • Thin wire
  • Latex Paint ( I used Fusion Mineral Paint in 
  • Sanding block, or 120 grit sandpaper
  • Small paint brush
  • Craft store or dollar store 2-inch plain balsa wood crafts
  • Wood Stain (weathered oak)
  • foam brush
  • Small piece of ribbon
  • free downloadable Valentine’s card (optional)
  • Hot glue & E 6000
  • Wire cutters, needlenose plyers

Step 1 – Prepare the Valentine Wood Pieces

I began by taking out the wire and giving my large Valentine wood piece a thorough sanding of all sides including the edges.  Wipe the wood with a dry cloth to remove all the sanding dust. 

If using a dollar store wood heart, pry off any staples or embellishments that may be on the Valentine, if there is a printable remove any loose parts you can, and leave the attached parts, (we will place that to the back).  Give all sides a good sanding with the 120 grit or a sanding block making sure you have a nice smooth surface.

Using a drill, place two small holes in the top of the Valentine making sure there’s at least 1/3 inch between the whole and the edge of the wood heart shape.

Step 2 – Paint the Wood Valentine Hearts

I used Fusion Mineral paint in Limestone and a one-inch brush to give the front and sides of the wood heart one coat of paint.  Let it dry for half an hour before painting the back.  I repeated the process with a second coat on all sides.  Because this was a homemade gift idea, I gave the back of our sweet gift two coats of paint.  If this is a DIY for yourself you can skip the second coat on the back of the Valentine. 

A collage of 2 images one is painting a DIY wood Valentine's for gift, the second is staining a smaller wood Valentine to attach.

While the paint is drying on the large heart, paint or stain just the front of the small wood heart embellishment, and the 2 or 4 wood beads.  I did mine first with a pink metallic paint but didn’t like it so I used a second small heart and stained it in weathered oak instead, along with 4 wood Dollar Store wood beads.  

I am all about neutral Valentines this year, but I encourage you to use your own personal taste, whatever craft supplies you have on hand and choose any different colors that appeal to you.   

Step 3 –  Make the Wire Hanger

I repurposed the existing wire on my thrift store wood Valentine ornament, so I could skip this step.  But I made a hanger replica for those who are doing it with dollar store supplies so I could illustrate the easy craft for you.  If you’re using a dollar store Valentine’s heart you need to create a hanger by bending wire.  

A piece of scrap wood with a nail in it for making a diy wood valentines gift.  The nail will be used to help mold a wire to hold the wood Valentine with.

My YouTube video tutorial shows you how to replicate the wire shape of a  heart. I think the video is the best way to explain how to make one. Included a written tutorial below as well.

To mold the wire make a simple stand by hammering a small nail into a piece of wood.  Cut a piece of wire about 18 inches long, and place the two ends of the wire together to find the middle point.  Carefully crisscross your wires 1/2 inch below the middle point and twist the wires two or three times with needlepoint plyers.

Next, use your fingers and the nail to mold two halves of the Valentine’s right and left. Cross them together. Hold with the pliers while you bend the lower two curls.

Paint the wire to match your Valentine and let dry.  Add one or two wood beads on the end of the wire.  Place the wire through the drilled opening in your heart and fold it over to hold it into place. Snip the end off as needed.  Place a hot dab of hot glue into the openings to hold the wires in place.

A closeup showing the wire wrapping that attaches a wire hanger to a wood Valentine.

I noticed when putting my video together that some of the paint had chipped off the wire when it was pushed through the hole in the wood. To fix it I just gave it an extra dab of paint with a small brush.

Step 3 –  Assembling and Embellishing the Valentine

I had a few simple ideas for embellishing the wood Valentine.  Thin lace around the edge of the handmade valentines, or Mod Podge the central valentine, add a large elaborate messy bow, but in the end, I left my diy wood Valentine’s gift minimal and traditional looking. To finish the Valentine I applied E6000 glue to the back of the stained heart embellishment and then a very simple fabric bow.  

A diy wood Valentine Gift with stained wood beads and a small grainsack ribbon.

I think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a best friend or your favorite coworker.  Wouldn’t it look great up on a cubical divider, or hanging from a closet door?  

Love this project? Please pin it to try, I appreciate it.

A rustic wood Valentine heart DIY project hanging on the knob of a vintage pie safe thats painted sage green. The heart is painted in neutral colours with white paint, and a lightly stained wooden Valentine center.

DIY Wood Valentine’s Gift Card

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s gift without a card so I created a fun little “Wood” you be my Galentine card to go along with home made gift. Click the link and the attachment will open. Just print it on regular letter size paper.

Some other Great Valentine’s Day Gifts 

As I said earlier DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are a great idea for Valentines. Any handmade gift shows caring and thoughtfulness.  All these posts include a great craft and a couple include free printables so you can add a heartfelt message as well.  

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Happy Valentines to all the Galentines out there! Leanna

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