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A DIY Valentines Gift Heating Pad

A Heart Warming DIY Valentines Gift Idea

Are you looking for a really easy and quick DIY Valentines gift for someone you love. How about giving them the gift of warmth? Even if you have to purchase all the supplies you can make this quick and easy heart warming homemade Valentine’s gift for about $10 including the rice. Sewing this simple DIY Valentine takes takes about an hour start to finish. This heartshaped heating pad is certain to make someones Valentine’s day special.

DIY Valentine Gift Heating pad in cream crop cloth with a red farmhouse ribbon and a card that says " You warm my heart Valentine"

Today I am excited to join in with a new group of DIY Bloggers, for a Valentine’s themed blog hop. All the posts are lovely DIY Valentine Craft and Decor Ideas. You will find all their posts after mine. Have a great time checking them out.

Why Make a Handmade Valentines Gift?

  • A handmade gift is always a good idea for the budget consious, the receiver knows even if affordable you invested time and thought into created something one of a kind for them.
  • This is the perfect Valentine gift for February to give to someone whose always cold. And it’s really unique, for a man you could you use flannel plaid and add a button instead of a bow.

DIY Valentines Gift Heating Pad Supplies

You don’t need much fabric to make this Valentine heating pad, I used some left over drop cloth (my fav) to give it a farmhouse look, but you can use a flannel shirt, worn tablecloth or even dollar tree tea towels or bath towels to make one. I purchased some pretty farmhouse ribbon, but you could replace that with left over wool or bakery twine.

Two pieces of drop cloth or other 100% cotton fabric you like. If using leftovers you need one piece of fabric 14″ by 10″ and another. 14″ by 9″.

How to Make this Homemade Valentine Gift

Begin by printing out the free downloadable pattern. The free pattern prints out on two pages, line the page up and tape them together.

To prepare you fabric, make sure it is washed and ironed first. Fold one piece of fabric in half.

Cutting the Valentine Front

The front of the Valentine heating pad has a large crease, it dresses up the simple gift with a little extra love. In order to have the pleat we need an extra central section of fabric between the two half heart pieces. The next image shows you what I mean.

A image diagram showing where to fold fabric for a heart shaped heated bag.

Fold your fabric in half, and then pin the Valentine pattern to the top fabric only.

A heart shaped downloaded pattern pinned to a double layer of drop cloth for making a heart shaped heating pad for Valentine's day.

Once you have it as shown above, move the heart pattern and the top piece of fabric back 2 inches. Then pin the heart through both of fabric. Cut around the heart shape and make a straight line across the 2 inch section

Cutting the Valentine Back

Fold a second small piece of fabric line the center of the heart pattern along the edge. Cut out one piece for the back of the heating bag and put aside.

Designing the Front of the Homemade Valentine

Lay and iron out your fabric flat, then check out the next image. Your going to take the point along the top of the heart and the bottom of the heart as shown and fold them into the center. Do one side and then the other.

Iron flat and pin along the fold. Your Valentine front should look similar to this. Trim off the two little extra piece on the bottom of the heart.

The front piece of a DIY valentine heating pad with a pleat in the front. It is made of drop cloth.

Sewing the Homemade Valentine Gift Heating Bag

The pleat requires four little seams if you want it to be open.

Sewing the Front Pleat On the Valentine

For an open pleat, fold half the heart over and sew a thin seam along the edge. Repeat on the other side.

Sewing a pleat on the front of a DIY heart shaped Valentine heating pad

Lay the front flat again then pin the ribbon to the underside of pleat.

diagram of where to attach ribbon to the front of a DIY microwavable rice heating pad.

Lay the back good side down, cover it with the front piece good side up. Pin it all the way around. Pin the ribbon ends so they stay out of the way when sewing the outside.

Sewing a Valentine heating pad, showing the front all pinned.

Sew two seams around the outside of the heating pad the first seam 1/4″ from the edge, the second seam 1/2 inch from the edge. Make sure to leave a 1″ gap in both seams, for adding the rice.

Filling the DIY Valentine Gift Heating Pad

As this is a Valentine’s gift I did some research on the best natural fillers for microwaveable heating pads and chose jasmine rice. Jasmine rice has a nice natural scent. I chose to add some Jasmine essential oils. If you don’t want to purchase Jasmine rice I suggest using regular rice.

To fill the heating pad with rice either use a small funnel or make a simple paper cone. Place inside the gap in the seam and add your rice, a little bit at a time. Sprinkling the in works much more smoothly. If you try to place in a handful all at once the rice bunches up and its a total pain.

Filling a drop cloth rice filled DIY heating pad with essential oil scented rice.

Warming the Valentine Heating Pad

As the Valentine is made with light coloured drop cloth I suggest placing it on a clean plate before popping it in the microwave.

Microwave for 60 seconds and see if its warm enough, it not give it another 30 seconds.

Farmhouse Drop cloth DIY Heating Pad with Jasmine Rice filling and essential oils.

DIY Valentines Gift Cards

If you want a card to attach to your heating pad, there are two different Valentine cards to chose from a larger pink one and a small soft blue card that can be printed out on card stock. They add a simple additions to your gift.

Two free printable valentine cards one pink and one soft blue. Both say your warm my heart Valentine.

Once you have the card printed I suggest ripping the edges with a ruler to give it a soft scruffy look to match the edging of the Valentine heating bag.

Some Other Valentines Gift Ideas from my Blogging Friends

Agnes from Just That Perfect Piece shares this unique and simple to create Shabby Chic Valentine’s Day Decor.  I love that you could use this year around.

A cream raffia covered Valentine in a shabby chic style.

My friend Sam from Raggedy Bits is using some scrap wood to make these easy Stamped Farmhouse Valentines Wooden Block Signs to either decorate with or give as gifts.

Three stamped wood shelf signs in pretty pinks for Valentines Day.

Kirsten from Tribe of Burton created this neutral Boho Valentines Decor.

A white fireplace decorated with neutral coloured Valentine banners, including farmhouse beads, and burlap hearts.

Mary from Life at Bella has created a sweet, elegant Valentine Dinner Table for Two to inspire us.

A silver, red and white table setting for Valentine's Dinner

Learn how to make these easy DIY Yarn Wrapped Hearts from Olivia o”Hern.

Easy yarn wrapped hearts in red pink and white for Valentine's Day

My favorite thing about Valentine’s crafting are all the ways to use pink. Kippi from Kippi at Home shares how to make this colourful DIY Valentine’s Pom Pom Wreath.

Wool Valentine wreath made with red, and pink wools.

Rebecca from Zucchini Sisters shares how to make this simple heart shaped Valentine’s Day Door Hanger crafted from Dollar Tree supplies.

A simple dollar store door hanger craft using puzzle pieces.

Other DIY Valentines Gift Ideas

A handmade valentine's day gift idea using a artificial plant and pink and blue cardstock. There is a plant themed Valentines card printable as well

Easy Valentines Gift Idea

Here is a very easy Valentines day gift idea for the plant lovers in your life. The pattern for both the wrapper and the assorted Valentine cards are included. This one I made for Me.

A Valentines gift for him or boyfriend with beer, a large burlap ribbon, and fun printable Valentines card.

Valentines Gift for Him

Ever hear of Man Flowers? This Valentines Day Gift for Him is a fun way to give a man beer for Valentines. There are two styles of fun Valentines cards included.


  1. What a sweet Valentine’s Day gift and in our climate, it couldn’t be more perfect. I love the inverted pleat detail.

  2. I absolutely love this project.. I am not a sewer at all. I’m hoping you can tell me if this would work with fusible tap? I have made many things with it.

    I would love to make one for my stepmother. I love the idea of lavender oil because we both love lavender.

    Hope you can tell me if it would work.


    1. Hi Cindy, unfortunatey I don’t think it would work for you. The heating pad heats up in the microwave and I am pretty sure it would wreck the fusible tape, and the mess of rice just doesn’t make it worth it.

  3. I absolutely love your idea of heating pad!! Will for sure make one ! love love love everything about it ! Happy to be on the blog hop with you !

    1. Thank you Agnes. I am glad you like it.. I tried to design it so it was super inexpensive. I am glad to be blogging with you as well.

  4. You always come up with such beautiful and amazing things. Thanks for sharing and wonderful hopping with you.

    1. Hi Chas. Its alway a good time to blog with you as well. You always surprise me with how you create things for so much less.

  5. I love how this heating pad turned out. I should definitely make one soon! Thanks for sharing. Happy hopping.

    1. Thank you Olivia. I appreciate you taking the time to comment . Glad you like it.

  6. What a great idea, I bet this keeps you warm at night.. I really love to make this. Thanks for sharing such a clever project.

  7. This a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea. The inverted pleat is a pretty detail. I am downloading the card too. I cannot wait to make some,

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