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Easy Jar Decor For Easter

4 Apothecary Glass Jars Ideas for Easter

Easter and Spring decorating has been challenging this year. As you may know, we moved to a small town and there is no local shopping, the closest dollar store is 45 minutes away and my favorite decor shops are farther yet. We love the quiet so much, surrounded by trees instead of traffic, and the deer walking by my office window never grows old. But I didn’t get to cruise by the pretty gift shops this year. Panicked by last-minute visitors I came up with some quick Easter jar decor. using decor from previous years.

Three simple and quick easter deecorating ideas using jars. One jar is holding an easter bunny inside and is surrounded by flower wreath, bunnies and Easter eggs. The second jar is being used as a vase in an Easter vignette and the third jar is Easter decor for the kitchen filled with jelly beans and surroundd with an Easter sign and a little moss Easter bunny.

If you’ve been decorating your space for a while, you probably know the value of large apothecary jars and shopping at home first. This is exactly what I did, and a quick trip to the dollar store for candy and two Easter signs. Here are the four glass jar ideas and simple DIY apothecary jar fillers I came up with for Spring. I hope you enjoy them, and that even with little time and what we have on hand we can come up with some cute Easter decor ideas.

Candy Jar Decor for Easter

I snuck this little jar full of candy around the corner so the kids wouldn’t notice it as soon as they came in. I swear they can smell jelly beans because they zoned in on it immediately and I was thrilled with how much they liked this jar. If like my little ones your kids may wonder if it’s decor, or if its candy.

Simple kitchen decor for Easter with an Easter candy jar, sitting on a farmhouse tray with a moss covered Easter bunny and a carrot patch sign.

I made a simple arrangement in a group of three and placed a dollar store sign I like besides the jar and my favorite moss covered bunny. Are you obsessed with greens like I am every Spring? I cannot wait to see green leaves and grass, it’s been months and I miss them. Here is a quick video to show you how easy this was to put together.

Cookie Jar Decor for Easter

I have a vintage Easter bunny cookie jar, but the colors aren’t what I wanted this year, so instead I whipped up a batch of bird’s nest Easter cookies and filled a large clear mason jar with them. If look carefully you can see the little arrow on the sign that points to the Easter treats. The cookie jar is placed next to the coffee pot and its been a hit.

Easter cookie jar decor for the kitchen. A large clear jar is decorated for Easter with homemade birds nest cookies, and then surrounded by peat pot Easter baskets, a nest with little Easter eggs,and a Farmhouse sign that says Easter Eggs farms with treats here arrow pointing at the cookie jar;

Large Island Apothecary Jar Bunny Arrangement

This large apothecary jar is several years old, and it’s always dramatic because of its size. I went shopping in the basement, used a green moss cover from Michaels that’s a few years old, some pussy willow faux branches, and a Pier One rabbit that’s also been around a while. Instead of adding flowers inside the jar, I wrapped a dollar store flower wreath around the bottom. In less than 10 minutes it was finished.

The inside of a large Easter bunny jar decorated with decor for Easter. The inside of the large jar has an Easter bunny, moss and pussywillows the outside of the jar isencircles by a wreath of flowers with pretty green leaves, faux orange carrots and sparkling Easter eggs.

Alternatives, you can use moss in the bottom of the jar and mini lights, or small books. I have a rabbit shaped book I almost used instead. A teacup or two, stacked with flowers. Birds nests and flowers, or lemon and limes. How about a fairy garden with moss? There are just so many alternatives.

The corner of a large kitchen island decorated with decor for Easter. There is a large glass jar filled with moss then a white Easter bunny encircled with pussy willows. The outside of the Easter decor jar is decorated with a floral wreath, green Easter eggs and faux carrots.

Thrift Store Jug Vase

Sometimes small towns pay off, the little thrift store out here is very quiet, and there are lots of seniors so you can find some entertaining articles, like this old cider jug. I removed the label, gave it a good wash, placed the branches in it, and done. It took about half an hour to get the large jug clean but once the dust was off the slight green of old glass shone through.

A large apple cider thats been converted into a vase for holding long branches of greenery. The branches arch over an Easter decorating idea and the end of the leaves are being studied by a large clay Easter bunny.
Four different Easter decorating ideas using jars, one is a Easter candy jar in a Easter arrangement, the second is a jar used to hold branches for Easter deocrating, the third is an Easter bunny decoratedd jar, and the fourth is a clear jar used to hold Easter cookies. All the jars are surrounded by Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and trays as part of Easter decorating ideas around the home.

If you want to see free and makeable DIY Easter Decorations on Pinterest I have all my own Easter decorations as well as other favorites on this DIY Easter Decorations and Easter Decor board on Pinterest

The Livingroom Jar Vignette Tutorials

The living room jar Vignette is part of a larger decor project we created for our living room. including the tulip crate and the neutral fabric carrots. The other arrangements we quick and simple.

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