Free Spring Wall Art Printables with Bunnies

Sweet and Adorable Bunny Spring Wall Art Printables

Download these fresh Spring wall art printables to update your home decor for Spring or Easter. I love using printables for several reasons. Just print and frame any way you like, they take up almost no shelf space, they add a cheerful bit of colour to your Spring arrangements, and they store neatly in a folder, or layered in the frames. They really don’t have a downside that I can think of.

Today I am sharing a choice of five different bunny printables that you can incorporate into you Spring decor.

A collage of 5 different bunny themed Spring or Easter printables, with flowers, trees and cute bunnies.

When I had the kids at home I would decorate for every holiday, Valentine’s, St Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Fall, these days I do less seasonal decor but I couldn’t miss decorating for Spring. Decorating for Spring and Easter is like therapy for cabin fever. For some lucky people, the world is green and blossoms are everywhere, but for others like myself decorating the interior of our homes gives us an outlet for the need to celebrate Spring. So let’s bring on the flowers and bunnies!

Here is the link to all five of the different Spring Bunny Printables I hope you have a hard time picking a favorite. Bunnies are just so cute and lovely for Spring decorating.

You can add them to your decor using frames, making some simple wood hangers, or just add them to a clipboard, or a cutting board with washi tape. I love how casual and easy Spring wall art printables are to use and I am certain you will find several fun ways to decorate with them.

Motivational Bunny Printable

Spring is amazing but often the start of a long list of to-dos for the yard, spring cleaning, organizing, planting the garden, and so forth. It’s also a time to start daydreaming or planning for Summer vacations. With all that going on I chose this quote from Leo Tolstoy.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects”

I added a soft cream wood grain background and an oval wreath so it would mat nicely in a frame. There is a second almost identical printable that is plain, I removed the background and motivational quote although I wanted it to remain in the pretty oval wreath.

A soft watercolour printable of a brown bunny sitting surrounded with tulips behind and a little bird in front.

Gardening Spring Wall Art Printables

This little bunny looks much prettier than I do sitting outside working on my flower beds. Every year I have to share my garden with rabbits and as long as they let me have some of my flowers, I am quite happy with the arrangement. Maybe this little guy is just tackling the weeds for us?

A bunny printable for Spring of a little rabbit sitting in the garden with a tree behind him, a hand shovel a fence and a pot of flowers with a wood flower sign.

There is another version inside a wreath that would be cute with some herbs in the kitchen.

An easter bunny spring bunny printable in a cream frame. The Easter bunny in a soft brown and he has a bouquet of tulips behind him and a sweet baby blue bird in front.

Spring Printable Blog Hop

Today I am joining several other bloggers in a printables blog hop. Each month we will gather to share a collection of themed printables for you. This month’s theme is Spring. None of the printables will have the same topic so there will be all sorts of variety.

A collection of cheerfully coloured Spring printable ideas.
A collage of various Spring and Easter printables


  1. These printables are gorgeous! Thank you so much!

  2. Soft, beautiful works of art. They would look lovely in a nursery too.

  3. These are so sweet, Leanna… and what a great idea for a hop each month! So smart!

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