Farmhouse DIY Bucket Makeover

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Do you have lots of stairs in your home and a battle with clutter wagering on full time? Our home is a four level somewhat two story, and instead of putting things where they go, they get left for me. I bet you can relate. That’s where these clutter catcher bucket ideas started.

Over the years I have developed a spot on each floor to place stuff for my next trip up or down the stairs. But those piles can get messy and these buckets will so so handy as a pretty container to stick odds and sods in before I make a trek to the other floor.

DIY Farmhouse Bucket Makeover

Waste Not Wednesday for Sam and Leanna 600

Welcome back to Waste not Wednesday. Sam from Raggedy Bits and I are collaborating on Waste not Wednesday Sam and I love working together and I know you will enjoy what she makes. Every Wednesday we will bring you our own fun projects to try, and then some of our favorite posts from other bloggers. You will see Sam’s’ DIY bucket makeover, right at the end of my DIY bucket tutorial.

The buckets were in my storage room, they use to be Fall decor before I went neutral, and although I love the chickens they weren’t getting used.

Two orange and cream decor bucket the before picture of a farmhouse makeover.

I actually still like the buckets, especially the little wood handles and there is not one thing wrong with them. But they just don’t suit our home anymore.

Supplies for Makeover

Old Bucket

Painters tape

Small and medium paint brush

Large clear labels

Coordinating ribbon or twill tape

PNG flower pattern for label

Painting the Bucket

After giving your bucket a really good scrub using TSP and letting it dry. Begin by taping off any area area of the bucket you want to keep original. I wanted the inside of my buckets to remain as they were, so I carefully taped off the rim, as well as the handles.

Two metal buckets with taped off areas to keep original and protect from paint,  the top rim and the handles of both buckets are taped off with green painter's tape.

Paint the bucket(s) with primer and then two coats of latex paint any colour your like. I used Binz 123 primer and fusion mineral paint picket white.

Let dry well between each coat.

Two white buckets with clutter catcher printable

I began by making the flower pattern on the finished buckets and this clutter catcher printable. Unfortunately I wanted to try scraping the lettering out, and then filling it in with fine tipped pens. I disliked the colours of the pens, washed, sanded and painted the buckets and started over. I will try it again without silly coloured pens.

Adding the Floral Label

So with the clean white buckets all ready to go again. I swapped out the childlike colours of the pens for a more sophisticated all black flower label. I printed out the label on a clear label sheet and attached it to the front of the bucket. You will notice the downloadable pattern is in png, that is to keep the background clear when printing.

The flower line up I designed but I got the original flower vectors at Rawpixel.com.

Begin by checking which side your printer prints on. Mine prints on the underside, so I placed the shiny side of the label face down on my printer. Then change the menu to print labels, easy peasy.

Once printed cut the flower label out and stick to your bucket. That’s all it takes.

Two farmhouse DIY bucket makeovers in white with black flowers sketches on the front.

For now the small bucket will be used on the countertop to hold keys, brushes, pens, tape from the office and so forth. The large bucket will be perfect to hold books, papers, found socks and what not that needs to go upstairs.

Sam from Raggedy Bits consistently amazes me, how trendy is this black DIY farmhouse bucket makeover complete with lemons.

Raggedy Bits Vintage farmhouse bucket makeover

Vintage Farmhouse Galvanized Bucket Makeover

Check out these other DIY bucket makeovers, lots of pretty and unique ideas for some inexpensive and useful crafting.

Amy from Atta Girl shows us how to use coloured stain to transform a galvanized bucket into a pretty garden planter.

A DIY bucket makeover using a galvanized bucket and blue stain.  The blue bucket is filled with geramniums and sitting on a blue end table with blue accessories.

Galvanized Bucket Makeover with Color Stain | Atta Girl Says

Would you believe this began as a $2 thrift store find. Add some spray paint, a Prima transfer and voila she made this gorgeous French floral bucket.

A tall DIY floral bucket makeover with pretty cream coloured rose motif on the front.

$2 French Floral Bucket Makeover | Artsy Chicks Rule

Old rust can be really beautiful, all we need to do is give it some flare to make it stand out. Isn’t this floral bucket rusty gorgeous.

Fresh flower sign painted on the side of a rusty bucket. A pretty DIY farmhouse bucket makeover.

Flower Shop Rusty Metal Farmhouse Bucket Makeover | Knick of Time

Sarah took a $5 target find, removed the shine and gave it a chalkpaint finish. Check out how simple this is to do. I think this bucket is pretty enough to be featured in a gift shop, and I love the little wood handles.

A farmhouse vignette featuring a white chalk paint diy bucket makeover filled with greenery. The bucket sits on a table surounded by other plants and beige coloured books.

$5 Galvanized Bucket Makeover | Sarah Joy Blog

You won’t believe how ugh this little wood bucket was to start with. So clunky 70s plain, but not anymore.

A flower arrangement inside a large DIY fresh flower market galvanized bucket makeover. The flowers are red and the bucket is a soft peachy colour.

Flower Market Bucket | Girl in the Garage

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