DIY Mini Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

These mason jar salt and pepper shakers are made from two tiny mason jars I found at Dollar Tree. I was looking for some sort of salt and pepper shakers I could buy and dress up for cheap when I saw these little mason jars.

Two dollar tree mini mason jars and a salt and pepper shaker pattern. They are supplies for making dollar store farmhouse salt and pepper shakers using mason jars.

Having a centerpiece on a kitchen table is always a nice decor element, unfortunately if you have a small dining area it can be a nuisance if its not practical. I wanted some sort of cute cottage farmhouse looking salt and pepper shakers to finish my kitchen table centerpiece. Our everyday salt and pepper mill shakers work well but are big amd clunky and need to stay hidden in the cupboard. I am still silly excited about finding these two tiny mason jars for $1.25.

Making the Salt and Pepper Shaker Holes

The clear glass makes the salt and pepper easily recognizable but the tops are solid and need holes for shaking. Thankfully this is a super easy update.

Start by using the little downloadable printable of an S and a P to print out as a pattern. Or you can draw out your own if your wanting a different font.

How to make a pattern for DIY farmhouse mason jar salt and pepper shakers. It shows the mini mason jars with the lids being traced.

Once printed out place the top of your miniature mason jar lid over the letter and draw a circle. Once outlined cut the circle out.

Place the lids back on the jars, align the mason jar front to match with the front facing forward. This keeps the orientation of the S and P the same, so the letters read correctly when you put your little set together..

Line up the lettering on the center of the lid. I did mine by eye, but you can measure it if your really fussy. Once the patterns are centered tape them to the jar lids.

Punching the Salt and Pepper Shaker Holes

Did you ever notice that salt shakers have less holes in the lids than the pepper ones? That’s because pepper flakes are a little bit larger than salt granuals. When punching the holes remember to place your pepper holes just a little bit closer together to give you a few more holes.

Remove the lids from the clear glass mason jars. Take a small nail and a hammer, lightly punch holes along the letters. Start by punching a hole at the start and end of each letter. Then place the next hole halfway between those two points, and then fill in with the remaining holes.

Two small mason jar lids being punched with a small nail and a hammer to make salt and pepper shakers.

Here is a short video that shows how easy it is to punch out the salt and pepper shaker holes.

Once done, remove the tape, fill the jars with salt and pepper and seal to keep in the flavour.

Simple Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

This little salt and pepper holder could not be simpler, but it added just the right amount of height for inside the basket and it visually pairs the salt and pepper shakers together as a set.

A farmhouse kitchen basket centerpiece in neutral colours with a set of mason jar diy salt and pepper shakers in front.

I used a tiny piece of oak, and rubbed it with some butcher block conditioning oil we had left over from making these DIY Charcuterie Boards.

Two large handmade DIY charcuterie boards set out to serve dessert. One holds an arrangement of squares, the second one holds coffee cups and a container of teaspoons. The table is set with a yellow floral tablecloth.

The simple farmhouse kitchen centerpiece also includes some handmade cloth napkins. Like the mason jar salt and pepper shakers they are really quick to make, and very inexpensive. You can make them with canvas, or bleached drop cloth.

Hand made no sew fabric napkins with fringe edging, stamped with the words Yuk and Yum. The napkins are part of a farmhouse kitchen table setting.
Small mason jar lids being punched with holes to form the letters P and S for salt and pepper.


  1. These are sooooooooo cute. I won’t have thought of punching holes in the lid, but it’s a brilliant idea.

  2. You are so creative! We need a set of salt and pepper shakers at our lake house and I’m going to make these. I know that when guests use them they will comment on them.

    1. Thank you Paula. Hubs actually mentioned he liked the size of them yesterday, which I felt was funny that he took notice. Glad you like them.

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