Galvanized DIY Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

With everything happening around us, I think were all yearning for distractions to happier times.  I certainly am, I hope Christmas this year can be better than ever. Its so hard not seeing my loved ones.  So  when I saw that Terri from Decorate and More with Tip was organizing a Christmas in July blog hop with all new designs and craft ideas, I wrote her to join in.  I hope your looking forward to reading these posts as much as I am.  Grab something yummy to drink and enjoy.  Sometimes a little escapism is what we need. You will find the links to the remaining posts after mine.

Christmas in July Decorating and Ornaments Collage

DIY Tart Tin Christmas Ornaments

Modern farmhouse decor is still as popular as ever, and its an especially great theme for Christmas decor.  Chalkboard paint, buffalo check, real wood frames, twine, plaids, and farmhouse animals. So many things to love. These Christmas ornaments are easy to make, I designed a free farmhouse animal printable so you can just cut just print and cut them out.  I am determined to spend more time with my cutting machine, but Not today.  Today is easy peasy crafting.

Supplies for Six Farmhouse Tart Tin Ornaments

Whenever I create a Christmas ornament for the tree I always make a minimum of six.  Of course you can make more or less, but my supplies amounts are for six.

6 – 6″ Galvanized tart tins (Michael’s)

2 – Sheets white and grey plaid paper

Free farmhouse animal printable

Glue stick

4 – Dollar Store red berry branches

Hot glue and glue gun

Cording of your choice

Preparing the Tart Tins

My glorious little tart tins from Michael’s came predrilled with holes at the top.  If you can locate cheaper tart tins (quiche tins) go for it.  Just hammer a hole in the top of each tin with a large spike.

Next were going to add the paper backing.  Using the tart tin as a guide, draw a circle on the back side of your plaid paper.

Drawing circles to size for the back of a tart tin for making farmhouse Christmas ornaments

Once drawn cut the circle out, double check the sizing by placing inside your tin. Once you know its the correct size, use the first circle as a template for drawing and cutting out 5 more.Making sure the cut plaid paper circles fit into metal tart tins.

Adding the Barnyard Animals

Print out the free animal printables on plain paper.  Cut out which animals you like.  I added horses (my fav) and a donkey (it is Christmas after all). Using the glue stick apply the paste to the back of each paper animal cut out, and attach to the plaid paper circles.  Set aside and let dry.

Adding free printable black farmhouse animals to paper background using glue.

Dollar store cranberry berries were much cheaper than red beads, but you need to cut them off the branches first.  Some of the berries may lose their red coating.  You can toss them, or turn them so the little white part is glued to the back.  Remove all the berries while you let the glue on the animals dry.

Adding red berries from dollar store branches by cutting them off and gluing to ornaments

Add hot glue to the back of each ornament one at a time.

Hot gluing paper backing to large tart tins for making handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Apply the paper circles to the center of the galvanized tart tins, making sure the top of the farm animal lines up with the hole in the top of each tin tart tin.  Press in place.  Repeat with the remaining ornaments.

Using the red cranberries and hot glue.  Glue a circle of red berries around each ornament.

Adding dollar store berries as a border on tart tin DIY Christmas ornaments

Hanging the DIY Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Cut out six one foot lengths of cording, ribbon, twine, whatever you have handy and make hangers for the tree as shown.  I had a little bit of black macrame cord left over so I used that.

How to tie cords for hanging DIY Christmas ornaments

These farmhouse DIY Christmas ornaments can be made it any colours you enjoy for the holidays.  That’s the really great part of having galvanized backs and black animal silhouettes, you can pair them with blues, greens, or brighter colours.  You may have seen some glittery examples on Pinterest using glitzy garland instead of the berries.  These ornaments have more of an understated rustic look with the simple berries, but if you love glitter I say go for it.

I hope you love these ornaments as much as I do.  They are certainly a fantastic way to just relax and play with craft supplies for a while, no stress, no fuss and no messy clean up even.

Handmade DIY Christmas ornaments hanging on a tree. They have black farmhouse animals and red berries on a tart tin background.

Farmhouse animal silhouette DIY Christmas ornaments.

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet?  If not, I think its a great idea if you do.  Just imagine the wait time on deliveries if were all stuck at home in November.  My plan is to start creating right away, and shopping for my grand children.  Please comment and let me know if you think its wise.  Or am I being overly organized?

Handmade farmhouse style Christmas tree ornaments with tart tin backs and farmhouse animals.


  1. Love this! There are so many possibilities with this idea too!

  2. These are so cute. Pined! I can’t wait to make a few.

  3. Very cute! Pinned! I saw some mini chocolate making tins today at a yard sale in different shapes— a mini ornament would have been a neat thing, but I hadn’t seen your post yet! Maybe next time….


    1. Oh no. It bugs me when that happens. And of course when you look for something and can’t find it. I am hunting for skis all the time. Thanks for commenting

  4. I have been making Christmas ornaments (to sell and for our church’s Nov. bazaar since January! Retired, with a hoard of craft suppplies, I enjoy crafting stuff–much more than doing housework! I Christmas shop all year long, too, but staying home is not allowing for that as much! So crafting it is. I really liked your idea; I may use some blue berries seeing as this is Maine! Now to find some tart tins! Miss the yard sales!

    1. I hear you, I miss garage saling as well. I enjoy going to two or three on a weekend. Congratulations on all the work for your church bazaar that is so generous of you.

  5. What a great idea! And I love the barn animals. I’ve never use the tart tins but it looks super easy to work with.

    1. You could easily use wood rounds as well. I just have a soft spot for galvanized materials.

  6. Leanna I just love the looks of the ornaments. They have all the demands people want. Can’t wait to see your tree you add them too. It’s going to be perfect.

    Thanks for joining us in the Christmas blog hop. I had a lot of fun working with you!

    1. Thank you so much for having me Terri. I am very excited to be involved. I am sure my readers will love it.

  7. These are so cute! These are just perfect for a farmhouse or country themed tree! I love how you came up with this idea, and the little red berries around the edge are the perfect pop of color!

    1. Thank you Chloe. Red is not a go to colour for me, except at Christmas. I love red and plaid.

  8. These are adorable, great instructions too! Sorry I missed this month.


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