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A Whole Bushel of Neutral Fall Crafts

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Beautiful Neutral Fall Crafts

Do you enjoy neutral Fall crafts and decor as much as I do? Its bright and cheerful and adds light to the lengthening evenings.

Neutral Fall decor tends to be simple, not over powering,  its quiet and cozy.   I find it very easy to decorate with because it blends in with my year around grey couch, white tables, and natural woods.

This is a collection of neutral Fall DIY projects that showcase neutral color palettes that will give your home a cozy farmhouse feel this Fall.    Have some fun crafting, and then add some heirloom pumpkins, dried cornstalks, cozy throws and your set.

Fall Crafts using Scrap Wood

It’s no secret I love crafting with scrap wood.  Add some paint and you can make so many different Fall touches for your home.  Scrap wood is just so easy on the wallet I find it stress free to play with.

These We are Blessed pumpkins are made with 4 by 4 square fence post leftovers. The stems are twigs I gathered on a walk, dollar store moss, and one bunch of fancy florals.

DIY Wood Pumpkins using scrap wood

We Are Blessed Scrap Wood Pumpkins

Fall is when we start to increase our coffee intake, its not just our welcome to the morning beverage any longer it becomes a welcome home its still staying warm in the house beverage.  I like to dress up a corner of our kitchen with a little coffee bar.

How to make wood block signs for both Fall and Halloween.

Easy Updatable Wood Block Signs for Fall and Halloween

Coffee Bar for the home using three tier tray and DIY coffee signs.

Easy and Inexpensive Coffee Bar Signs

Fall centerpieces can be so beautiful and you often see large displays for Fall.  In our home we don’t have a separate dining room so I need to make my table centerpiece movable by styling it smaller and placing it on a base,  The base in this centerpiece we made out of pallets.

Fall centerpiece on a kitchen table.

Neutral Fall Centerpiece with DIY Lazy Susan

The harvest sign is a piece of 2 by 10 lumber, and the large welcoming pumpkins are made out of pallets.  I love these pumpkins, they are a couple of years old now and my neighbours always comment how much they love them.

Pallet Wood Neutral Fall Front Porch Pumpkins

Pumpkin Fall Crafts

Fall is pumpkin season its everywhere from pumpkin pie, pumpkin flavoured lattes, baskets full of fresh pumpkins in the stores.  Fall decor pumpkins snuggle into the corners our homes.

DIY Fall decor featuring a decorated pumpkin in natural birch bark, and neutral coloured flowers.

Elegant Uncarved Pumpkin Decorating in Neutral Colours with Birch Bark

Farmhouse fabric pumpkin craft for Fall. How to make a dropcloth pumpkin with crocheted twine leaves.

Drop Cloth Pumpkin Craft

DIY velvet pumpkins for fall decor. The pumpkins are neutral coloured for neutral fall decor.

DIY Velvet Pumpkins


Painted Pumpkin Designs and How to Make Pillow Covers on a couch.

How to Paint DIY Pumpkin Cushions

Easy to make cushion covers for fall.

20 Minute Fall Cushion Craft

Adding Lights

As the days shorten I enjoy adding mini lights to decor elements for Fall.  Here I made a simple embroidery hoop wreath that has mini lights wrapped into it.  I also place them into apothecary jars, weave them through baskets of pumpkins, and add them along the top of my mantel.

Elegant fall minimalistic wreath on a chalkboard for fall decor.

Neutral Fall Wreath and Chalkboard

For Fall this year I am going to be using my existing neutral decor, and playing with the addition of dark grey and black elements.  The challenge is I want my Fall decor to remain light and airy.  Its not Fall yet, but the planning and day dreaming sure is a good time.

A collection of DIY Fall Crafts in Neutral colours, wood pumpkin, front porch, and chalkboards

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  1. We have a lot of scrap wood lying around. Thanks Leanna for this wonderful idea. All we need is paint and we can start decorating.

  2. So many beautiful ideas. No wonder your neighbours still comment on those pallet pumpkins, I would have borrowed them off of your porch the first time you put them up 😉

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! These projects are absolutely darling!

  4. I wanted to let you know that I am featuring this in tomorrow’s Linky Party! I LOVE it..

  5. The whole reason for neutral is that it can work with anything. I mean in terms of your surrponding coloration and style. But I like how you point out the idea to add some darks and grays which allow for a cool contrasting effect. It’s a simple idea but I think a lot of people gloss over it. Sometimes it’s nice to see something different than orange, red or yellow all over the place.

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