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Garage Sale for Vintage Toys to use for Christmas Decorating

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Finding Thrifted Toys for Christmas Decor

First of all, let me say that when garage saling and thrifting I am much more about being persistent then I am organized or great at it.  I am one of those people who get lost in a mall so garage saling can be stressful, but it’s worth the time investment.  Today’s post is all about looking for vintage toys at garage sales or thrift stores now so that you have time to update and use them for your Christmas decor.   I am sure you’re going to enjoy this post, there are so many talented bloggers who take vintage toys and create a fantastic scenes for the holidays.

Farmhouse Christmas decoration ideas using upcycled and repurposed thrifted finds.

The ideas are collected by vintage toy theme.  You will notice that in several of the Christmas arrangements you will find several different vintage toy ideas grouped together.

Rocking Horse

Rocking horses have been giving children joy for four hundred years, and are still loved.  The oldest ones come from Europe but you can often find reproductions of them at estate sales.  If your budget allows you can purchase a new one and make it your own like Marian from Miss Mustard Seed did.

Rocking horse makeover for Christmas decor

Rocking Horse by Miss Mustard Seed

Or repair an old rocking horse, refinish and paint it.

Rocking Horse makeover for Christmas decor.

Rocking Horse Makeover by The Navage Patch

This riding horse has been in my guest room since last Christmas, I love it perched up on the dresser.  It’s been painted dapple grey as they are my favorite type of thoroughbred.

Vintage toy for under the Christmas tree, a little horse tricycle repainted in dapple grey.

Riding Horse Makeover for Christmas Decorating by Faeries and Fauna

When I was a little girl large Spring horses were in style and I remembered loving mine.  Rocking horses weren’t as popular when I was a kid so its wonderful to have one now.  Are there any old vintage toys that you would like to find that I haven’t mentioned?  If so please let us know in the comments.

Ice Skates

Worthing Court blog shows us a fun vintage example featuring fun vintage colours.  She has a vintage sleigh and skis in this arrangement.  So retro and fun.

Foyer with thrifted skates for Christmas decorating

 Most Popular Christmas Posts by Worthington Court

A beautiful old child’s sleigh and skates don’t need much more adornment to be festive.  I found some vintage sleighbells at a garage sale that would really suit this arrangement as well.  This vignette reminds of us of the wonderful Christmases gone by.

Front porch decorated with thrifted vintage toys like children's sleigh and skates.

Front Porch Decorated for Christmas by Between Naps on the Porch

Children’s Sleigh

Funky Junk Interiors shows us that a child’s sleigh can be used in almost any room.  This sleigh is obviously in the washroom, but I love this idea for anywhere in the home, or even in a corporate office for festive Christmas shelving.

Vintage sleigh used as Christmas Decor Shelving

Christmas Snow Sleigh by Funky Junk Interiors

While looking for vintage sleighs, skates or toys, you may be able to locate vintage lightbulbs or handknit mittens like the Lora Bloomquist blog used.

How to decorate a vintage sleigh for Christmas

10 Ways to Decorate a Vintage Sleigh by Lora Bloomquist

It amazed me how nordic and rustic the sleigh from the Vintage Nest Blog looks.  It makes me think of fantastic sleigh hills covered in snow, even though the background is all beautiful living greenery.

Vintage Sleigh decorated for Christmas in a nordic style

Nordic Style Front Porch Sleigh by The Vintage Nest Blog

Teddy Bears

After a couple of hours of looking online, it was difficult to find a photo that I could proper credit to the original blogger who posted the example.   I refuse to share without proper credit so the only example of teddy bear decor I have for you is my own.

Using vintage sleigh underneath a Christmas tree

This large collection of vintage bears has become old right along with myself.  I like to stick them among the presents or to replace the presents once the gift opening is done and the tree looks so bare.  

Christmas Home Tour by Faeries and Fauna


Can you believe these were in the trash?  Christy from Confessions of a Serial DIYer didn’t even have to garage sale to find these.  They were tossed to the curb right next door.  When you see how they turned out, they certainly are worth garage saling for though.  Skiis are on my garage sale list right now, wish me luck finding some.

Decorating a Christmas front porch using thrift store skis

Christmas Skis by Confessions of a Serial DIYer

When you open this post from House of Hawthornes you will see all kinds of vintage items.  Pam makes a pretty Christmas porch using a sleigh, thermos, coolers etc.  So pretty.

Christmas front porch decorated with skiis

Holiday Front Porch by House of Hawthornes


Thrift snowshoes don’t need to be in perfect shape to be used for decor.  Snowshoes are wonderful for decorating, they add a little bit of playfulness to any decor arrangement, especially nordic, ski lodge, or rustic Christmas themes.

Using vintage items for Christmas decorating. Thrift store snow shoes, and skates

Ski Lodge Christmas Home Tour by the Lily Pad Cottage

Cottage Christmas porch decorated with vintage items, like snowshoes, old mailbox, skates, and sleighs.

Cottage Christmas Front Porch by Cottage in the Oaks

Toy Trucks

By now everyone is aware of the white-hot red truck trend for Christmas decorating, but any kind of old toy truck works well.  I prefer these two examples to the replica red truck I bought for hubs last year.

Vintage toy truck decorated for Christmas on a front porch.

Christmas Front Porch by Lolly Jane Blog

The Robbestyle blog post shows several different examples of toy trucks decorated for Christmas.  I picked this green one, but she has red, yellow and other pretty toy trucks as well.

Vintage green toy truck for Christmas decorating

Vintage Toy Trucks by Robb Style

More Thrifted Ideas to look for Garage Saling

Using thrifted vintage dishware to decorate for Christmas

Everygreen and Antiques Free Christmas Decorating by Knick of Time

Thrifted kitchen wares for Christmas

Vintage Inspired Vignette by Fynes Designs

How to decorate a kitchen with thrifted finds.

Vintage Collectors Holiday Kitchen by Robb Design

The best scenario for finding vintage toys would be to ask family if they have any laying around.  Long ago I donated all my boys real metal tonka trucks to another abused Mom who needed them.  I hope she still has them as I certainly wish I did.  Ask and see what you can find that someone may have an attachment to.  If they aren’t willing to share it with you, maybe you can convince them to use them again.

Vintage Christmas Decor Projects and Ideas

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