Updated Candlesticks & DIY Patterned Candles

Updated Candlestick

Aren’t candlesticks the handiest decor item, I really appreciate their versatility for vignettes or adding a little bit of something to a boring corner.  Large substantial candlesticks are my favorite and can be quite expensive.  I had been on the lookout for some candlesticks I could makeover into a farmhouse style and when I saw a pic of these candlesticks on marketplace I went directly to the garage sale and swooped them

A candlestick makeover before picture.

The candlesticks were really nice just as they are. I love the different textures but too dark for my taste.  They are super heavy and I just love them, for $14 I couldn’t be happier.  The lady from the garage sale said she paid $100 for the candlesticks and I am sure she did as they were part of a large collection of high-end pricey vases.  I pondered on them for about a week before deciding to go ahead and paint them.

DIY Painted Candlesticks

This is the very first project I used Fusion Mineral Paint on, and now I know what all the fuss is about.  The paint is fantastic to work with and for normal surfaces, no topcoat is required.  The candlesticks were given two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in lamp white.    I did not use a primer as I didn’t have one on hand and for candlesticks, I decided to risk it.  Two coats covered the black and dark brown.  That’s all there was to it, I did not want to distress them but you certainly could.

DIY Candlestick Upcycle with Buffalo Check Candles

The Fusion Mineral Paint gives them a really soft matte finish.  The candlesticks in their muted greyish white are very monochromatic and now fit right in with the rest of my home decor.

Buffalo Check DIY Candles

In Edmonton white and black buffalo check is very rare, I have only spotted a couple of cushion covers for purchase.  It’s too bad because black and white buffalo check is one of my favorites.  As this was the first time I tried making them I stayed safe and used inexpensive dollarstore candles.  I am planning on making more using battery operated flicker candles.  I don’t recommend lighting regular candles, but they look so cute just as they are.

Supplies for Buffalo Check Candles

Besides pretty plain candlesticks, you will need the following supplies.

2 large candles (dollar store or flameless)

Tissue paper, tape, scissors, letter-sized paper, and a printer

Buffalo check printable. (I used a purchased one but I found a free one at Paper Trail Design.

Wax paper or parchment paper

Blow dryer (with concentrator nozzle if available)

Thin black ribbon

Printing out the Buffalo Check

You’re going to print out a buffalo check pattern onto tissue paper using your printer.  You can print tissue paper through your printer as long as you prepare it before.  I always do this when Hubs is away from home in case it jams and I need to clear a jam out.  I have done successfully a few times with no issues.

Take two pieces of letter-sized printer paper.

Cut out two pieces of single sheet tissue a little bit smaller than your printer paper.

Place the tissue paper on top of the printer paper, and tape all the outside edges.  Make sure you have no tape going over the edge of the letter-sized paper.  If you do, cut any excess off as you don’t want the sticky side of the tape jamming up the printer.

Confirm which side your printer prints on by making a mark on another piece of letter paper.  Placing the marked side face up in your printers paper feed.  Print out a test page.  Check which side the test printed out on.  Once you know the orientation, place the tissue in the tray to the printing side.  For example, my printer prints on the top surface of the paper, so I orientated my tissue paper to be face up in the paper feed.

From your computer size the buffalo check printable to letter size and print out onto the tissue paper.  Make two copies.

DIY black and white buffalo check candles in farmhouse candlesticks.

Adding the Buffalo Check to the Candle

Tissue paper printed with buffalo check pattern for a DIY candle.

Lay your tissue paper good side down and place your candle on top.  I loved that the buffalo check pattern gives you a clear straight line to trim along.  Once you have the candle lined up trim the paper along the bottom and along the top edge.  (see arrow above).

Once you have the top and bottom trimmed, wrap the buffalo check around the candle and trim for the back seam.  Mine did not fit exactly because of the diameter of my candle, but its pretty close and I placed the seam at the back of the candle holder.

The back seam of a buffalo check DIY candle

Now that you have the tissue paper sized were going to use a blow dryer to melt some of the candle wax so that it adheres to the candle.   Smooth the tissue paper as much as possible around the candle, then wrap it wax paper or parchment paper.

The wax paper helps hold your tissue paper in place, keeps your tissue paper from tearing and allows you extra paper to hold on to so you don’t get burned from the hot air.

Tutorial for making patterns onto candles.
Using a blow dryer to melt candle was on buffalo Check DIY candles.

Using a blowdryer on high temp with a concentrator nozzle if you have one,  blow-dry along all surfaces of the buffalo check.

I could see my buffalo check get a bit lighter as I worked.  It takes less than five minutes to melt the wax.

Once you have the sides done, make sure to blow dry both the top and the bottom of the candle so that the edges have adhered.

I did mine first with the wax paper, then double-checked and touched up a couple of spots along the top of my candle after the wax paper was removed.

Let cool for a couple of hours and tie a little ribbon around the candle.

DIY Farmhouse candlesticks with buffalo check candles.

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Tutorial for DIY farmhouse candlesticks with buffalo check candles.


  1. Connie Chesnik says:

    Question, you don’t do anything to hold the tissue paper in place until you blow dry it? My candles are also fairly large in diameter and I was thinking I’d use a 2nd sheet to cover the back area. Can I use a little tape to secure them in place. Thanks-love the idea!

    1. Hi Connie. I don’t think I would tape them. Do the front on first so its attaches, then line the second one up and do the back. Glad to hear your making them.

  2. This is awesome! Looks like quite a bit of work though, but I have pinned to give a try.

    I have chosen this as one of my features at this week’s Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party – goes live tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm EST.

  3. So happy that you have been able to use some Fusion Mineral Paint on such a gorgeous project! I’m hooked too and look forward to seeing future projects!!

    These are such a neat idea and I love the buffalo check touch and series of projects you have been making with it recently!

  4. You’re so creative Leanna. I love the fact that even though you struggling to find buffalo checks you make so many beautiful plans to incorporate it into your decor. Love the candlesticks and how you did the candles. They make such a great pair

  5. Your pretty B & W buffalo check candles look so pretty paired with the fresh white candlesticks. Clever idea making your own buffalo check paper!

    1. Thank you Marie, I thought the idea was a bit different. Glad you like them.

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