Hand Stamped No Sew Cloth Napkins

These hand stamped DIY no sew fabric napkins are easy and fun to make. The no sew napkins are made using duck cloth, or you can use drop cloth if you have it on hand. Hand stamp them with a cute saying and place them on your table. As the napkins are plain and made with heavy duty cloth you don’t have to fret about washing them often. Spray the stains, and toss them in the bleach wash, they can be washed in hot water if you like. Inexpensive, sturdy, cute , with easy to make no sew fringed edges, they are meant to be both practical to make and cute to use.

I really love the simple natural fibres of the duck cloth, its smooth and so sturdy looking. These napkins just give the impression of “good for everyday use.”

Supplies for Four DIY No Sew Fabric Napkins

1 yard of duck cloth, or drop cloth

Small letter stamps and ink

Elastic band

Cut your fabric in four 16 inch squares.

Letter stamps, elastic, ink and no sew fringed fabric napkins.

Remove the outer thread on all four sides until you have a thread that pulls out the entire length of one side of the napkin. Repeat for the other sides.

You can trim the fringe to be as neat and short as you like, I left mine longer.

Fold each napkin in half. Press with an iron.

Fold in half width wise. Press.

Fold in half width wise again. Press.

Turn so the fringe ends are on the bottom and outside edge.

Stamping the DIY No Sew Fabric Napkins

For fun I stamped the napkins with the words Yum and Yuk. Lets face it sometimes the dinner menu isn’t exactly as you like> If your as fussy as I am about eating meat as I am Yuk works. Besides I thought using the work Yuk was cute. The choice is yours as you make them exactly the same way.

Lay the letters for the words together and wrap with an elastic so the stamp blocks stay aligned.

The word "YUM" spelled out with wood stamps.  The stamps are held together with an elastic band and are sitting on a ink pad for hand stamping cloth napkins.

Press then lightly onto the ink pad. There should be a little bit of ink along the lettering.

The underside of Ink stamps for making stamped fabric napkins using duck cloth or drop cloth.

Once your sure their is enough ink on the stamp to outline the letters place the stamp on the napkin. I eyeballed mine center and and an inch from the bottom edge.Stamp the first mapkin and then layed it beside the second blank napkim so that each napkin is stamped in the same spot.

YUK spelled out on with wood stamps. The stamp is bundled together with elastic and is making a DIY stamped fabric napkin craft.

Once stamped press with a hot iron to set the ink.

Fringed Fabric No Sew Fabric Napkins, made with duck cloth or drop cloth and hand stamped with Yum or Yuk wording.
A pretty kitchen centerpiece with a wire basket filled with greenery a Rae Dunn  lettered sign and very pretty homemade DIY no sew fabric napkins.

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