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How to Make a Wood Charcuterie Board

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Charcuterie boards are so convenient for serving, protecting countertops and tables from heat, and as decor elements in kitchens. I only had one large one for serving and after having one, I am hooked. If you don’t yet own a charcuterie board, you will love them I promise. Today I am going to share how we made two wine bottle shaped charcuterie boards. After that there are a bunch of other charcuterie board ideas in different styles for your to take a peak at and choose your favorite.

If your going to be serving directly on wood you don’t want to use your regular cutting board as the flavours of the stronger items such as chopped onions can get into the blade marks, and then transfer the flavour when being served on. Notsuch a big deal for meat and cheese trays, but I love doing fruit charcuteries, and dessert boards, and I am terrified to get an after taste of onion. Thankfully you can make the charcuteries yourself for very little cost.

DIY Charcuterie Boards for Waste not Wednesday

Welcome back to Waste not Wednesday. For several years I happily colloborated with Sam from Raggedy Bits on the Waste not Wednesday link party. Sam and I love working together and sharing each other projects, but we decided to change up Waste not Wednesday a bit. Every Wednesday we will bring you our own fun projects to try, and then some of our favorite posts from other bloggers. You will see Sam’s’ post immediately after my Charcuterie Board. This week’s theme is DIY Charcuterie boards.

What is a Charcuterie Board?

Charcuterie boards are a trendy revival of an old french way of serving smoked, or pickled preserved meats. Its a fancy way of saying meat and cheese tray or serving tray. Then us girls got ahold of the idea and made a wonderful assortment of pretty charcuterie trays for desserts, pavlovas, fruit trays, and even breakfast trays.

In my own modern definition its a pretty gathering of assorted goodies placed out on a wooden board.

Supplies for Making a Wood Charcuterie Board

Choosing the Wood

Non porous hardwoods are your best choice, stay away from oak as I know its porous, we used birch as its light coloured, but you can use walnut, cherry, maple. Some hardwoods are super pricey but birch is very reasonable. You know me, functional for the least cost.

1 inch thick hardwood board 8″ wide

Free downloadable handle pattern

60, 150 grit sandpaper (sander)

Butcher block oil and Conditioner

Clean rags

Drill with 3/8″ bit

Jigsaw or scroll saw

Mitre saw

Building the Charcuterie Board

Printing and Transferring the Pattern

When transferring the pattern you want to make sure it is identical on both sides. So the downloadable pattern is a half pattern. Print the pattern out, fold a second piece of paper in half, line the pattern up to the fold and trace.

Once traced cut out the pattern and unfold.

Making a large pattern from a downloadable printable for a charcuterie board handle.

Decide how long you want your board to be, ours are 24″ and 23″ long, but you can make yours as long or short as you want. Cut squarely across the wood to whatever length you want using the mitre saw.

Making sure the new pattern is centered and square. I found center and then lined it up with the fold in the pattern. Draw around the pattern on to the board.

A piece of lumber with a cut out pattern for a charcuterie board handle. There is a ruler vertical across the top of the wood to center the pattern evenly.

Cut out the handle using either a scroll saw, or a jig saw. It took Hubs about 10 minutes for each board.

Using a scroll saw to cute out the handles on a wine bottle shaped Charcuterie Board.

Drill out the hole in the hand with a drill and 3/8 inch bit. Then roll a piece of 60 grit sandpaper into a tube and sand the inside of the hole.

A collage showing drilling and then sanding a hole in the handle of a homemade charcuterie board idea.

Sand the the front, back and all the edges using a sander, first with 60 grit and then 150 grit sandpaper.

Using a clean rag remove the dust. This is how they look before finishing, the birch wood is so light.

Two tall wine bottle shaped wood charcuterie boards, along with butcher block mineral oil for sealing the wood

Sealing and Finishing a Charcuterie Board

I recently bought a really nice round charcuterie board, so cute only to find a sticker that said it wasn’t food safe. Argh!!! In order to make wood food safe you need to stain and seal it with something natural. In the links farther down this post that you can stain them with wine, tea stain, or do like I did leave them unstained.

To seal them I found food safe grade butcher block conditioner at Home Depot. Mine cost $15 in Canada so I bet in the USA you can find it for $10. It only used maybe half a cup of the oil for both these boards.

Follow the manufacturers instructions for whatever oil you purchase. Pour a liberal amount of the butcher block oil onto a clean rag. Then apply by wiping it on with a clean rag. I let mine sit for 10 minutes before wiping it off, then allowed it to dry about four hours before it was dry to the touch.

Repeat for the other sides. Once dry apply a second coat.

The oil darkens the wood a little bit, the front one in the picture below is oiled.

Before and after of charcuterie board thats been finished with food grade mineral oil.

After the second coat I let the serving board dry overnight before using them.

A large wine bottle shaped DIY charcuterie board in a light birch wood. The charcuterie is covered with homemade squares and almonds.

Raggedy Bits Charcuterie Board

I love the french motif and wording on this very pretty Charcuterie from Sam.

A handmade charcuterie board with french lettering, and dishes of food servings.

Vintage Farmhouse Charcuterie Board

Other Blogger DIYCharcuterie Board Ideas

Jennifer from the Everyday Farmhouse does a great job of describine the different woods and finishes you can use. Her charcuterie board features a beautiful leather handle and wording.

three wood handmade charcuterie board with leather straps and lettering in the corner.

DIY Leather Handled Charcuterie Board | The Everyday Farmhouse

Zac Builds shares a step by step tutorial working with a thick live slab of wood and then staining it with red wine. This board is a show piece that I can imagine as the focal point on my dining side table. Its rustic and lovely.

Lived edge DIY charcuterie board stained with wine.

Wine Stained Live Edged Charcuterie Board | Zac Builds

What a beautiful gift idea. I would be doing cartwheels of joy if I received a handmade gift like this naturally stained charcuterie board from Petal and Ply. I love her all natural stain idea for new wood.

A large handmade charcuterie board stained dark with coffee. This DIY charcuterie board had a handle and is serving meat and cheese with a bottle of wine in the background.

DIY Naturally Stained New Wood Cutting Board | Petal and Ply

I love these simple DIY charcuterie boards from April at House by Hoff, they are pretty, functional and very easy to make as they are designed for the beginning woodworkers like me.

Two easy to make DIY charcuterie boards surrounded by trays full of meat and cheese.

DIY Charcuterie Board | House by Hoff

These handmade charcuterie boards are designed to look like antique french boards. They are beautiful!

Large dark antique looking charcuterie boards covered with fruit, cheese and sausage.

DIY Charcuterie Board Inspired by French Breadboards

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your charcuterie boards, Leanna! They turned out so beautiful and can’t wait to try this. These would also make great gifts!!

  2. What a great idea for WNW! Congrats on this new round-up opportunity, Leanna! Love your board! If you have time, be sure to share at Tuesday Turn About! Hugs!

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