Small DIY OutdoorTable for Porch or Patio

Simple Build Small DIY  Outdoor Table

This small diy outdoor table is a very simple build using 1 by 6 lumber and L brackets.  I was able to build it by myself in about an hour.  My hubs could likely put it together in half an hour but it was simple and easy enough I was able to build it by myself.  It looks really cute sitting by my front door, and its the perfect accessory to hold some plants and my little hello sign.  Its such a cute budget friendly woodworking project I made for under $20.  I am thrilled with the results.

Small DIY Side Table Supplies

This DIY small outdoor table is a great way to practice working with power tools. No fancy cuts needed. I used a mitre saw, sander, drill and an electric screw driver.

You will need three  8 foot boards of 1 by 6 lumber

8 L brackets and 32 small 1/2 inch screws

4 one inch screws

White Primer and White Paint, and Poly Sealer

120,150,220 grit sandpaper (optional)

Cutting Lumber for the DIY Side Table

Cut the 1 by 6 into the following pieces

3 lengths 30″ long for the top

2 lengths  26″ long for the legs

1 length 27″ long for the cross brace.

1 by six lumber cut to length and sorted before building a small porch table.

Its optional but I recommend sanding your boards with 120, and then 150 grit sandpaper before continuing to build your table.

Building the Top of the Side Table

Start by gluing the three pieces of the top together.  Run a narrow strip of glue along the edge of the wood.  Press the two pieces of wood to the third one creating a box.  Clamp in place and let dry for half an hour.

Gluing together 1 by 6 lumber for making the top of a DIY small porch table.

Place the L brackets along the seams between the two boards and screw in place using small screws. My electric screw driver would not fit between the two upward pieces of wood.  I used a small handled screw driver instead.

Place four brackets about six inches in from the end.

Attaching lumber to build the top for a small side table with a screwdriver.

Once you have the table top complete set it aside, and start on the legs and cross piece.

Building the Legs and Cross Piece

Measure three inches from the bottom of the two 26″ leg boards.   Make a pencil mark.   Predrill  two holes about 1/3 of an inch up from your markings.

Predrilling holes for making a outdoor patio side table.

Line up the bottom of the cross piece lumber with your 3″ markings.  Make sure its level and then attach with screws.

Building the leg portion of a small porch table using 1 by 6 lumber and screwing in the cross piece.

Place the legs into the underside of your table top.  Center the table legs by making sure the distance between the leg and the edge of the table top is even on both sides.  Attach the legs using the L brackets.

Attaching the wood legs to the top of a small DIY porch or hall side table using metal l brackets.

Remove the clamps.

Finishing the Side Table

Finish the table using primer and white paint, I used Binz primer, two coats of Sherwood William Extra White interior and matte polyurethane.

I sanded between each coat using 220 grit sandpaper.

A DIY side table on a front porch with a hello sign in black, and two yellow flower pots filled with pansies.
A DIY farmhouse style plant stand in white, with yellow pansies in yellow pots.

Other Small Wood Project for the Front Porch

A diy wood bench sitting on a front porch.

DIY Bench with Soft Cushion Back

Even the smallest of front porches or deck can have a comfortable bench with cushion back. This bench is an Anna White build and the cushioned back is tied to the front porch rail.


  1. Look at you go with the power tools, your table looks great, Leanna! Cute idea for a front porch too.
    P.S. Love the new name and logo!

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