Modern Farmhouse Canvas Print from Photowall my Review

My Experience with Photowall Wall Art Canvas Prints

When you put in so much time and effort into your home there are certain final touches that are not in a diyers skill set.  Our home has one large wall that needs a high quality focal point. Thank you  Photowall for sponsoring this post, because of you I was able to afford a large canvas print for my living room, problem solved.

Its always easier to decorate a room when you have a feature to start with, this canvas wall art works so well for choosing the remaining details for our family room. The canvas wall art has all sorts of beautiful soft farmhouse colours to inspire.  I am excited to grab or make a few new accessories to go along with it.

This is a sponsored post, but you know I am so fussy about picking products to review, they have to be something I think I may truly love.   I am inherently honest and won’t  recommend a product unless I actually love it, found it well worth the cost, and  thought would bring value to your homes and mine.

Photowall’s catalogue has all sorts of different styles of wallpaper and artwork in various sizes.  I chose a large 40″ square farmhouse themed canvas print, and I am delighted with it.  Photowall also sells wall paper, framed art and posters.  Grab a coffee and check it out.

Here’s my story about my pretty new Modern Farmhouse Canvas Print.

Ordering and Delivery

As I was very excited to get the artwork I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  Thankfully, it took four days to arrive from Europe, yeah!  Photowall emailed me as it progressed through each point of assembly, and provided tracking for the mail service.  Isn’t it funny how long something seems to take when your waiting for it?  The waiting was relatively painless.

It arrived in a long box, with all the various hardware.  Here is a photo that shows you how the box arrives and gives you a perspective of the size.

A large shipping box filled with large wooden frame, instructions, and all the supplies for a canvas print.

The Canvas and Frame

The watercolour print is very pretty.  This sweet watercolour cow is perfect for modern farmhouse decor, but not overly feminine.  The catalogue has a huge selection and I found the perfect art canvas for this room. The soft farmhouse colours, gold, and soft grey, with creams and a little touch of pink on the nose suit my tastes perfectly.  It has the signature of the artist in the corner,  she can be proud of her work for sure.

Modern Farmhouse Watercolor Cow canvas print from Photowall. Its large with pinks, grey, gold and cream.

I had a hard time choosing between this watercolour cow and more feminine cow with the floral crown.  They also have a highland cow among others, but what can I say this one had pink and gold.  So cute.

I waited two days expecting Hubs to be home from camp to help me stretch the canvas evenly.  As it happens Hubs had to cover for someone so he stayed at work for three straight weeks.

I sat looking at the box for two more days feeling annoyed before deciding to try it by myself.    Photowall’s assembly process took care of the canvas stretching, it is truly awesome.  Let  care of the stretching the canvas issue, they show you how it works.

Assembling the Photowall Canvas Print

The Photowall artwork comes with complete instructions, but I want to show you just how easy, quick and well done the assembly process is.

The box comes with everything you need to assemble it. I was really pleased to see no stapler needed.  Maybe I am a geek, but that was such a nice change.

A box of supplies from Photowall for putting together a wall art canvas print. It includes printed instructions, frame, high quality canvas, and hardware.

Check out how heavy duty the frame is and the canvas is much thicker and higher quality than I expected it to be.

The wood frame comes in four pieces, each having a sticky strip of glue.  I began by laying the canvas flat on a clean surface, removing the glue and then placing them on the four sides of the canvas.  You can see how wrinkled the canvas is.  At this point I was still wondering about the canvas stretching but it worked out so well.

A large canvas print from Photowall, laying on a flat surface with the frame before assembly. Some wrinkles are showing as the canvas print has not been stretched.

Place the glued strips along the very edge of the canvas, paying heed to the corner cuts.  Its all cut and trimmed out for you, no fuss no muss.  Here’s how each corner worked.

A box of supplies for assembling a large canvas print from Photowall. Including printed instructions, large wood frame and high quality canvas artwork.

It took about 10 minutes to attach the frame to the canvas and I  was really fussy.  It won’t take you long at all as I was also taking the pictures for you.  Once you attach the frame the magic happens, such a simple idea, but I was so impressed.

You flip each one of the four frame pieces over, and this stretches the canvas out almost perfectly, so their are only slight wobbles (techie word I know) in the canvas.  See the difference from the first picture.

Putting together the frame for a large canvas print in watercolor.

The quality of the frame brackets was really surprising to me,  really nice heavy duty brackets. They are easy to attach with  the provided metal screws in each corner.  I began by with the two inside screws,  lining up the opening in the metal bracket with the oh so handy predrilled holes in the frame.  Then I added the outer two.  I was so impressed that they came with the little black wheels for screwing them in.  They were super easy to install, and NO tools.

The assembled corner of a Photowall large canvas print . Pretty farmhouse wall art.

Once I had all the screwed inserted in the predrilled holes I tightened the corners.  I was super excited and surprised how the heavy duty bracket system gave the final stretch to the canvas.

A modern farmhouse canvas print wall art. The picture is a watercolour cow in pretty feminine soft colours.

Final Thoughts on Photowall Canvas Art

Yes this post is sponsored, but I do highly recommend purchasing from them.  My experience was very positive, right from quality, through shipping, and finally the great assembly process.  The farmhouse cow canvas print is gorgeous.

A living room wall decorated with a watercolor farmhouse cow canvas print in pretty pastel colours.

Best part is how adorable this pretty cow looks on my living room wall.  Its such perfect fun modern farmhouse decor and I love love love how it made my room feel decorated.  Sometimes even a DIYer has to invest in pretty things to get the quality you want.

Do you love this large piece of artwork?  Pin it for inspiration!

A large canvas cow print in pretty modern farmhouse colours, with white living room accessories.


Please comment and let me know what you think of my new wall art and decor.  I love to hear your thoughts.


  1. The subdued colors in the artwork are so pretty! It looks wonderful in your room. I hopped over to see what they offer ~ tons to choose from!

    1. I know Allyson, I am really pleased with what they offer. I adore my canvas print. Thank you for commenting.

  2. What a gorgeous piece! I love the personality and the easy instructions for the frame.

  3. Thanks for the all the details on this process. Such a great asset to your home!

  4. Julie Briones says:

    That is a gorgeous piece of wall art, and perfect for you home, too, Leanna! Glad you found something with this company and I’ll be sure to check them out the next time I’m in the market for some pretty wall art!

  5. This print is beautiful. Thank you for reviewing and sharing it.

  6. The print looks great, Leanna. It’s good to know how easy it was to assemble, too and that it can be a one person job.

  7. Your print is beautiful and I love how you showed us how to put it together. I am a “sucker” for cow art as I was a small farm country girl growing up and tend to like small town living as opposed to big cities. We had a Jersey and Guernsey cow for milk and my mom sold the cream and made our own butter and cottage cheese, so cows are very fond to me!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful company. I will have fun exploring their content.

  8. Such a pretty print and so impressive with how easy it was to put together!

  9. Wow, I’ve tried before to make my own block canvas for some of my larger oil paintings and the struggle is real. They’re thought of everything to help frame your gorgeous cow. From the glue to the easy screw brackets. I popped over to Photowall and they have the most gorgeous Peter Paul Rubens that would look amazing in our lounge. I’m going to explore some more. See you later 😉

  10. I am impressed with how easy it was for you to stretch it. It looks professionally done. I’m a sucker for a pretty cow print, the pink is perfect and it looks great on your wall! I will definitely be checking them out and their catalog.

    1. Thank you Susanne. They have a highland cow as well, that would be so fun for Fall. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

  11. What an amazing print and so perfect for your home friend! What a great experience, and I’ll have to check them out and see what might catch my eye.

    1. Thank you Chas. They have a really large catalogue and the company is from Sweden which I really appreciate. So many different styles to choose from.

  12. Oh my gosh i live this sweet cow! I checked out their website and all the cows are amazing. I love the one that looks like a close up selfie

    It looks perfectly beautiful on your big wall!

    1. Thank you Toni, I am such a clutter phobe its ridiculous. I like gallery walls when I see them, but not in my home. The one large piece is so much easier as well. Thank you for commenting.

  13. Leanna, this watercolour cow print is absolutely stunning! I would love, love this for my master bedroom. It is totally a statement piece for your modern farmhouse style!

    1. Thank you Michelle, I couldn’t agree more, the colours are just so perfect. I appreciate your feedback. Leanna

  14. I love the cow canvas it is really pretty. It sounds like you had a great experience with them. And who would of thought a canvas was so easy to put together.

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