How to Fold Towels for the Linen Closet

Hello, I am the first to admit that learning how to fold towels is one of the most basic of housekeeping and organizing tips. One that we usually take for granted, but imagine not liking the way you were taught to fold, or you want to fold them a new way, or you weren’t shown how and now have your first independent living situation and want it nice and orderly? For these reasons I am writing a couple of simple tutorials on how to fold towels.

How to fold towels very much depends on where your going to store or use them. Do you want your towels in a drawer, stacked on a shelf, hanging on a towel rack, or placed in a large basket. In this post I will show you two ways to fold towels for the linen closet.

I have included Step by Step Instructions to follow for each simple fold and a video at the end.

The Basic Towel Fold

This is how I usually fold my towels for the line closet. The bottom shelf shows our folded bath towels, and the hand towels which I fold the same way. I didn’t have to straighten my linen closet for this picture, because each type of towel has an organized spot, and it stays tidy for the most part. It would be wonderful to have some nicer baskets but these older boxes function well. Did I mention wanting nice new baskets….

A linen closet with neatly stacked and folded towels..

How to Fold a Towels in Four Simple Steps

Folding towels can be done in various ways depending on the situation and use. This is one way of folding a towel that can be easily used anytime your doing laundry.

A collage of the four steps of folding a towel for the linen closet, storage, or to save space.

1 Fold the towel in half length wise, matching the corners together.

2. Fold in half again.

3. Make sure the open fold is on top, if not flip the towel over.

4. Fold the towel from bottom to top, matching corners.

Stack in the closet with the folded edge to the front.

A neatly folded and stacked set of white bath towels. The folded towels are sitting on a linen closet shelf with a stack of folded hand towels beside it.

How to Fold a Towels in Thirds

This is the way I was taught to fold towels, our families so called “correct” way. Its similar to the first example but the final fold is done in threes. Let me show you what I mean. Step 1 through 3 are the same as the first tutorial.

The steps taken to fold towels in threes for housekeeping storage.

5. Stack in the closet with the folded edge to the front. This fold isn’t quite as stable as the first one, but it works really well if your closet isn’t deep, you want to place them on a shelf.

Two white towels folded in thirds for placing in a linen closet. The towels are white sitting on a cream coloured granite countertop.

Folding Towels Video

If you have time to watch a Youtube video, I created one for you that explains the how, the why, and the fast way to fold towels. I start with showing you how to fold towels on a nice flat surface, and then a quick way I typically fold them when simply doing the laundry.

Buying Towel Hints

You may have noticed all my towels are white. While renting for decades I purchased pretty sets in various colours to use for decor in my home. Each coloured set had a matching shower curtain, mats and so forth, its a simple non permanent way to make a home your own.

Now that we are homeowners I decorate in more permanent ways leaving me to enjoy fresh, bright, clean white towels. Why, you may wonder. They are easier to clean, as you can use hot water with bleach, and without colour you get no colour runs. And I can use a few towels year around, greatly reducing the amount of storage required.

An old towel with shrinkage, an example of a towel to avoid buying

Lastly, don’t ever buy towels like this old one Hubs had. That silly cross ribbon usually shrinks causing the end of your towels to bunch up making them ugly and difficult to fold. Volunteering in thrift stores I saw hundred of towels with that marking across that were donated because of that shrinkage. Most stores have at least one style of towel without it.

Please pin for later, to try when your folding!

Shelves in a linen closet filled with stacks of pretty neatly folded bath towels.

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