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Teddy Bear Pajama Bag or Cuddler

How to Sew a DIY Pajama Bag

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while will remember that I lost two brothers last year.   My brother Ralph was really proud of me for starting Faeries and Fauna and the only one who ever called to see how I was getting along with my blog.   During one of our last conversations, I was telling him the challenges of coming up with something totally new, and just when I think I’ve done it, I learn someone posted something similar.  He suggested making something from our youth that maybe had been forgotten about.  Then he said do you remember your pajama bag?

It’s taken me a while to create one, and I certainly hope you like him.  Pajama bags are little pillows or stuffed animals that have no stuffing.  They are made for little ones to put on their beds to hold their pajamas.  This little bear can be washed and the bottom is open.

How to make a Pajama bag for Christmas decor

Farmhouse Version with Buffalo Check

My DIY pajama bag is made using bleached drop cloth and buffalo check fabric to match the girl’s Christmas bedroom decor.  Besides the teddy bear’s little patches, he has embroidered eyes and nose,  but if you prefer you can paint them black using fabric paint.

The pattern for my little DIY pajama bag is in the Faerie Insider’s library.  If your not ready to join the library by subscribing you can easily draw one.  Here is the link to the drawing tutorial I used to design my little teddy bear.

Child’s Bedroom Cushion or DIY Pajama Bag Tutorial

This little bear is a perfect homemade Christmas present.  He’s durable, easy to make and inexpensive.  Although my teddy bear pajama bag is done in farmhouse fabrics to suit my Christmas decor,  you can make him any colour you like or even sew him in furry fabrics.

Pajama Bag Supplies

One metre (yard) plain white fabric

Scrap of buffalo check fabric

Black or dark brown embroidery thread, or fabric paint.

Parchment Paper

Carbon Paper

Teddy bear pattern ( in PDH Library)

Making the Teddy Bear Pattern

In the library, you will find all four corners of the teddy bear pattern.  I added them to give you a choice, but I think the best method is to print out the 2 left-hand patterns only.  Transferring and cutting the pattern in half ensures your little teddy bear cushion is symmetrical.

Draw half a bear on parchment paper tracing the pattern pieces.

Transferring a Teddy bear DIY cushion pattern to parchment paper.

Trace out separate patterns for the tummy and the ears on parchment paper.

Cutting out the Fabric for your Farmhouse Styled Cushion or Pajama Bag

Fold your light fabric in half and lay the long side of the pattern along the fold.

Aligning a cushion pattern to fabric in a DIY Cushion for Christmas Decor

Pin in place and cut out.  You will need two.

Fold the buffalo check fabric, pin the half circle and the ear patterns against the fabric.  Try and align your ear patterns so the buffalo check pattern is the same on both ears.

Adding the Applique to the DIY Pajama Bag

Open your teddy bear cut out fabric flat and press.  Place your half bear pattern on top and using the pattern as a guide pin your buffalo check fabric pieces to the front of your bear.

Drawing the Face

Doing half of the face at a time, trace the face out using carbon paper.

Pin the bottom of your large pattern to the bottom of the bear.  Then tuck the carbon paper under the face.  Trace making sure the pattern transfers.

You can either flip the parchment paper pattern over and repeat it on the other side, or print out the right-hand patterns line them up and then trace.  Whatever makes you most comfortable.  Remember the carbon tracing isn’t permanent if it’s not even the first time you can touch it up using a pencil, or by replacing the pattern.

Using both halves of a teddy bear pattern to trace the face.

After finishing my bear, I had to give it a quick wash to remove the carbon.  In the next picture, you can see some carbon transferred from the pressure of my hands tracing.    After the bear was totally finished I popped him in the wash before the final pics to get rid of the carbon.

Transferred teddy bear face and applique onto a DIY Christmas Cushion

Adding the Applique to the DIY Pajama Bag

With a zig-zag stitch applique the buffalo check pieces onto the front of your bear.  I went around my little appliques twice to make sure they were up to the wear and tear of little hands.

Zig-zag stitch around the outside of your cut drop cloth fabric to seal the seams.

Place the appliqued bear face good side up and cover with the other piece of drop cloth good side down.  Pin in place.  At the bottom of the bear make sure to pin the start and stop points for the seam.  The bottom of the bear is kept open.

Pinning fabric pieces together on a DIY pajama bag.

Sew a narrow seam around the outside of the bear.  Leaving an opening at the bottom about five inches wide.  Note:  If you plan on embroidering your teddy bear’s face make sure to leave the opening large enough for your embroidery hoop.  Depending on the size you may want to embroider the face before sewing your little bear together.

Turn your bear right side out and press.

Handmade DIY teddy bear pajama bag for Christmas


Colouring in the Facial Features of the Teddy Bear Pajama Bag

Embroider the eyes and the nose using satin stitch in black or dark brown.    Use a straight stitch for the remaining lines.

The embroidery only takes about an hour and a half to do.  The little bear is meant to be a bit homespun looking, so its a perfect starter project if you want to try embroidery.  Of course, you can always paint the face on using fabric paint.

Embroidery on a little teddy bear DIY cushion for a child's bedroom at Christmas.

Like the little bear?  Pin it for Later

  This DIY buffalo check lampshade cover is another quick update for the guest bedroom.

My brother will be glad I finally finished this.  Please let me know what you think by commenting below?

Drop cloth and buffalo check handmade pajama bag.


  1. Toooo cute Leanna. My mom made my sister and I a pajama bag when we were little too and we used to take them everywhere. I remember leaving mine behind in a restroom when we went on holiday and my Dad had to drive back to get it 😀 Your grandbabies are going to love theirs

  2. This is so cute! I remember having a pajama bag on my bed as a child only mine was a doll (pretty ugly too lol) This is so sweet. The tutorial looks super easy to follow. Thanks!

  3. I totally forgot about those pajama bags when we were kids! They were so popular. I love your adorable Farmhouse teddy bear version – so cute! Your grands are going to love them. I have no doubt your brother is smiling and so proud of this project 🙂

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you for mentioning my brother, that bear is a nice keepsake now.

  4. Oh my!! I use to have a Pj bag and I’d totally forgotten about it until now!! This is such a great idea and might just have to make one for my little nephew!

  5. This is so adorable. I do remember pajama bags. This is sure to make a little girl happy.

  6. Awww this is darling! Makes me wish my kiddos were little again.

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