How to Make a Simple Farmhouse Door

Looking for a unique way to add farmhouse charm to your porch or interior decorating? Farmhouse doors are a great way to bring character into any space. Learn how to make your own, and find out how you can use this simple door in your farmhouse decor.

How to Make a Simple Farmhouse Door Backdrop

This decorating door idea turned out so well, I absolutely love it.  I actually made two farmhouse doors, using one for front porch decor, and the second one is currently hanging out in our family room.  They are unexpectedly fun to have and make, and are both smaller and lighter decor than the full sized door decor is.  

DIY Farmhouse Door for Farmhouse Decor

A handmade DIY wooden door made with beadboard and then painted white. The farmhouse door is leaning against the living wall and has a cheerful yellow floral wreath. There is a vase of flowers and pretty yellow birds sitting in front.

This DIY door backdrop idea turned out so well, I absolutely love it. I actually made two and placed one on the front porch, and a second is currently hanging out in our family room. They are unexpectedly fun to have and made, and don’t stand out as much as a full size door does. I hope you love them as much as I do.

In making the faux farmhouse door I allowed the wood materials ( and my need for cheap) to dictate the final size of the door. 

Materials and Sizing

Let me go through the reasoning for the sizing but inn short you will need to cut for each door.

1-tongue and grove panel 24 by 32 inches

1- piece of 1/4 inch plywood 24 by 24 inches

2- 1″by 4″ pieces 22″ on the inside with a 45 degree angle
2- 1 by 4″ 54″ on inside 45 degree angle
1 cross brace 22″ wide with square ends.

Tongue and grove panels come in a smaller size that’s 48 by 32 inches, much cheaper and easier to handle than the full  4 by 8 sheets.  In order for the stripes to run vertically cut the piece in half with the vertical stripes so you get two pieces that are 24″ wide and 32″ tall.

Cutting tongue and groove for a DIY Farmhouse door

 I chose to have the upper plywood section smaller, so I cut the 1/4 plywood to 24″ by 24″ square.

Cutting plywood to make a faux farmhouse door.

So there is a one inch overlap cut 1 by 4″ lumber with 45 degree mitered corners 22″wide. I let the outside dimension take care of itself. Just make sure all the cuts are at 45 degree.

Cutting lumber on a 45 degree mitre angle for making a farmhouse door backdrop.

Using a 1 by 4 cut two short frame pieces.  Measure 22″ from the inside cut outwards.   Cut the other end in the opposite direction at  45 degrees.  For the second piece I like to use the first one as a template to make sure the two pieces are identical.  

Cutting wood for a DIY faux farmhouse door

Using a 1 by 4 cut the two long frame pieces.  Repeat the same process but measure 54″ from the inside and cut outwards.

Cutting a board on a 45 degree mitre angle for making a DIY farmhouse wooden door

Building the Faux Farmhouse Door

A handmade wood door made using beadboard. The door has been painted white and there is a green eucalyptus wreath with twine bow hanging from the front.

I find using mending plates makes building the faux farmhouse door so easy.   Lay all your 1 by 4 down on a flat surface.  Make sure the corners are even and square and screw the corners into place using the mending plates.  My Pyrenees is never far away and this day he decided to sit right in the middle of my door frame.  I don’t like disturbing him, so he’s in the pictures.

Building a DIY farmhouse door backdrop using mending plates.

Lay the tongue and groove sheeting across the bottom, and the plywood across the top.  Make sure the two pieces are square and attach with small nails.  

Building a DIY farmhouse door using plywood, tongue and groove and an air nailer.

Flip the door over and add the cross piece to cover up the seam between the tongue and groove and the plywood.

Painting the Farmhouse Door

As this is obviously bare wood, I began priming both the front and the back with Binz primer.  I let dry for an hour.

Then using white latex paint (SW-Bright White) I applied to coats allowing it to dry between coats.

Our front porch is covered so I did not add a coat of polyurethane.  If your door will be out in the rain I recommend adding one.

Some Thoughts on Using Power Tools

If you read the blog often you know I am slowly learning to make simple DIY wood projects on my own.  If you are like me and leery of the loud power tools take heart, it gets easier with practice.  In today’s post you will see where I used a small dremel cut saw I bought for Hubs several years ago and he rarely uses it.  It doesn’t intimidate me like the big table saw does, so that’s what I used to cut the plywood.  To keep it straight I used clamps and a square as a guide.  If you don’t want to do that, get someone to cut it for you while you stay nearby and learn how.  

I cheat and use those mending plates instead of fiddling around with a jig for the corners.  I figure I got it built, and love it so good enough.

I am now absolutely comfortable using electric drills and screw drivers.  They are pretty easy to learn and after you do one or two by hand with a screwdriver, you will be well motivated to try the larger power tool.  Sometimes I have issues picking the correct size bit for the screw driver, but I keep coffee nearby and if I get frustrated I go have a few sips before trying it again.

A handmade DIY wooden door made with beadboard, and then painted white. the door decorated with a yellow Spring flower wreath, and is sitting on a Spring front porch with yellow bench beside it.

These handmade doors are very functional, so functional that I made two of them. Since they are white I can use them anytime of year and they back a great place to hang wreaths or DIY art without damaging the walls. I also find them handy for blocking the open space of our back patio to prevent pup from looking out. The bright white also works like a lamp, it can brighten up a dark and gloomy corner. Finally in the picture with the eucalyptus wreath hanging on the door I have hidden our dining room table extra leaf behind it. Its so handy.

A handmade DIY Wooden Door Backdrop for farmhouse decor in white paint. The door is smaller and has a yellow wreath hanging on it. It leans beside a front door that is yellow, has yellow wooden seat, and a yellow potted plant beside it. Their is a yellow floral wreath hanging on the door.


  1. Love this! You could even hang it on the wall! Looks so cute with the wreath!

  2. The door looks really great you have great taste. And congratulations on taking steps to start using power tools. They are so amazing to use and your project range changes so much. Well done!

    1. Thank you Anita. I know that you are very highly skilled with wood crafting. It gives me confidence to keep practicing.

  3. Look at you with the power tool and building savvy skills. Your farmhouse doors look fabulous, Leanna! Wait, what – did you paint your front door? Didn’t it used to be turquoise or am I losing my marbles? Pinned 🙂

    1. Hi Marie. Thank you my friend. Yes I painted the front door yellow, along with my bench. I really enjoy it.

    1. Thank you Deana. Backdrops make decorating so much easier, and I love the size of this one.

  4. Such a great backdrop! There are so many possibilities for using this, I love it!

    1. Thank you so much Nancy. I am just so glad to be outside in the warmth again. I love having these doors.

  5. I’m so impressed that you made this from scratch!! It’s stunning.

  6. You go girl!!!!!! So proud of you my friend and aren’t those Dremel’s just the best for learning about power tools. They make everything seem less scary and noisy ;-). Love how your door turned out too. You’ll be building full blown kitchen cupboards soon..

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