Metal Container Farmhouse Makeover

This is the last of the makeovers from the group of containers I found while shopping in my storage closet.  This beverage container was kicking around on the deck, its about five years old and was originally a bright lime green.  It was a beverage container for three years,  a wood container for our little fire pit and then an outside water dish for Gunter.  This container has earned its living around here.

It was starting to rust, so I painted it earlier this spring and now it’s receiving a quick silhouette update so it can be recycled back into beverage service.

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I see all these really cute farm animals on decor items, chickens, sheep, pigs even.  Our favorite farm animal is the thoroughbred horse, so that’s what I choose.  This is the steps I took to refresh the container.

Fresh coat of paint.

Either find a stencil you like or cut a stencil on your Silhouette using freezer paper.

Attach stencil to container using painters tape.

With a dabber or sponge load a tiny bit of chalk paint, and remove any excess by pressing the paint into a paper towel first.

Carefully hold down the edge, dab with the paint until the stencil is filled in.

Once you have all the paint applied, place a rag over the stencil and gently pat  with your fingers to remove most of the paint.

Remove the stencil and let dry.

DIY, faeries. decor, farmhouseUpdating a bucket or any plain metal container is an even simpler update.

Herman found this bucket last fall at the dollar store for $3.00. We used it to hold birch limbs and pine cones on the front porch last Christmas.  I saw a smaller similar one painted the same way at the store for $20.

To make this quick update, you will need a container, painters tape and spray paint.

Tape off a perfect line around the bucket.  I found it easier to get the tape straight using shorter pieces of tape.

To protect the top of the bucket, cover it with a plastic bag and tape to seal the edges.

Apply the spray paint, I used three coats.

Let dry.

I haven’t decided if I am going to use this bucket in our fall front door display, or as a bathroom wastepaper basket.  Either way I think it looks every bit as good as the $20 bucket, it was really quick to do and because I used what was on hand, it was free and took up no extra storage space.

I so love free.



    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you for your comment. I hope you get to make one as well.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thanks Maria. We were both into deck projects this week. Got to love summer.

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