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Three Types of DIY Ribbon

DIY Christmas Ribbon

Making DIY wired ribbon and the narrow ribbon was not something on my to-do list until a problem arose.  Funny how that happens.  Yes, I admit I am stubborn, when I get a decor idea in my head I am determined to find a way. In this post, I am sharing three types of DIY  ribbon, a narrow one, a wired one, and a gorgeous gathered one.    I will always try to purchase ribbon, but what if you can’t find what you want, either in size, colour or style?

Here were the problems, I was not able to find any kind of black and white buffalo check ribbon, at least not yet.  I got this idea for gathered ribbon I have just got to try this year, and my budget is tight so I need to save where I can.  Let me share with you the three kinds of DIY ribbons for Christmas that have solved the issues for me.

Three different styles of DIY Ribbon for Christmas


Adding Embellishments for a Christmas Shower Curtain

Sometimes you just have to live with what you have and be thankful for it.  None of my existing shower curtains fit in with my Christmas theme, and I don’t sew buttonholes yet so I didn’t want to make one.    Instead of buying new shower curtain how about using the plain white liner and adding an embellishment to the top.

If you happen to have some small unbreakable Christmas ornaments you can hang them on the top.  If like me you don’t have any, how about tying some small ribbons to the top instead.  With some leftover material, I went ahead and made some narrow ribbon that could fit through the holes at the top of our shower liner.

DIY Narrow Ribbon

For each curtain hanger ribbon, you will need a strip of fabric 2 inches high and at least 15 inches wide.  My fabric is 57″ inches wide. So I cut two-inch strips, folded them in half and them cut it in the middle.

Fold the end edges of your fabric over about 1/4 inch and glue in place.

Next, fold over the top seam about 1//8 if an inch or as small as you can manage.

Fold the bottom edge into the middle and press.

Folding fabric to make DIY narrow ribbon

Run a small seam of hot glue along the narrow top seam.  Fold over and press.  Be careful not to burn your fingers, using a simple teaspoon to press the edges down firmly worked well for this.

Flip the ribbon seam side down and press flat.

DIY narrow ribbon for a Christmas bathroom


DIY Wired Ribbon

Wired ribbon is the only ribbon to use when making bows for decor.  It makes the ribbon tying infinitely easier.

Cut your fabric 1/2 inch wider than you want the ribbon and as long as you need, or the fabric width allows.  If you want a long strip of ribbon,  glue the fabric strips together first.

Iron the top of the ribbon over 1/4 inch.

Lay florist wire in the seam.

Hot glue along the edge, and press down using a spoon.

Repeat along the other edge.

DIY Wired ribbon for Christmas on a Christmas tree in white and black buffalo check.

The quality of the homemade ribbon is so much nicer.  If it wasn’t for the time investment I don’t think I’d buy ribbon anymore.

Farmhouse Gathered Ribbon in Buffalo Check

Its fun to have something you haven’t seen anywhere yet, I did see some cute garlands made using socks which are fantastic, but I haven’t seen gathered ribbon so decided to make some.

DIY wired ribbon for Christmas on a Christmas tree in white and black buffalo check

Cut your ribbon as wide as you need plus half an inch.  For a Christmas tree, I suggest cutting it at least four inches wide.  You could make narrower for garlands or draping.

You make the ribbon the same as for plain wired ribbon.

Fold over the top and bottom edges of the fabric 1/4 inch.

Lay florist wire in the seam.

Hot glue along the edge, and press down using a spoon.

Repeat along the other edge.

My fabric is 57 inches wide, so I made my wired ribbon the same length.  If you want a longer ribbon, sew the strips together first.

Add the extra step of gathering the middle of the ribbon using a needle and thread.

Once you have the gathering thread sewn down the middle, pull on it to gather the ribbon.    Because the sides of the ribbon are glued and not sewn, the wired edges don’t gather when you pull the wire, instead just fold them into curls as you work along.

For the wire ends, you can snip them off,  or create a little hanger at the end for tying.

DIY ribbon for Christmas with long wire ends for attaching to Christmas decor.

I am the first to admit that the time investment for making enough ribbon to decorate a tree is substantial.

For sure I am continuing to look for purchased ribbon and the manager at Michael’s told me they are expecting some.  But this gathered ribbon is amazingly nice.  Its homespun looking and the hand done stitching down the middle adds to the farmhouse feel.  I love this gathered ribbon and think its worth the time it takes to make it.

Handmade DIY ribbon for Christmas

Have a good time decorating!



    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Marie. I was very pleased with how the gathered ribbon turned out. I can see myself making lots of it.

  1. All 3 styles of ribbon are great. I am not sure I would want to tackle a large project but it is a great idea for a smaller one.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thanks Debra. I was actually thinking about trying to sew the edges, and then thought it was a bit too much work for ribbon. Its worth it in a pinch though.

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