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Easy Origami Birds Spring Craft

How to Make the Easiest Origami Bird Spring Craft

This post has two topics, DIY paper birds and a Spring flower arrangement.   The little paper origami birds are simple little Spring craft you can do with your family.  For today’s post, I put the little folded paper bird craft into a Spring floral arrangement, but you can add them a potted plant, and even a Spring banner.

Simple Origami Paper Birds in a Spring Floral Arrangement. An easy origami craft idea.

All you need to make the little birds is double-sided cardstock, scissors, and my little bird’s template.  You can even skip using the template and cut the little birds head and tail cut freehand if you prefer.

You need to have double sided cardstock otherwise the backside of the origami bird is plain white.  I tried glueing two pieces of paper white sides together, but it didn’t work well.  I suggest going to a card stamping store and purchasing a sheet of double-sided cardstock.

The paper template for making easy origami birds.

Print and cut the templates sizes you want, I used the small and the medium sized templates.  Lay the origami bird templates onto the cardstock, trace the outside and cut out.

Paper card stock origami birds craft project for Spring

Hold the cut cardstock with the bird’s head in your left hand.  Taking the other end, fold the paper up and over creating a  large loop.

Folding paper into pretty origami birds for Spring. An easy origami craft.

Hold the bird’s head secure while pushing the tail end through the loop.

How to fold an easy to do paper origami bird craft.

I found that I could adjust the final finish of the little bird by pushing up on the upper part of the loops and push the extra length back through the tail.

A cute and easy paper craft for Spring, origami paper craft.

To add the birds to a floral arrangement insert a stem into the back fold of the bird, then place the little bird into your Spring flower arrangement.   I did not glue the little paper bird craft into place so I can use the birds in other ways.

How to attach little folded origami paper birds into a spring flower arrangement

Making a Spring Flower Arrangement using Succulents

If you like the look of the spring arrangement, it is a white pot from IKEA, with a wire floral center.  If you don’t have the wire center, you can use florist foam or even chicken wire all curled up.

How to make a Spring floral arrangement with succulents and paper birds

I then added faux succulents in the center and on four corners of the pot.

Then filled in the arrangement with flowers with the leaves removed.  Removing the leaves allows the green succulents to stand out.

Working with paper crafts is fun, and I like that it’s usually a tidy and inexpensive way to be creative.  Here are some other paper craft projects I have created and I hope you enjoy.

Other Paper Crafts Ideas to Try

Large elegant hoop wreath, made was a large metal ring, handmade crepe paper flowers and eucalyptus branches. A DIY wreath arrangement. Flower making, how to make paper flowers, flower making with crepe paper, minimalist wreath, elegant wreath, diy wedding decor, paper flowers wedding, book page crafts.

Paper Peonie Wreath

Crepe paper and book pages come together to make a large Paper Peonie Minimalist Wreath.

origami dress, DIY paper banner, paper dress banner, paper dress design, spring banner, DIY spring decor, paper home decor, paper dress, banner

Origami Paper Dress Banner

These little origami paper dresses are a fun paper craft to make with teens. You can hang them in a teen, or little girls bedroom using mini lights. I also like them as a decoration for a bridal shower. Wouldn’t they be fun done up in the brides wedding colours?


  1. Those little birds are so CUTE! Thank you for the template and tutorial! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Your birds are so cute Leanna! Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us at the Snickerdoodle link party! This will be one of my features this week!

    1. That’s really exciting! Thank you for the feature. I look forward to popping over and checking it out and joining in.

    1. Paper crafts are fun and the price is right. I really enjoy birds in my Spring decor, we are just starting to see them arrive back. Geese, and ducks are just starting to return.

  3. Oh, Leanna, these are just the sweetest!! I absolutely adore the paper that you chose to make these little cutie pies! So pretty and would just love to make these!! Thank you for the tutorial!

  4. They’re lovely Leanna. I always thought that origami was terribly complicated, but your tutorial is so easy to follow. I can picture a whole bunch of these on a mobile in a nursery. Pinned

    1. Wow my artsy friend, they really would look beautiful as a mobile. The craft paper could be nursery motifs as well. Love it.

  5. Your origami birds are so pretty, Leanna! I could see them making such pretty bookmarks, with a long tail, for Mother’s Day gifts. Pinned 🙂

    1. Thank you Marie, I had not thought of them for bookmarks, but that’s a great idea.

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