The Quickest Way to Add a Duvet Cover the Burrito Method

The duvet cover burrito method is the quickest and easiest way I ever learned to put on a duvet cover. I am used to calling it the California roll method, but anyway you call it, it is the best hack and makes this frustrating task easy and smooth to do even by yourself.

There is no better way to cover over the duvet insert. The whole process takes 5 minutes. The video tutorial does a good job of showing you the simple steps, but it goes pretty quickly so in the post, I will break down each step for you with images as well.

Duvet Cover Burrito Roll Method How To

Step 1 – Optional Corner Hack to Hold Duvet Insert in Place

More expensive duvets and duvet covers come with little ties in the corner. This bedding is inexpensive IKEA bedding and it didn’t come with ties, to get around this, cut whatever cording you have on hand about a foot long and hand stitch it to all four corners of BOTH the duvet and the covers. The ties prevent the duvet from sliding around inside the cover.

My ties are just some leftover cotton piping cord, but fabric ribbons, shoe laces, or strips of cut fabric work as well.

  1. Cut a piece of cord 12 inches long. Sew it in the middle using a strong thread. Attach one to each corner of the duvet and the inside of the duvet cover. I created four.
  2. After you have the duvet cover inside out and placed on top of the duvet insert, tie each corner together before burrito rolling it.
Two images showing an easy hack to keep a duvet in place inside a cover. 1 a cord folded in half in the middle and sewn to both the inside corner of a duvet cover and a duvet insert. 2 shows the cords ties together securing the corners into place.

Step 2 – Spread and Smooth Bedding

Spread your duvet on top of your other bedding. Make sure your duvet cover is turned inside out then lay it out over the top of the duvet with the opening of your duvet towards the foot of the bed. Once arranged tie the corners to hold in place.

An duvet cover layered with an insert with the corners tied together.  Step one of how to do a burrito roll for adding a cover to a duvet.

Step 3 – Roll the Duvet into a Burrito

Once your duvet insert and cover are aligned we can start rolling.

1. Start at the head of your bed and begin rolling the duvet up into a large roll towards the foot of your bed. You will likely need to switch sides while doing this on your own.

2. Once the entire duvet is rolled arrange it so the opening of your duvet cover is at the top and easily accessible.

Starting at the head of the bed a duvet is being rolled into a tube with the duvet cover.  There is an arrow showing to roll it towards the footer.  The second image shows the duvet rearranged with the opening at the top.

Step 4 – Turn the Duvet Right Side Out

This is the trickiest step, we’re going to flip the ends of the burrito roll inside the opening. Lift the end of the burrito roll up and fold it into the middle. Repeat for the other side. Your burrito roll will look like this.

My inexpensive duvet has a smaller opening than my other duvet cover. You may not need to fold the ends over as much as I show here.

The four steps to covering a  duvet insert with a duvet cover.

1. Shorten the width of the duvet making it narrower than the opening. Do this by folding the ends toward the middle.

2. In image 1 you can see the opening end of the cover. Twist it around the folded end, stuffing the ends side the opening. It will look similar to image 2 when done.

3. Stand at the side of the bed, and put your hand inside the duvet roll.  From within the duvet,  grab the end of your burrito and pull it out towards you.  Repeat for the other end.

Step 5 – Unroll The Duvet

Almost done, now comes the fun part. Every time Hubs does this with me he is surprised at how well this burrito roll hack works.

1 . Close the opening in the duvet.

2 From the side lift the top of the cover. Reach into the rolled duvet. Unroll it until the top of the duvet is again at the head of the bed.

Closing the opening on a  Duvet cover, and unrolling it onto the bed. as part of the burrito method for adding a cover to a duvet insert.

It’s fun to notice the duvet is now the right way out.

Finally, adjust and smooth your duvet out, fold it if you like, and admire.

A duvet cover thats been but on a duvet insert using the burrito method.  The duvet is green striped and sitting on a bed decorated with cream and green floal bedding.

Video How To

A short video of the duvet cover burrito method.

The latest on Youtube:

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A duvet cover on a bed the overlay says how to put on a duvet cover in five minutes.

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