Easy DIY Easter Chalkboard with Free Printable Pattern

This is an easy Easter chalkboard decoration for the holiday season. That began as a dollar store sign, which we will turn into a chalkboard and decorate with a burlap carrot Easter craft. I’m going to walk you through how to make this super cute chalkboard for Easter.

If you already own a chalkboard you want to use, you can skip this first step.

Easter Chalkboard Supplies

  • Dollar Store Chalkboard
  • Chalkboard Paint, and a small brush
  • Burlap Ribbon or 4-inch wide piece of burlap
  • Spring fabric tiny piece
  • Small piece of interfacing (I used Heat n’ Bond)
  • Coordinating thin ribbon and 1-inch ribbon
  • small piece of florist wire
  • Needle and thread
  • Button or other small embellishment
  • Dollar Tree white chalk pen, or other chalk
  • Printed patterns Carrot and Happy Easter
  • Flat edge like a scraper or a plastic bank card
  • Good quality rubber eraser and Q-tips
  • Hot glue gun

Let’s Talk Chalk

You can use any chalk you like, white chalk or chalk in pastel colors. You can also get chalk paint pens at the office supply store, you often see them used on coffee shop menus they are fantastic but cost much more. Regular chalk isn’t as bright as the waxy Dollar Tree chalk pen is, but you can get packages with different colors. Actual chalk pens from the craft store or office supply store are fantastic, but I didn’t want to spend the money on a small quick chalkboard. I will share a link to a large pumpkin chalkboard I made with the colored chalk pens. The third option is a chalk pen from Dollar Tree, which I chose.

If you’d rather watch a video than read the tutorial I have included a YouTube tutorial on the Easter chalkboard as well. You will find it located towards the end of the post.

How to Make a DIY Easter Chalkboard

Step 1 – Make a Chalkboard

Start by shopping the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store for a nicely sized cutting board, my round chalkboard is 11 inches across. You want to make sure that it’s at least 1/4 inch thick with a handle and at least 8 by 11 inches.

I grabbed this cutting board at Dollarama last year intending to create chalkboard art out of it. I am excited to finally use it.

The second thing you will need is chalkboard paint. I am using Martha Stewart chalkboard paint. You can turn any flat surface into a chalkboard by using just chalkboard paint and a small brush. No primer is needed.

Paint the front and back of the chalkboard with two coats of black chalkboard paint. Let the paint dry for half an hour between coats. Before starting to decorate the chalkboard I let the paint dry overnight.

MMaking a chalkboard by painting a large round cutting board with black chalkpaint.

Step Two – DIY Fabric Carrots

These little fabric carrots are so cute and easy to make. The free pattern has four different sized carrot templates depending on the size of your chalkboard. For my Easter chalkboard, I used the 5-inch size carrot. I chose to make the burlap carrots for a couple of reasons. The carrots are a creative way to embellish the chalkboard with the handle and add little Easter decorations without using up much of the actual chalkboard.

Begin by cutting out two rectangles of burlap that are large enough for two carrot bottoms. Do the same with a coordinating fabric you chose for the carrot tops.

Next, we’re going to sandwich a strip of interfacing between two pieces of fabric using parchment paper to protect our iron from the glue.

Five images showing the steps of adding interfacing between two pieces of fabric and ironing it to hold together.

Grab a piece of parchment paper

1 – lay the first piece of burlap good side down,

2 – cover with the interfacing, and glue side facing down paper side up. Cover with the parchment and press.

3 – Remove the paper backing to expose the glue.

4 – Place the second piece of burlap on top good side up. Cover it with the parchment and press.

5 – Once done, set aside and let cool.

Repeat the process using the fabric for the carrot tops.

Using the template cut out the bottom half of the carrot. Once for each carrot, I made two.

Two images the one on the left shows a carrot bottom being cutout with scissors on burlap, the right one shows the fabric carrot top being cut out with scissors.

Then cut out the top part of the carrot using the template while adding a little tab of extra fabric as shown. Sew the top and the bottom of the carrot together with a needle and thread. You could use hot glue for this, but then you need to use it for the ribbon and the button as well. I find it quicker and easier to just sew it with a needle and thread.

Attaching a green cut out fabric carrot top to the backside of a burlap carrot bottom.

Decorating the Carrot

I took the chalkpen and made little dash marks around the outside of the carrot top, and the carrot bottom.

Decorate the carrot with whatever small embellishments you have on hand, a small fabric flower from the dollar tree would be sweet, but I used a button and some ribbon. Just fold the ribbon over each other cover with a button and sew it all together. Set aside.

A miniature fabric carrot for Easter with a green top, burlap bottom, polka dota, and a little bow tie and a small purple button.

Step 3 – Add the Happy Easter Lettering

Transferring a printed template is the easiest way to create chalk art. The lettering prints out on letter size 8.5×11 paper. I created it using Canva. If you want different wording it’s free to join Canva (not affiliate) and the font I used is Amatic SC. Just remember to reverse your design before printing.

Place the printed template onto your chalkboard to decide where to place it. I decided to place mine a bit to the left because of the carrots. You want to do this before adding any chalk to the template. Once you have a good idea of where you want to place the lettering, start chalking the transfer.

Trace the Backside with Chalk

On other chalkboards, I used regular school chalkboard chalk to transfer the design. Today I tried the brighter chalkboard pen from the Dollar Tree and it worked. Yeah! Trace the lettering on the back of the template with the chalk pen. Do this as neatly as you can. You want as little extra chalk to remove as possible.

Tracing the backside of a lettering template with white chalk.  The template says Happy Easter.

Transfer the Chalk Pattern

Align the template where you wanted it to be on your chalkboard. You can tape it down with painter’s tape if you like. I don’t think you have to on a small chalkboard like this, especially with fresh paint. Trace the front of your design with the corner of a scraper, or a plastic card. Trace over the letters exactly like you did the chalk on the backside but repeat it a couple of times to ensure it transferred. You can check how the transfer is working by carefully lifting a corner to peek.

Using the corner of a scraper to transfer chalk lettering to a chalkboard.

The Dollar Tree chalk is like a wax and you will feel the paper stuck to it a little bit, don’t worry just pull the paper off. The letter transfer doesn’t need to be perfect because we will outline the lettering once more after the transfer has been done. Once finished lift the design and admire.

Happy Easter lettering transferred onto the front of a black Easter chalkboard DIY.

Finishing the Happy Easter Lettering

I could have left the lettering as it was, but I wanted to confirm the best way to remove any excess chalk. I found that using a good quality rubber eraser worked very well, but that the chalk being so waxy spread first, then it seemed to dry and disappear. You can also use a slightly damp Q-tip.

Once the lettering is clean, write over it again to brighten the lettering.

A DIY Easter chalkboard with bright white lettering that says Happy Easter.  A lovely burlap bow, and fabric carrots.

Step 4 – Finishing the DIY Easter Chalk Board

Making the Ribbon

If I had a different ribbon I would have preferred to just tie a soft pastel colored ribbon on. But we were so far away from any supplies, that I needed to use what I had on hand, so I improvised using an unwired Dollar Tree burlap ribbon and ripped a strip of fabric that matched the carrot tops.

How to tie a ribbon with loops and fabric.

Cut a strip of ribbon 20″ long fold the two ends to the middle and attach with hot glue. Repeat with a second strip of ribbon 15″ long.

Place the smaller loop overtop and a little bit above the larger loop.

Scrunch the middle of the two loops together, and wire tightly using florist wire. Next, make a tail, using a 24″ piece of fabric ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half, place the center part over the wire to cover it. Tie the ribbon around the handle of the cutting board, and trail it down the front of your chalkboard. Glue the two carrots along one tail of the ribbon so as not to damage the chalkboard.

As my burlap ribbon is quite heavy appearing I kept the tails of my ribbon short to allow the carrots to stand out.

Attaching fabric carrots to a chalkboard with a fabric bow.

Finish with any small colorful Spring flowers you like. I used a small sprig of Spring flowers again from Dollar Tree.

A dollar store DIY Easter chalkboard that says Happy Easter.  It is sitting on a kitchen counter with a large burlap bow, and fabric carrots embellishments.

DIY Easter Chalkboard Video

The latest on Youtube:

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

A round DIY Easter chalkboard that says Happy Easter its decorated with a burlap bow, DIY fabric carrots, and Spring Dolar Tree flowers.  The overlay says Dollar Store DIY Easter Chalkboard.

Other Fun Easter Chalkboard Ideas

I think chalkboards are wonderful for crafting because they are easy to update whenever you want. I love their versatility.

Chalkboard Bunny Easter Craft Tutorial for Decorating.

DIY Easter Bunny Chalkboard

This little DIY Easter Bunny Chalkboard is easy to make using a free downloadable template. Easter bunnies are so cute for this time of year, and easy to do as last-minute Easter decor.

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