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Two Sided Buffalo Check DIY Banner for Fall and Halloween

Fall and Halloween Banner Craft using Buffalo Check and Drop Cloth

Black and white buffalo check is so easy to decorate with, no wonder its very popular.  This buffalo check banner is the first of several projects I am making that will work for both Fall and Halloween.  This banner is good  for both Fall and Halloween because its two sided.  The front black burlap side for Fall, and the Drop Cloth side for Halloween.  As buffalo check and drop cloth is so neutral it will pair up with neutral fall decor, or black and white fall decor.  Its also easy to pair up with the traditional Halloween colours of orange, purple, black, and even red.

Hand Made Buffalo Check Banner that reversible banner.

Fall and Halloween Banner Craft Supplies

Burlap (brown or black)  approx 30″ by 8″
Drop cloth or other white scrap fabric (1/2 meter or yard)
Iron on Interfacing
Printable Wording Templates
White Chalk
Carbon Paper
Black Sharpie

White Paint with small brush or Paint Pen
Black and White Buffalo Check scraps (17″ by 8″approx)
Drop cloth or White fabric scraps (17″ by 16″ approx)
Cording (macrame or burlap string works) (approx 7 feet)
8 Small clothes pins
Iron, measuring tape, scissors

How to Cut Burlap

Way too long ago a home economics teacher showed us how to cut fabric.  I have never used her method for any other fabric but burlap.  Fortunately it is the best way to cut burlap ever, so here goes.

When you look at a piece of burlap its really easy to see the weaving.  Yeah!  The secret to cutting burlap is to have the edge perfectly square, with one single thread running the entire length along each edge.

If your coordinated you can just cut along the space between the threads.  If your like me, take the time to pull out one thread along the edge of your burlap before you cut.  It will give you a wider space for your scissors.  Once the thread is pulled out,  cut along the space left open by the thread .

For this project you will need a piece of burlap about 26″ wide and 8 inches tall.

Measure out four squares, each square 6 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Pull out the burlap threads where you need to cut.  Then cut your burlap.

How to cut burlap for a DIY banner for fall. A farmhouse craft using buffalo check.

Cut the Fabric

Cut out four pieces of drop cloth 6 inches by 7 inches, the same size as the burlap.

Add the Interfacing

Basically your making a interfacing sandwich with the burlap on one side and the drop cloth on the other.

Place the burlap squares onto an ironing board.  Cover with a piece of interfacing making sure the paper covered side is facing up.  With your iron on hot no steam press the interfacing into the burlap and let cool.

Once cool, cut the interfacing using the burlap as your guide.

Remove the paper from the interfacing.

Place the drop cloth squares on top of the interfacing good side up and press again with a hot iron and let cool.  Once cool you can trim any strings that may be present.

Layer burlap, interfacing, and dropcloth together to make banner panels for Fall decorating.

Apply the Lettering

Fall Burlap Side of the Banner

Print out the printable, and cut around the letters.

Center the letters on each square.  Make a small chalk mark along the sides of the paper to guide you.

Remove the letters from the burlap, flip over and trace the back of the letter using chalk.

Transferring lettering using chalk onto dark fabric.

Using the earlier chalk marks as a guide replace the letter templates back onto your burlap.  Double check it is centered and then rub along the letters with your finger.  This will transfer the chalk to the burlap.

Using a white paint pen (takes several coats), or a small paint brush and white craft paint, paint over the chalk letters.  Let dry and then with a damp cloth remove any chalk marks.

An inexpensive fall craft. How to make a buffalo check Fall Banner with dropcloth.

Halloween Dropcloth Side of the Banner

Print out the printable, and cut around the letters.

Center the letters on each square.  Make a small chalk mark along the sides of the paper to guide you.

Remove the letter template, place carbon paper on top of the drop cloth.

Placing the lettering on a two sides banner for Fall and Halloween

Replace the template and trace the outline of the letter.

Transferring lettering onto fabric using carbon paper.

Using a black sharpie, fill in the letter.

Let dry and fill in any light spots with the Sharpie,  I then went ahead and drew in a little spiderweb on opposite corners of my banner pieces.

Halloween banner pieces that say BOO!

Creating the DIY Buffalo Check and Drop Cloth Banner

Decide how long you want your banner to be.   It can be any size you like as long as you like, just space the letters equally.

Cut a piece of either black macrame cord of burlap string to the length you want mine is 80″ long.

This banner has three strips of fabric  around the letters so I needed 15 strips.  10 drop cloth and 5 buffalo check strips.

Cut your fabric scraps so that they are 17 inches long. Then make snips across the width of your fabric 1 1/2 inches wide.

Cutting strips on a rag banner for Fall

Once the fabric is snipped, tear the fabric to make the trips.

Iron each strip and trim off any large threads.

Tie the Fabric Strips to the banner.

Tie the strips so the clean front of the knot is facing forward.

Fold each strip in half.

Place the  loop underneath the banner twine.

Wrap the tails over the banner twine and through the loop creating a knot.

Tighten and make the knot pretty as possible.

Tying buffalo check and drop cloth strips of fabric to aFall banner craft

Repeat until you have as many rag ties on the wreath as you like.

Black and White Fall Banner craft

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  1. What a lovely idea Leanna and it’s reversible too. I love projects like this that serve two purposes and thanks for the handy tip to cut burlap. I always end up with these scraggly edges that look untidy

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