Updating an Existing RV Curtain for Cheap

How to Make a Custom RV  Curtain for your Holiday Trailer

Our RV has this little divider curtain that hangs securely from the actual ceiling and separates the back bedroom from the main living area.  It’s a great idea but the original curtain was made out of a camouflage patterned material.  I decided to use the portion I loved from the original curtain and update the RV curtain into something to match the newly redone valances.  You can see how I redid the RVs valances.

RV Roof Curtain Rod

The top of the original curtain is designed to hang from the little ceiling rod which I thought was perfectly designed.  I have never seen anything like it so I kept the original webbing.  To remove it just use a stitch ripper and pick out the original stitches.  Soak it in hot sudsy water (I used Dawn and vinegar).  Then I rinsed it and hung it to dry, it came out perfectly, nothing unraveled at all.

To keep the costs down instead of making the entire curtain out of the valance material I used a very inexpensive Vivan curtain from IKEA, and added a skirt using a leftover piece of fabric from the RV valances.  I like how it makes the trailer decor cohesive.

A handmade RV curtain as part of a holiday trailer makeover.

Sewing a New RV Curtain

You will need:

One Vivan Curtain from Ikea or other inexpensive full-length curtain.

Coordinating fabric  (60″ by 24″)

Velcro, and thread.

Gather the bottom hem of the Vivan curtain (57 inches wide) so that it matches the width of the mesh hanger of your original RV curtain, my RV curtain top is 55 inches.

Pin the original mesh hanger to the bottom hem of the curtain. Make sure to pin the bottom of the mesh in a straight line.

The hanger of an RV curtain as part of a holiday trailer remodel

Using a zig-zag stitch slowly sew the mesh to the curtain.  Attach the edge of the mesh to the bottom of the hem.   Then repeat the process by sewing the top edge of the Vivan curtain to the mesh as well.

Sewing an RV Curtain for a Holiday Trailer Remodel

Create a large section of the coordinating fabric to act as a skirt on your curtain.     My leftover fabric material allowed me to have a skirt 18 inches high.  I cut my fabric 59 inches wide and 23 inches high to leave room for hems and seam allowances.

Starting at one end, fold over the edge at one inch.  Roll over again and press creating a seam. Pin in place.  Repeat at the other end.  Sew the two ends and remove the pins.

For the top edge, fold your fabric edge over one inch, then repeat again.  Pin in place.  You will sew it later.

To the bottom hem.  Fold the bottom edge over at one inch then roll again at two inches, creating a two-inch seam.   Press well and sew along the edge. Sew in place.  The one inch top hem will be sewn to the curtain.  The two-inch hem will become the heavier bottom hem once your curtain is hung in the RV.

A handmade RV curtain showing the hem placement.

Measure the height of your curtain from the ceiling to the floor.  Subtract  18 inches for the skirt, then add one inch for the overlap of hems and two inches for the seam on the bottom of the curtain.  Cut your curtain to length.

Overlap the top 1-inch hem on your coordinating fabric with the 1-inch hem on the curtain material.  Sew together.

Sewing a skirt onto a DIY RV curtain as part of a holiday trailer remodel.

Add the hooks back to the top of the curtain.

Hooks for a holiday trailer ceiling curtain

Slide the curtain back on the existing rod.

Sew a Tie Back with Coordinating Fabric.

Cut a piece of fabric 12″ long by 6″ wide.  Fold the outer edges over 1/2 inch and press.  Then fold the two edges over again to meet in the middle.  Sew both edges.  Fold the ends over and sew in place.  Add velcro to the ends.

A handmade curtain for a holiday trailer remodel

This week I have been a bit quieter on the blog, I have scrubbed all the walls, removed some wallpaper strips, made a headboard, and redid the bench seating.   Hubs washed the outside, added a lock to the hitch and figured out some of the functioning systems.

I have to recover the couch, make a shower curtain, and so some organizing but the end is in sight.

A travel trailer master bedroom with a newly redone DIY RV curtain made with white, blue, black and yellow fabric. The background shows a RV double bed with bright yellow and blue striped bedding.

I made matching Valence Covers for the trailer as well, using the same fabric.


  1. I love your sewing posts… Your step-by-step breakdowns are so helpful. This RV project is amazing….the work you have done makes it look so comfy and cozy!

  2. All the work and effort you guys have done on the RV are going to pay off in a big way. I would love to know what your son thinks of all the beautiful touches you’ve been adding. Love how the curtain turned out and that webbing at the top is something really special. I wonder if it has some special purpose in a RV or if it was just for decor?

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      I showed pictures to my son who is always working several hundred miles away. He said it has the Mom touch now. He is so happy that I love it so much, it’s so nice to have for running away from Winter.

  3. Very pretty. I like how you are making this your own style. So many of the RV’s I have seen are so generic.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      They are mass produced looking, ours has light walls but the upholstery etc was very masculine. That just will not do lol.

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