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15 Free Easter Bunny Letter Free Printables for Kids

Your kids or grandkids will love receiving a letter from the Easter Bunny! Using a free printable Easter Bunny letter is an easy way to increase the magic that happens on Easter morning!

This free printable Easter Bunny letter has 15 designs in cheerful colors suitable for both little boys and girls. Some of the designs are in pink while others are blue.  There are several designs with a pre-written letter and three blank Easter Bunny letter templates if you prefer to write your own letter.  

What Are Printable Easter Bunny Letters or Notes?

Easter Bunny letters are becoming a fun and desired tradition for Easter.  Similar to using a free printable letter from Santa Claus, it’s a special note from the Easter Bunny.

Easter bunny letters are a fun way to add an extra element of surprise and light to kids’ faces on Easter morning. 

This letter can have a personalized message, hints, and clues about the Easter gift’s whereabouts.  They can include riddles, and jokes, or simply say Happy Easter.  

I also included the blank letter choices if your young kids want to write a cute Easter bunny note or thank you to the Easter Bunny.  Those little notes would be such lasting memories to hold to.  My eldest granddaughter is 13 and the time truly flies by.  I wish I had made these letters when they were little.  

Four fun Easter Bunny letter templates, with polka dots and a fun Easter Bunny peeking in from the side of the letter. Two are pink, two are two, two have prewritten letters, two are blank templates.

Two of the letterheads say from the desk of the Easter Bunny, and another has bunny ears and fun bunny footprints. Children will enjoy the bright cheerful Spring colors.

What Supplies Do You Need?

You will need a printer and for best results use good quality white paper. You may want to use the best-quality printer settings to make the colors bright.  

This Easter Bunny letter is created to go along with an assortment of Easter treats and chocolate eggs for an Easter egg hunt.  The Easter eggs are then gathered and placed into a child’s Easter basket. 

If you want to use it as a place setting you will need an envelope and an Easter sticker to decorate the envelope.   

Four different Easter Bunny letter templates. Each free printable has a set of Easter Bunny ears and feet. Two have prewritten wording and the other two are lined for making Easter lists or letters.

Other Ideas for the Easter Bunny Letter

There are several fun ideas that you can do with these free printables. 

It’s perfect for getting children excited about their Easter treats and egg hunts. Or when grandkids come to visit.  If the young kids aren’t at home for the Easter season, the Easter Bunny letters are a fun way to have the Easter Bunny visit your house too; First thing when your little kids arrive they can be given the letter to announce the Easter Bunny’s visit. 

Two little kids sitting on a porch enjoying Easter eggs

There are two official letters from the Office of the Easter Bunny to give it some extra credibility.

Two Easter Bunny letters one in blue, and one in white. The letters have writing and say from the office of the Easter Bunny in the header.

You can make it a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny by placing it in an envelope with a pretty sticker seal and the child’s name written on it. These cute Easter bunny letters would be a fun place-setting idea for your Easter gathering this year.   One of my Easter traditions is to set the Easter brunch table with Easter gifts and let my family figure out their place settings using the Easter gift as a clue.   The Easter bunny letters are a nice variation to that idea.

The prewritten Easter bunny letter is an easy way to launch an Easter egg hunt for extra fun on Easter morning. ​

Two young children enjoying an easter egg hunt.

The blank templates are handy for various Easter activities.  If you’re stumped for Easter basket ideas for teens, let them use one of the letter templates to make their wish list.  Or use one as a template to write out a favorite family Easter recipe as a personalized gift.

Four different Easter Bunny letter templates. Each free printable has a set of Easter Bunny ears and feet. Two have prewritten wording and the other two are lined for making Easter lists or letters.

How to Use the Easter Bunny Printable

The free printable Easter Bunny letter templates are part of my free printable library for subscribers.  Once you subscribe you will receive a password that gives you access to the library where there are several different free Easter printables you may enjoy checking out.

Three different examples of Easter bunny letters, two with wording and the third style has lines.

Join for the All the Easter Printables and more!

Each free Easter Bunny letter comes in a pdf format.  The letters come as a digital file for you to download and print.  They are all in letter size, that can be printed on your home printer.  I have not marked any of the Easter letters with my blog name as I did not want the children to see it.  Please only use them for personal use. They cannot be redistributed or sold.

These last two examples are designed more for little boys, as I have no pink and the bunny is wearing a respectable boyish hoodie.

Two Easter bunny letters designed for little boys. They are in blues and greens without any pinks, There us an adorable brown Easter Bunny wearing a hoodie sitting in the corners. One is prewritten with a letter, the other is blank.

Other Easter Ideas, Printables, and Crafts

Here are some other Easter Bunny themed templates you may enjoy.

Bunny Banner Template

The patterns are part of this Bunny Banner Craft for Easter, to make them print, cut, and hang.

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