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Flowering Bulb Pot – Spring Flowers in a Pot

Wow, it is pretty hard to define what exactly to call this rustic flowering bulb pot Spring craft, I then added some beautiful Spring flowers in a pot. To place some Spring flowers in a pot, I needed to create a Spring bulb planter container first. Anyway, you want to call it in the end I got a beautiful bulb planter pot idea for Spring that I love how it looks on the kitchen counter.

This bulb pot began as a rusty cake tin and an old candle stick that I went looking for at the local thrift store. Here are all the supplies I used to make my flowering bulb planter for Spring.

What you’ll love about this Spring DIY:

  • UNIQUE – This little flowering bulb pot on a stand, is a unique height that allows the Spring flowers to shine, as part of a Spring display.
  • INEXPENSIVE– You can make this flowering bulb pot with things from the thrift store, or unused materials from home. Instead of tossing an old cake pan out, you can use it here.
  • LONGER LASTING – Planted Spring bulbs last longer than cut tulips and daffodils, and we wait so long for them. It’s wonderful to have them around for a longer time. Once they finish blooming transfer them outside to your garden.
  • Works for Early Spring – They work well with real potted bulbs and faux potted bulbs. Just don’t tell anyone which you use.

How to Make a Flower Bulb Pot for Spring Decor

Spring arrives late every single year in Canada. The general rule for most places is maybe Mother’s Day. The good part is our summers have long hours of sunshine so we can grow some things, we just get a Much later start. I learned to Spring plant indoors first, and it helps with the waiting. It’s so magical to see color again, especially bright Spring green leaves make me so happy.

Flowering Bulb Pot Supplies

Besides the cake pan for the top, and a wide candlestick for the bottom you will need a few more supplies to make the flower bulb planter. The size of the terracotta pot will depend on how large your cake pan is, I used a 6-inch terracotta pot from the Dollar Store.

  • Real pots of planted Spring bulbs or faux ones (depending on availability).
  • Soft green moss
  • Spring colored ribbon
  • Terracotta dollar store pot
  • Scrap paper
  • Little bits of cream and white paint.
  • E6000 glue (hot glue optional)
  • Small paint brush

Making the Flower Bulb Plant Pot

Give both parts of your flower planter a thorough washing, I ran mine through the dishwasher. Once dry add some E6000 to the top of the candlestick and center it in the bottom of the cake pan. Let dry thoroughly. If you don’t want to wait overnight for the E-6000 to attach add some hot glue as well. The hot glue will adhere within a few minutes and you can paint the flower bulb pot right away.

A small cake pan that been glued ontop of a candlestick.  The first step of making a farmhouse flower pot for Spring

Painting the Bulb Planter

Once the glue has adheres you can begin painting the bottom of the bulb planter. For the lower candlestick portion paint it with 2-3 coats of the cream color, letting it dry between coats.

The inside of the cake pan was rusty so I covered it with two coats of Picket Fence white Fusion Mineral Paint.

The first coat of paint done on a flower planter pot for Spring.

For the upper portion of the bulb pot, I chose to use a quick dry brush technique to allow some of the metal to show through. If your upper section is in poor shape you may prefer to paint it a solid color as well. Mine was dry brushed with first cream and then white paint.

How to Dry Brush

Dry brush painting is a technique where you layer on tiny amounts of paint a little at a time resulting in a whispy textured finish.

If you have a stiff small paintbrush or a chippy brush go ahead and use it. I just used what I had on hand.

How to dry paint brush a  bulb plant pot for Spring bulbs.  Showing a dry brush technique with a tiny bit of paint on the end of the brush bristles.

Place the very tip of the brush into the paint, then wipe most of it off on a paper towel. Once your brush is almost dry, brush the paint onto the pan using light short strokes. The dry brushing results in light whispy strokes.

Build up the paint until about a third of the outside and bottom of the flower bulb pot are painted. Let dry. The dry paint only takes a few minutes to dry.

Repeat the same process using white paint. Layer the white paint the same way until you get the look you want. I do show this in the YouTube video if you want to see how easy it really is.

Once painted allow the flower pot to dry overnight so the E6000 is set before decorating it.

Decorating the Flower Pot

Because our weather was still minus 20 with loads of snow, there are no fresh potted Spring plants available yet. The old me would pout and stomp around and wail about living here. (ok I still do lol) But last year I found a local store called Blume in Stettler that sells amazing faux Spring flowers with bulbs. So until the real ones arrive I am going to use them and they are fabulous.

Whether using faux or real Spring bulbs for your Spring bulb planter begin by placing a 5-inch terracotta pot into the farmhouse flower pot.

For Real Spring Bulbs

To use real Spring bulbs make sure you buy bulbs in a 5 to 6-inch round container. I grabbed this image online in case you were new to buying bulbs.

A store shelf filled with Spring bulbs in small round pots.

Water the bulbs in the container first. Then place the container in the terracotta pot and cover it with moss. Water it lightly every day. You can often bind them with blooming flowers already in the store if you can choose them.

Creating Spring Flowers in a Pot with Faux Bulbs.

Here’s why no Spring flowers at our house in March, it makes the interior flower pots even more loved.

A Canadian spring yard, still covered in loads of snow.   Shared as the reasoning for growing creating flowers in a pot for indoor first and then moving them outdoors.

Begin with your painted flower pot, then add the terracotta pot and a little crumpled paper, to hold the bulbs in place.

Two faux Spring flower bubls in a beautiful DIY planter for Spring.

Once that’s done cover the Spring bulbs with dark green moss. I used reindeer moss from the Dollar Tree.

Adding moss to a Spring bulb planter Spring centerpiece idea.  There is a white pot on a stand, thats lined with a terracotta planter, then two pretty Spring bulb flowrs, and finally dark green moss.

Decorating the Bulb Plant Pot

To put the final touches on the bulb plant pot I added a beautiful green satin ribbon and some baby’s breath. If you don’t have any baby’s breath check out the difference with and without.

The same Spring bulb plant pots, one decorated with baby's breath and the other is not.  Made for comparison so the reader can choose which version they prefer.

After adding the baby’s breath by stuffing it down into the opening The final touch is a large loopy green satin bow with fishtail snipped ends.

Spring flowers in a pot, held by a bulb pot stand, sitting on a kitchen counter for Spring decor.
The latest on Youtube:

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

A spring flower arrangement sitting on a kitchen counter.  The text says flower pot design spring bulb planter.

Other Spring Pots and Planter Ideas

Moss and Terracotta Spring Centerpiece

Transferring real potted bulbs to a terracotta container is one of the best ways to make Spring bulbs last longer. This moss and terracotta centerpiece is a great way to add color to early Spring.

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