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Adorable DIY Fabric Carrot Easter Banner

How to Make an Adorable Easter Banner 

I am sure you have seen stuffed fabric carrots at local gift stores.  They are so adorable, and I am always tempted to buy them.  Fortunately they are really easy to make and best of all cheap.  You can make several using a fabric quarter or scrap fabric.  These DIY fabric carrots are easy to make, cheaper than purchasing, and you get to choose the fun fabrics. A buffalo check, polka dot and striped fabric scrap easy sew project.

Supplies for Making a Fabric Carrot DIY Easter Banner


Scrap fabric

Twine for Hanging

Small twine or bakers twine


Polyfil stuffing

Green 1″ ribbon  (1 ft per carrot)

Free carrot pattern

 Lay your fabric out and cut the pattern.  As I was making two carrots of each fabric, I folded my fabric and cut out two carrots at once.

cutting a free pattern for fabric carrots.

Once your fabric is cut, cut a piece of thin twine about a foot long.  Fold the top of your carrot over so that it covers the twine an press in place.

Pressing fabric for making stuffed carrots for an Easter Banner

Holding the twine against the fold and away from the sewing seam, sew the ironed edge along the top of the carrot.

Sewing the top seam of DIY fabric carrots.

Fold your carrot in half good side facing.  Place on the sewing machine and start sewing the closing seam.  Make sure to place your needle just below the twine.  Sew along the entire edge until the point at the bottom of your carrot.

Sewing a stuffed carrot closed.

For my banner I made six fabric carrots, two in each pattern.

Sewn fabric carrots an Easy Easter craft

Turn your carrots right side out, iron and set aside.

Making the Ribbon Leaves for the DIY Fabric Carrots

The leaves for these carrots are made by simply folding ribbon.  Fold your ribbon into three folds making sure their is a long tail.  Sew a simple seam across all the ribbon folds to hold into place.  Cut the end of the ribbon.  Repeat for the other carrots.

Folding ribbon to make faux leaves for DIY fabric carrots.

Place your ribbon leaf down inside the carrot, making sure to stuff the long tail of the leaf into the bottom of the carrot.

Adding faux ribbon leaves to fabric carrots

Add your polyfil stuffing all around the leaf, so that the leaf is in the middle

Adding stuffing to DIY fabric carrots.

Pull the cord tight enclosing both the stuffing and the ribbon leaf.  Tie in a single knot and set aside.

Pulling thread to tighten top of a DIY fabric carrot

Repeat for the other carrots.

Making the DIY Easter Banner

You can hang your banner on the mantel, the wall, along a shelf, or even in a window.  Measure where you want the banner to hang.  Cut your twine 2 feet longer than the measurement.  Use the extra twine to tie a simple bow at each end of your banner twine.  

Hang the banner twine where you want the banner to be.

Using the small twine on each carrot wrap the twine from the front of the carrot, around the banner twine and the tie in front of the carrot.

Tying DIY fabric carrots to twine to make a Easter Banner

Repeat with the other carrots.  As the carrots are hung using the twine and not ties to the twine they are easily moveable.  Adjust the spacing for your carrots to a look you like. 

Easy to sew fabric carrot Easter banner.

Pin it to have it for later!

DIY Fabric Carrots

A couple of years ago I made a bunch of stuffed fabric carrots, but I did not make them into a banner, so they are put together a little bit differently.

A simple Easter craft, sew some adorable stuffed carrots.

DIY Miniature Carrots for Easter Decorating

If you have little ones I made these giant carrot floor cushions for my grand daughters and paired them with a very happy purchased Easter Bunny.

Easter gift ideas for children.

Giant Stuffed Carrot for Easter


  1. What a sweet Easter banner, Leanna! Your decor is all lovely.

    1. Thank you Beverly. I tried something different this year and of course now my family doesn’t get to be surprised by it. I appreciate you letting me know.

  2. You had me with the polka dots! This is so very sweet Leanna! The perfect Eater touch to add to a mantel or a sideboard!

  3. These fabric carrots are so cute, Leanna and I love how easy they are to make! What makes your version extra special is the pretty ribbon leaves. Pinned 🙂

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