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Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Every Budget

Adult Easter egg ideas for egg hunts have become popular as a way for adults to get in on the fun and excitement part of Easter while enjoying a sense of nostalgia from childhood.  An adult egg hunt can include children as well. Some are adults only and have alcohol included, and some are more competitive.  All of them include some a social gathering and are lots of fun.  

 An Easter egg hunt is a great way to get together with the whole family for a little fun. Still, adult hunts can get pricey so here are a few ideas if you need a little extra help coming up with reasonable rewards that are still great prizes.  We want those adults to be enticed to join in on the thrill of the hunt.  

Putting together plastic Easter eggs with little slips of paper that have clues on them.That overlay says Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

1. Lottery Ticket Easter Egg Hunt

Since the grandkids got older we’ve been playing gift-swapping/stealing games at Christmas.  The funniest thing is everyone fights over the silly scratch-and-win lottery ticket gifts.  I have been buying all the gifts and find it hilarious that everyone would rather have a $1 scratch-and-win than a $5 book.  It surprised me, so how about using that idea in an adult Easter egg hunt that cn adults can join in with the kids?  An Easter egg hunt that includes everyone is a fantastic way to create a new Easter tradition.

The amount of supplies and what you choose will vary depending on how many people you invite to the Easter egg hunt and your budget.  I suggest 10 -15 eggs for kids and 5 per adult.  If you have younger kids and don’t want to win scratch tickets, I suggest you give the kids eggs and a certain color or two to collect.  

You would need to grab several packages of plastic Easter eggs.  And various prizes, to fit inside the eggs.  To make the cost realistic, most of the plastic Easter eggs will have 2-3 chocolate eggs stuffed inside,  A few will have the larger Cadbury Easter eggs.  A few will be empty except for a green note that says. “Oops, I am a rotten egg”.  A few more will have scratch-and-win tickets, and the bigger prize can be a ticket for a chocolate Easter bunny, with the grand prize being a Chocolate Easter bunny and lottery tickets.  

A bunch of plastic Easter eggs with papers to stuff inside for an adult Easter egg idea.

Everyone collects and no one opens their Easter eggs.  A whistle blows for the end of the hunt in time for Easter brunch.  You can take turns opening the Easter eggs while enjoying brunch.

2. Adult Only Easter Egg Hunt – Our Crafty Mom

My friend Michelle at Our Crafty Mom knows How to Host an Adult Easter Egg Hunt beginning with larger eggs from the dollar store.


Two adult easter eggs for an adult Easter egg hop.  you can see each egg is filled with a small bottle of alcohol and then some Easter chocolates.
Image by Our Crafty Mom

She then fills her eggs with a variety of treats, lottery tickets, gift cards, beauty products, movie tickets, and small bottles of liquor,  check out her post for all the rules and details.

3. Guys vs Dolls Adult Easter Egg Game

The host must remain neutral in this game and hide the eggs.   You can use boiled real eggs or plastic eggs.  Divide into two teams and hunt for the hidden eggs. The teams gather their eggs, and the team with the most eggs chooses the evening entertainment.  A movie night, playing a board game, watching a game at the pub, or whatever other fun activities the winners choose.  

4. DIY Egg Popper Tree

I saw this different hanging Easter egg from a tree with tissue paper idea from Studio DIY and thought adults could join in this too, it looks like so much fun.

A large bunch of cheerfully Spring colored DIY Easter egg poppers  for an family Easter egg hunt with adults.
Image by Studio DIY

Kids of all ages will have fun with this DIY Egg Popper Tree Easter egg hunt idea. Studio DIY has the details.

5. Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

This would be great fun especially if you have a large yard or a park you could set it up in before players arrive. Everyone could even have a flashlight for extra safety, older children could pair up, and adults with younger children.  

A bucket full of glow in the dark Easter eggs.
Image by Lil’ Luna

Check out the Lil’ Luna Blog Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs, for all the details and how to.

6.  Board Game Egg Hunt

The monetary value or cost of these adult Easter egg games can become pretty expensive, but how about we combine a favorite family board game with an Easter Egg hunt?  

A family playing a board game after having a board game adult Easter egg hunt .

How about creating slips of paper that are advantageous and putting them into the eggs for whatever favorite game your family loves?  I can’t be too explanatory here because of copyright, I’m not sure what’s allowed.  Example ideas, get $1000 extra at the beginning of the game,  The bank pays you instead of you paying them, double the amount you receive at the start of the next round. A player you choose has to skip a turn.  Take an extra turn. With one big-ticket item, have a free round without paying anyone anything could be the big ticket item.  

7. Gold and Confetti Outside Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter Egg hunt will be very fun for families with older kids, similar to a golden ticket egg hunt with more mess lol.

two images of brightly coloured Easter eggs filled with confetti for an Easter egg hunt.
Image by Oh Happy Day

It consists of preparing real eggs into shells with confetti, and one gold glitter.  Check out how to do the DIY Party Confetti Egg Game at Oh Happy Day.

8. Recipe Exchange Egg Hunt

If your family members do a potluck for Easter how about everyone bring an extra dessert with the recipe   Each dessert gets numbered the host fills a few of the eggs with the numbers, and the hunter with the right number inside the egg wins the free dessert to take home.  You could add some chocolate bunnies as extra prizes.

9. Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

You can do a traditional hunt with adults, as long as they contain adult easter egg stuffers.  A nearby antique store here carries nostalgic brands of candy that we had as kids, cherry blossom chocolate bars (Canada) Neopolitan leather candy, and gold nugget gum in little bags like when I was a kid.  You can use small items from Bath and Beyond, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate samples, fancy chocolates, earrings, hair accessories, movie or raffle tickets,  or numbers that match other items like books, small bottles of alcohol ( if a child gets the number they win candy).  

10. Who Is It, or Where Is It Trivia Egg Hunt for Adults

Make one big prize, whatever fits within your budget.  A puzzle, a new board game, Easter candy, and a small jar with rolled money and change in it, are a few ideas.


Putting together plastic Easter eggs with little slips of paper that have clues on them.

Next, you have to choose the answer to, who it is, or where it is.  A famous actor, singer, historical figure, or a country, city, or historical site.  Fill the plastic eggs with both vague and substantial clues to the answer.  At the end of the hunt, everyone opens up their eggs and writes down an answer.  The person with the most eggs hands his/her answer in first.  The organizer lets them know if they won or not. If not the person with the second most number of eggs hands in his/her answer.  Until someone wins.  If no one wins I would have people cut cards as the tiebreaker.

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

A background of very brightly decorated Easter eggs in assorted cheerful colors. The text overlay says 10 Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

After brainstorming some ideas and finding others online I am feeling excited about introducing one of these ideas into our traditional day of Easter brunch and Easter games.  I created a dice game printable in the library that we will use for one activity, but I think my family will like the whole Easter egg hunt idea as well.

I hope everyone packs some extra Easter fun into the holiday this year, and that I was successful in helping you find an activity that you can plan for your family as well.

Happy Easter Leanna

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