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Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprint Stencil

If you’re looking for a free printable Easter bunny footprint for Easter, you will love these. Easter bunny footprints are such a fun way to surprise kids at Easter time. You can use them as secret paths to get to their Easter baskets, or a fun magical trail of bunny prints leading them up to the front door. Undeniable proof the Easter bunny knew exactly where he was supposed to go.

The actual cut out size of artwork is 6″ for the large back paw prints and 3.5″ long for the front little bunny paw prints. The download is in a PDF format that includes 1 front and 1 back paw on each page.

A set of bunny footprints with three toes. Each set shows one large back bunny footprint and a small front bunny footprint. There are 3 colors one is pink, one is soft pink and the third color choice is soft robin egg blue.

There are several different ways to use Easter bunny footprints. You can choose to print out several of the bunny paw prints as a paper printable. This method is colorful and tidier. If you want a more realistic and convincing set of bunny paw prints I suggest creating a stencil instead. Which method you choose will likely depend on where you’re using them, and how patient you are about the mess factor. If you have warmer weather and can be outside, or if like us there is still snow at Eastertime.

How to Make the Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprints​

Leaving a trail of Easter bunny footprints is very exciting for younger kids. Younger children won’t care how real the tracks are, they are true believers. If using the paper version outside I recommend using some tape or sticky putty to help hold them in place. The paper Easter bunny feet are certainly less messy.

Three Easter bunny footprint printables in blue, pink and soft pink.

To make paper bunny footprints you will need a few simple supplies:

  • Free Easter Bunny Paw Print Templates
  • Color printer
  • Letter size white cardstock
  • Scissors

To make the cute printed paper Easter bunny footprints. Download the digital files. Using letter-size white cardstock, print out the free printable Easter bunny feet, in color. Once printed check the print quality, and adjust your printer settings if needed. Once you are sure of the quality, print out several more copies of the bunny feet. Once printed cut the bunny feet out just along the outside border only. Using cardstock will make the printables last better for you, especially if outside.

Print out as many copies as you like, cut out each foot, and line them up one after the other to lead to the little ones’ Easter eggs.

There are three different styles of Bunny Footprints to choose from each with three different color choices.

Three different sets of bunny footprints, each with two back footprints.  The bunny footprints are shaggy looking and shown in three color choices, bright blue, soft pink and bright pink.

How to Make an Easter Bunny Footprint Stencil

You will find the bunny footprints in the Printable Library for Subscribers. Download the digital files. Using white cardstock, print out two copies of the free printable bunny footprints, black and white printing is fine. Using cardstock will make the edges of your stencil more crisp. Once printed carefully cut out the outside of each foot, as well as the paw pads and bunny toes.

Easter Bunny footorints printables in 3 colours and styles

Join the Printables Library for Subscribers!

Using the Easter bunny footprint stencils will create a more convincing trail of DIY Easter bunny tracks. Use your easter bunny footprint stencil and any white powdery substance you choose. This method creates a more realistic set of bunny prints but is much messier. I suggest using these footprints across the front lawn, or front steps to the front door.

To make paper bunny footprint stencils you will need a few simple supplies:

  • Free Easter Bunny Paw Print Templates
  • Printer
  • Letter size white cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Fine wire sifter
  • Flour, cornstarch, baby powder, or sidewalk chalk

You can try and use chalk to draw out the outline of your footprints. Doing it this way you can use colored chalk and create really fun

color combinations for the footprints. Chalk is it’s also less messy, but then you’re spending time tracing the stencils out.

​Why is the fastest and most fun method always the messiest? If you are outside or in an area where you can easily sweep up the footprints, the fastest way to do them is with any white powder like flour or baby powder.

To use it as a template cut out the holes in the bunny feet and either trace the edge using sidewalk chalk or sprinkle flour, cornstarch, or baking powder.

The halfway messy method is to cut out the template the same way, and instead of sprinkling flour, or some other powder use the easter bunny paw print stencil and draw out the paw prints.

How to Use the Bunny Template in a Cricut Machine

You can use the SVG version of the Easter Bunny template, just grab the SVG files to get you started.

Cutting out the Easter bunny footprints can be done using the Cricut upload the SVG file to the Cricut design space. If you’re going to be using the Easter bunny footprints stencil for one year I suggest using cardstock. If you want to reuse them I suggest creating an actual template with mil mylar or other stencil plastic adjust the print settings.

Other Ways to Use the Bunny Paw Prints

These bunny paw prints are such an easy way to create some Easter memories. You can you them for different Easter activities. Use them as a footprint guide for an Easter egg hunt, or to create signs to direct kids to an Easter egg hunt. Use them in Easter crafts, the small bunny prints would be really cute in a plant. Or hang them up for quick Easter decorations.

Cleaning Up Those Bunny Paw Prints

My suggestion for this rather tedious task of cleaning up the mess use a dry broom first, and to keep it as dry as possible. At least until you have the majority picked up. Begin with a dry broom, or shop vac. The powder may be hard on a house vacuum. Then try a swifter sheet. Finally, wipe out what’s left with a damp cloth. I don’t recommend a water clean-up for this task, water and flour make a terrible mess when mixed.

I am very happy to share this adorable easter bunny footprint template it makes me smile thinking of how excited the little ones get on Easter morning. I am certain your family will enjoy playing with them. Although I am a little bit sad we no longer have little kids around to help us with the celebration of Easter.

Other Bunny-Themed Easter Printables

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This little bunny banner printable includes the patterns you see on the bunnies. Just print, cut, and hang. I use them pretty much every year.

Spring Printables

Like the Easter bunny paw prints, these little Easter bunny printables are included in the Pretty DIY Home Library.

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