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Wooden Easter Bunny DIY with Pattern

A Large Wood Easter Bunny for the Front Porch

This time of year with Easter and the Easter Bunny’s’ arrival pending, I am finally able to post this adorable wooden Easter bunny.  I am so excited to share him with you because I love mine, and I think you’ll love having one as well.  

You can make this Easter bunny using scrap wood, or two 1 by six pieces of lumber making this Easter bunny a great way to use up some wood scraps or even pallet wood.

This is an easy project to put together and the only tools you need are a jigsaw and access to a printer.  I created a sketch pattern of the large porch-sized Easter Bunny for you to print out on letter-size paper and tape together.  

It’s minus 20-30 here right now so I am thinking Spring indoors, so this 4-foot tall glorious adorable Easter bunny for our front porch was made indoors working on the foyer floor.  Let me show you how to make one of your own.  This is such a fun Easter craft project, and the large size makes him perfect for outdoors.

How to Make a Porch Size Wood Easter Bunny

Supplies to Make a Wooden Bunny

I know this looks like alot of supplies but you don’t need much of anything. As always before buying I suggest substituting for what you have, but this is the complete list. The only thing we purchased was the dark wood stain for $18 in Canada. If you can’t find an equivalent the thin wood, the wood glue, brown papers, nails, brackets,foam brushes, Sharpie, acryllic paints and a sandpaper block can come from the Dollar Store.

  • 2 pieces of 1 by 6 lumber, or scrap wood equally 22 by 45″ glued together
  • 1/2  by 2 of bits of plywood for the back, paint sticks (dollar store woood)
  • wood glue
  • jigsaw and drill
  • clamps
  • brown paper or giftwrap with grid
  • 3/4 inch nails and screws
  • 2″ L brackets
  • chocolate or walnut wood stain
  • foam brush and a rag
  • dollar store florist wire  
  • hot glue
  • black Sharpie pen
  • pink acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint 
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • free Easter Bunny templates

Step One – Glue Your Wood Lumber Together

Cut your wood into 4-foot lengths, glue between the pieces with wood glue, with a dab of wood glue every couple of inches, and clamp together until the glue dries.  If you don’t have clamps, line the wood up against a wall and use books or anything heavy to apply pressure to the other side of the wood.  Whatever you can think of that will keep the wood snug against one another until that wood dries.  

Step Two – Create the Easter Bunny Template

We can choose the height of our wooden bunnies, I made my bunny four feet tall,  if you want a shorter bunny take a couple of inches off at the bottom of the pattern. This is a great way to accommodate any shorter pieces of scrap wood you may want to use.

You can create the bunny templates in two ways: draw one or use the free downloadable templates.  I made a video that shares how to draw the bunny with some tips and tricks for those of us who cannot draw.

How to Draw the Easter Bunny (optional)

Take a piece of dollar store or leftover wrapping paper with a one-inch grid on the back, making sure it’s larger than the wood for the Easter Bunny.

Brown paper roll overtop of a slab of wood made from gluing them together.  A second image showing an one inch grid pattern on the paper.

To draw the bunny – find the center, and draw a line down the middle. Then divide the bunny into 4 sections starting at the bottom, this helps with symmetry. Check out the video for more details. Draw the bunny, and decide which half of your drawing you like the best. Fold the paper in half, and cut out the half of the drawing you like the best. Unfold the paper and trace the outside of your bunny pattern onto the wood.

To use the pattern – download and print out the pattern pieces on the letter-sized bunny templates and tape them together.  Cut out the outline.  Then take a piece of dollar store or leftover wrapping paper the size of your lumber.  Fold the paper in half, and line the taped-together bunny template along the folded edge.  Draw the bunny’s outline.  Cut out the half bunny.  Unfold the paper to reveal the shape of the bunny.  Make any necessary changes, then trace the outline onto the wood.

Step 3 – Cutting Out the Wooden Easter Bunny DIY

Cut the wood bunny out using a jigsaw, this DIY wood bunny is too big for a scroll saw.    Hubs placed it on a flat surface and cut it out in a few minutes, it has no tight corners and he was able to cut it out quickly.

Cutting out a large wooden bunny with a jigsaw.

Once he had the wood bunny cut out we cut small thin strips of wood and attached them across the back of the bunny with small nails under an inch long so they wouldn’t pop through the front of the bunny. Place the cross pieces so that they go across the seams in the wood.

The back side of a large wooden bunny showing the placement of the cross pieces to hold the lumber together securely.

Step 4 – Adding a Stand for the Wooden Easter Bunny

The top portion of your cut-out bunny will have a large piece of scrap wood left over. Use this part for the stand. Line the bunny up in the middle and cut off one end.

A plain wood bunny being built out of lumber. There is a line showing where the cut will be for the stand on the bottom.

Once cut attach the bunny to the stand using 2 L brackets on the back side, with small screws.

A wooden bunny being connected to a stand using screws and L brackets.

Step 5- Staining and Finishing the Wood Bunny

You don’t have to sand the bunny before staining it, we will sand the edges after it’s stained.  Give the bunny one coat of dark walnut or chocolate stain using a foam brush and wipe it off with a rag.  Let dry, and do the other side. 

Staining a wooden rabbit shape with a foam brush.

To finish the bunny I used sandpaper and hand sanded the rough outside edges of the bunny smooth.  Then continued sanding all the edges to add a little white outline around the entire edge of the bunny. You can see the edge in the image of the bunny’s face.

Adding the Sweet Bunny Face and Bunny Ears

Draw a triangle of wood about an inch wide.  Paint it a soft pink and let it dry.  It took three layers of pink craft paint to make the nose pink enough. 

A close up of a wooden bunny face showing eyes painted with a black sharpie, a pink painted triangular nose made of wood, and thin black wire whiskers.

Using fine black wire from the dollar tree I cut two of them in half into 8-inch pieces and then wired them together in the middle,  I tried stapling them but it broke the wood, so it was better to glue the center of the wire with a little bit of hot glue to the nose.  Let the hot glue cool, and then glue the whiskers to the bunny’s face.

To make the ears I drew a shape of the inside of the bunny ears in pencil, tweaked it in, and then filed it in using a mixture of pink and white paint.  The eyes are just two long thing oblong shapes drawn in with a black Sharpie pen. 

A pretty graphic with the pretty diy home logo in it.

Note: If you need more information I suggest watching the video tutorial, located at the end of the post. It shows all the details.

Decorating the Easter Bunny

There are various ways to decorate the wooden Easter Bunny DIY, I considered making an Easter sign out of a piece of wood or adding bunny feet.  Instead, I opted for some long thing triangles painted orange to resemble carrots and decorated with some untwisted dollar tree rope for carrot tops.  I also found some adorable Easter eggs at the Dollar Tree including a large one that says welcome.  My first plan was to add them to the large fern plan instead.  

A homemade wooden bunny DIY in chocolate brown with a pink bow, sitting beside a large planted fern with Easter eggs and a jar of tulips.

The final touch was a large bow, tied around the bunny and two pieces folded and then hot glued into place to stay where they needed to.

The latest on Youtube:

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

A closeup of an easy to create face on a wooden Easter bunny.

Other Easter Bunny DIY Ideas

Easter bunnies are my favorite part of Spring decor, I love them whether they are vintage inspired, wood, or purchased and snuggled into a Spring display.

Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Craft

You can make these jumping Easter Bunny Topiaries using Dollar Store supplies. They work very well for adding height to arrangements for Spring.

Vintage Bunny Art on a Budget

If you have a Cricut I designed a way to use the drawing function to create this vintage rabbit on fabric. Then you can mount the fabric to any background you like.

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