Buffalo Check Chalkboard Picture Frame DIY

Large DIY Chalkboard With Buffalo Check Trim Decor Backdrop

I am acutely aware that its early to talk Christmas decor, especially with all the other holiday seasons happening.  But if your anything like me and try to have fab holiday decor for cheap I am starting to work on some stuff like this large diy chalkboard as a backdrop for my Christmas decor.  This large framed DIY chalkboard with buffalo check trim is the first backdrop piece I am making this year.  Its not decorated for Christmas yet, but with just a plain wreath, but I made it with the upcoming Christmas season in mind.

If your a black and white buffalo check obsessed like I am, plain black chalkboards are a perfect backdrop for Christmas decor.  I found this 36 by 48 inch artwork at a garage sale for $10,  I made sure to tell the lady selling it I was turning it into a chalkboard.  She said she had no attachment to the artwork so off I went, comfortable I was ruining anything. Isn’t the frame gorgeous, I couldn’t grab it fast enough.

A large framed piece of artwork before being upcycled into a large chalkboard

The frame comes with three sections, the outer frame, a inner frame covered with some glued on vinyl something or other, and the canvas.  The two part outer frame is the best part, so I am willing to live with the slightly rough surface of the oil painted canvas.

Large DIY Chalkboard Upcycle Tutorial

You will need a large frame, buffalo check ribbon, mod podge, chalkboard paint, white paint, and 150 grit sandpaper.

I scrubbed everything down with a scrub brush and let it dry overnight.

I then carefully dismantled the outermost section of the frame saving the large nails that held the frame together.

The white outside frame received 3 coats of latex house paint sanding lightly between layers.

The chalkboard portions has three coat of black chalkboard paint as well letting it dry between layers, but I did not sand it.

Painted chalkboard and white frame from an old piece of art.

Adding the Buffalo Check

I first thought of using paint to make the buffalo check, but noticed the border on the original frame was a glued on strip.  I thought that was pretty smart so instead of painting the edging I simply glued on some buffalo check ribbon.  The ribbon works perfectly as it comes in a long strip and has finished edges.

The glue residue on this frame is quite thick,  but a little sandpaper and five minutes took care of it.

To add the buffalo check use two layers of mod podge.

Starting on one long side apply mod podge, run the ribbon along the  frame.  Cut the ribbon an inch past the end of the frame.  Adjust the edge of the ribbon so its straight. Apply a second coat of mod podge. and fold the outer edge of the ribbon along the outside of the frame.

Do the same thing with the next strip but this time you will do the short side and will need to create a corner.  In the next photo I show where I am working the inner edge of the ribbon as straight as I can, and folding the outer edge around the outside of the frame.

Adding buffalo check ribbon to a DIY chalkboard idea.

To place the ribbon I made sure the pattern matched at the corner, and folded the upper ribbon using the mod podge to hold it together and creasing it with my fingers.    Trim the lower ribbon so that its just a bit shorter than the outside edge of the other ribbon.

Do one corner, then place the next long piece and fold the second corner on the other end of the short side.   Doing it this way keeps the short side having the upper layer on each corner.

Attaching the ribbon took about 15 minutes and was much easier than painting.  Let it dry thoroughly before continuing.  I left mine overnight.

Putting the Frame Together

This frame has large nails that held the frame together  that I saved while taking it apart.  In order to put the frame back together, I began by puncturing the ribbon with the nails, so that it held the ribbon first.

wrapping ribbon so that it fits into a old picture frame for adding buffalo check

Once the ribbon is on all the nails, fold the ribbon around the corners so that it is neat and overlapping.  Then reinsert, the inner frame into the outer frame.  Before actually hammering the nails  confirm everything looks good from the front.

How to add buffalo check ribbon to a diy chalkboard

The picture was hanging in landscape so I moved the hangers so I could hang the frame in portrait.

Example as a Farmhouse Backdrop

My entryway has this lovely small wall that I really enjoy decorating for each season.  I just hung a simple wreath with large cotton ribbon on the wall.

A wreath hanging on the wall before it has a backdrop

Here is the same wreath in the same spot.  Its suspended from the back of the backdrop with fishing line so as not to damage the chalkboard.

a large diy chalkboard with buffalo check trim, with a simple wreath.

It gives the wreath a much more substantial look.  I like it both ways actually, but it sure does look different don’t you think so too?

A DIY large chalkboard, a DIY farmhouse chalkboard with buffalo check.

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  1. I love this, Leanna! The buffalo check looks awesome on this piece, and the wreath is perfect. Thanks for sharing it at Tuesday Turn About!

  2. Julie Briones says:

    You are the queen of buffalo check, aren’t you?! Love seeing your new creations each week!

  3. This is really unique. I like how you took the Buffalo Check fabric and wrapped it around the frame. It really looks good.

  4. I so love how you added a fabric buffalo check border on your DIY chalkboard, Leanna. Wow, it really adds the wow factor to your boxwood wreath!

  5. I love this Leanna! What an awesome way to repurpose a frame! And the black and white check is so pretty!

  6. Oh my Leanna, I really like the way you’ve used the buffalo check pattern as a subtle border around the chalkboard. It takes it to a whole new, classy level

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