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Christmas Porch at Night – 12 Days of Christmas

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Usually, Hubs is the one who decorates the outside of the house for Christmas but he had two small knee surgeries and needs to chillax with his feet up.   So this year I took over what is traditionally his domain.  His one and an only colour choice is blue, so all our supplies are blue but and I added some white to give us more a winter snow theme.  Our home builder installed some small white lights on our home so I didn’t have to worry about the upper peaks.

DIY Plywood Outdoor Snowmen

When I was a little girl the best outdoor decorations were large plywood pieces people made themselves, but we were not able to have our own.   We would drive around oohing and awing at the pretty yards and  I treasure those memories.  As a homeowner,  I always have at least one DIY large plywood centerpiece on our front yard.

My idea for this year was to create a winter wonderland entrance for our granddaughters to wander through on their way to the front door.  With that idea in mind, I hauled this DIY snowman I painted several years ago.

A front yard with DIY diy wooden outdoor christmas decorations. A large snowman front yard sign, or DIY snowman yard decorations, with front porch Christmas lights shining on it.snowman yard decorations Snowman exterior Christmas decorating ideas for the front yard.


You can’t tell by the picture but the snowman sparkles a lot because he has layers and layers of iridescent sparkles glued on him.  There are two large blue floodlights shining on him to give him a sparkly cold glow.

Besides the large centerpiece I grabbed our little snowman greeter he is several years old, I found him at a craft fair.

A handmade DIY wooden outdoor Christmas decorations. A large DIY snowman yard decorating for the Christmas porch, it is surrounded by little white front porch Christmas lights on little white trees. Snowman themed Christmas decorating ideas for outside. A Christmas front porch decorated in snowman themed DIY Christmas decorations

Besides the snowmen,  I added four decorative prelight birch trees.  Most years we already have a couple feet of snow but this year we are lucky and only have a few inches.  To cover the cords of the faux trees I wrapped the bottom of the tree with old white sheets and then shoveled on a little bit of real snow.

Front Door Christmas Wreath

A homemade snowman DIY Christmas Wreath, A snowball themed Christmas wreath for the front door.

The front door is decorated with a  DIY snowball wreath.    It seems very strange to have all these snow related decorations and almost no real snow, yet.

The Christmas Porch at Night

Here is the greeter snowman at night, even his little snowflake heart is blue from the cold.

Homemade DIY wooden outdoor Christmas decorations at night. A DIY snowman yard decoration made from wood as an exterior Christmas decorating idea. The little snowman is lit up with pretty blue and white front porch Christmas lights.

And the Christmas porch with the birch trees on both sides.

Front porch Christmas lights in blue and white, with blue Christmas light strings around the door and bright white Christmas trees. There is a litttle DIY snowman yard decorations flanking a Christmas door decorated with a DIY snowman wreath.


As I was doing the lights I stuffed the light into spaces in the siding and used plastic strapping to attach them to the railing.  My son was a sweetheart and helped me deal with all the extension cords.

Here is the view from the front door.  You can see the little blue lights on our real tree in the distance.  Its beginning to look a lot like a Winter wonderland around here, all we need is a little more snow that is sure to arrive.


gExterior christmas decorating idea lighting up a Christmas porch with all kinds of pretty Christmas trees with white sparkly branches.


The girls haven’t seen it yet, I hope they find it magical.   Only two more weeks.


Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas –  Christmas Porch

Wow, we are almost done the series,  I hope you have enjoyed it.   I really enjoyed doing this blog hop as everything in it is achievable on a regular budget.    Today’s topic is Christmas Porch,  to take advantage of the pretty lights I am sharing pictures of our post at night.

DIY Christmas porch decorations at night with blue and white lights and a wooden snowman.

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  1. Those white trees look awesome. My neighbors put tons of them around their backyard, I get to enjoy them out my back windows too. They are magical.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      That must be so very pretty Emily. I wanted them forever finally purchasing them when Hubs was away. Now he loves them as well. Hopefully next year I can get more of them. They were great on the front porch as they are bright and light up the entrance path.

  2. It looks so magical. I wish I had your enthusiasm to get all of those lights up. You did an amazing job and it looks fantastic!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you very much, Michelle. Thankfully I was blessed with mild weather so I only had to sneak in a couple of times to warm up. It wasn’t nearly as challenging as it could have been.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      You constantly uplift my days Debra. Thank you for your kind comment, it means a lot.

  3. I love the winter wonderland! It’s perfect & very festive

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you, Jenny. I am working to embrace the Winter weather this year and am very thankful that so far it has been an incredibly mild Canadian winter.

  4. It looks like a Winter wonderland Leanna, I’m sure your grand daughters are going to love what you did.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Michelle. My neighbours this year have put up so many lights I am quite excited for the girls to arrive and see them all. I cannot imagine a Christmas more different than yours and mine must be.

  5. Your decor is magical and I’m sure your girls will think so too! I remember the homemade decor too and my favorite was always a Pie Pan Christmas tree. The lights are so vibrant in those pie pans.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Shirley, I remember those pie pan lights too now that you mention them. The lights looked so much bigger with them. My little ones are so excited when they arrive it just makes me so happy.

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