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White Shimmery Christmas Tree Decor

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Choosing Our  Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are the most established decor tradition that I know of.  We all love them.  There is nothing as festive as a fresh green Christmas tree, even before we start decorating them.   Most years I decorate three trees, this one is my personal favorite and sits in the family room beside the kitchen to bring joy and sparkle to my days. Since I left home I have always had a white Christmas tree, it just looks so joyous to me.

Christmas tree decorated in white decor for the Christmas holidays. Bright and sparkly Christmas decor ideas.

When planning this post I had to think about how I wanted to go about describing our tree, top to bottom, vice versa:  I think I will just talk about our tree in the same order as we decorate it.

Unfortunately, our tree is artificial, I have three artificial trees and love that they last as long as I like, but they aren’t nearly as nice as their living counterparts.  As I start decorating very early it makes faux trees a necessity.

Adding Christmas Tree Lights

Once the tree is up we start by adding the lights.  We have a pre-lit Christmas tree but always add at least 700 more.  It is especially important to use lots of light on a white and iridescent tree as you need the lights to make the ornaments sparkle.


Christmas tree decorations ideas using all white Christmas decorations. Simple elegance from white Christmas decorations and crystal Christmas tree decorations. ,  tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items

We weave our lights in through each branch weaving them between the smaller branches of each limb.  We go through every limb and branch from top to bottom.

My son put the lights on this year (thank goodness). My family is welcome to participate but rarely do anymore.  No problem I like decorating the trees, I pour a glass of wine and enjoy puttering at it.

This tree has only one type of ribbon, I cut the wired ribbon into about six-foot lengths and then roll it to make it curl before hanging it on the tree.   Although not necessary it is okay to cut the wired ribbon,   you can still use it next year.

When hanging ribbon always starts by anchoring your ribbon to the last little branch beside the trunk.  By anchoring your ribbon deep inside the tree it will keep your ribbon from looking like its precariously floating on the outside of your tree.

Adding Large Ornaments to Tree Interior

After the ribbon, I place large Christmas ball ornaments inside my tree.    This helps reflect the light out of the tree and gives my tree depth.  They are subtly hidden inside the tree but they make a big difference.

Christmas tree decorations ideas. How to hang long ornaments on a tree. This one is a long crystal tree ornament. tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


Sentimental Keepsake Ornaments

Next, I place my really sentimental ornaments.  This one came from my sons when we were so poor.  We use to go to Van Horlick’s gift shop and browse and swoon before going for coffee and hot chocolates.  The 3 boys were about 8  to 12 years old and saved up and bought this for me.  It takes me back to those days whenever I look at it, which is often.

Christmas tree decorations ideas. How to decorate an elegant Christmas tree in all white Christmas decorations. ,  tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


The next year I got this one.  This ornament is  25  years old now and has a couple broken bells and I love it.  Every time the boys see my white tree they always ask if I still hang those ornaments.  Of course, I do.

Christmas tree decorating ideas a large heritage Christmas tree ornament and DIY white flocked branches. ,  tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


Our Christmas trees always have birds on them, it does not matter the theme.   Growing up my Mom had these two little birds that I thought were the most glamour things.  I was allowed to clip them to the tree and our family friend Dan would hoist me up high so I could pin them up next to the star.  This bird is likely 75 years old now and always sits right at the top of my tree.  It’s not white and I don’t care.  I have had this bird my whole life.

Christmas tree decorations ideas. An antique bird ornament is included as it is an heirloom,   tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


This treetop angel has a very personal story attached to it.  She is and always will be my tree top.  I have larger and prettier angels in my collection, but this little angel is always on top of my tree.   With Christmas tradition is always acceptable.


Christmas tree decorations ideas. A vintage white angel is added to a Christmas tree as it is a family tradition. ,  tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


After the sentimental ornaments are hung I place all the sparkly ornaments.  I am drawn to long sparkly ornaments and I especially love glass icicles.  They are the only new ornament I purchased for my tree this year.    I hope to add more.

Christmas tree decorating ideas An all white Christmas tree that is elegant and sparkly with lots of crystal ornaments. ,  tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


Over the years I have had all kinds of different DIY tree skirts,  five years ago I saw this sparkly one in Pier One and not even looking at the price tag I bought it.  It truly looked like a glistening cloud on the shelf and I just knew it was a perfect addition.

lChristmas tree decorations ideas. Adding decorations to the bottom of tree instead of gifts.   tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items

The little teddy bears sit under my tree as the gifts go under the larger tree upstairs.

Christmas Tree at Night

Like all  Christmas trees, ours is prettier at night.


Christmas tree decorating ideas. A white Christmas tree becomes extra bright in the evening with Christmas lights. ,  tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


At night is when you can really see how much the little icicles add to the tree.


Christmas tree decorations ideas Adding crystal icicles to a tree adds bling for very little cost. ,  tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


I did the best I could on this last Christmas tree picture.  I hope you get some sense of the glow and glisten.


Christmas tree decorating ideas with lots of white lights, white decorations, crystal decorations and white ribbon.   tree decorating ideas,Christmas tree decorations items


You may be interested in seeing how the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of a Calm and Bright Christmas theme.  Its a front and center part of my Christmas Home tour post.


12 Days of Christmas – Final Day Christmas Trees

What else could be more fitting for a final post than the iconic Christmas Tree.    I want to thank Shirley from Intelligent Domestications for putting together the 12 Days of Christmas and for allowing me to participate.  Its been a busy 12 Days and I am still excited about it.    From now to Christmas you will see some of the other bloggers posts on my social media, so much to inspire.



A Christmas tree decorated in All White Christmas decorating.

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  1. You’re so right about the lights, the more lights the better! I made mine into garland this year, but might pick up some more strands during the clearance sales this year to add more to it next year.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Emily. It is the 27th and very very cold. I want to go check out some clearance sales as well, but the weather has me cocooned inside with a fur throw. Snug as a bug lol. Good luck with your shopping.

  2. Such a stunning tree Leanna! Love all of your decorations and the way the light catches all of your ornaments.

  3. So sweet. I love an all white tree. Where do you find the time to do everything. So much prettiness every week. Thanks for sharing at our link party!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Stephanie. Time is so valuable and I never seem to have enough of it. You made me smile with your kind comment. Hugs Lea.

  4. Beautiful shimmery tree. You have so many snowy white elements on your tree that it almost looks flocked –love it!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Lisa. I have a soft spot for white iridescent ornaments, I love collecting them.

  5. It’s beautiful, Leanna! Great tree decorating tips in here – like adding extra lights to the prelit tree. Also tieing the ribbon to a branch near the trunk – I’ve always started at the very top branch which doesn’t always look so nice. I remember the story you shared last year with your angel.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you for remembering my Angel story. I was tempted to include the link but chose not to as the story is personal. Let me know if you try tying the ribbon to the back branch and what you think of it if you do.

  6. Very pretty! Definitely a beautiful tree with the all white ornaments, lights and decorations. Great tips on how to ‘dress’ a tree!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Lauren. It’s funny how you learn these little tidbits as you go along decorating.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Jenny. That angel is very special to me. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without her. Thank you for commenting.

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