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DIY Christmas Wreath with Snowball Pom Poms

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A Fun Christmas Snowball Wreath Craft

Are you getting as excited about the holidays as I am?  Everything here is  decorated I just putting the finishing touches on the sparkly stuff and starting to think about the menu.  Decorating and seeing all the creativity came alive really puts me in the holiday mood. Today I am excited to share an adorable DIY Christmas wreath made with lots of bright fluffy pom poms to create a gorgeously full Snowball wreath for the front door.

A free printable banner for a wreath that says Free Snowballs, with two cartoon polar bears on a snowball wreath made of woolen pom poms.

Free Snowball Wreath Printable

This wreath started as a snowball pillow for my grand daughter’s room.  I had it all made and on the bed and the pom poms were staying together very well, but the wool itself was really shedding onto the fur comforter.  The wool is so soft it’s like a cloud but I didn’t like it on the bed, imagine the littles trying to sleep with all that loose fluff, not happening. I had to use all those gorgeous fluffy fun pom poms so I switched ideas and made this snowball wreath instead. I love it.

Easy Christmas Pom Pom Craft for adults and kids. A white and fluffy wool pom pom Christmas wreath hanging on a Christmas front door.

Making the Pom Poms A Fun Craft to do with Children

This is a large impressive 18 inch wreath, as that’s the size of my leftover wreath form. This large wreath used 50 large pom poms Of course if your wreath is smaller you will need less poms, but whatever size you choose to make, load it up with oodles of soft poms. So cute.

If you have children at home they will enjoy making the Pom Poms, my granddaughters who are 6 and 8 love making pom poms as a craft when they come and visit. Otherwise book a Hallmark movie night and start creating.

Using the Clover Pom Pom Maker

As I was making lots of poms I did some research online and finally chose the Clover brand pom pom maker as it had really good reviews.  The two makers were $13 in Canada at Michaels and I got them 50% off with a coupon.  So worth the cost. I am not being paid for my opinion at all and I have to say I love it.  It’s fast and easy to use.  It took me 7 minutes to make a large pom pom and because of the design of the maker, the cut threads are similar in length.

How to make pom poms for a pretty and fun Christmas craft. They will be used on a Snowball Wreath Christmas Craft.

Here is a complete tutorial video from Red Tea Art    it shows you how to use the pom pom if you need full instructions.

Basically, open the pom pom maker. Keeping both sides together.

How to make Poms Poms and add them to a DIY Christmas wreath to make a Snowball themed wreath for the Front Door.

Wrap the wool around the blue parts of the maker until it is full of wool. Concentrate on wrapping the wool around the maker in a straight line.  Don’t worry if the wool isn’t perfectly straight,  a slant is no big deal you can always trim your pom pom when done.

Once you have both sides full of wool, close the pom pom maker and snip it in the middle.  Cut the wool with scissors where I have the blue arrow. o

Step by step tutorial on making pom poms for a DIY Christmas Wreath. The poms poms turn into snowballs for a DIY snowball wreath for the front door.

Do not use wool to tie your pom pom together, use dental floss.  It is much thinner and stronger than wool or string, so you can pull it really right and you will end up with a much more secure pom pom.   Wrap the dental floss around the pom pom maker where you just cut the wool.  Pull the floss as tight as you can and add knot firmly

Pull the two sides of your pom pom maker apart to release the pom pom.  Place them back together and start on the next one.

A fluffy white snowball wreath for a Christmas front door wreath.

Assembling the Snowball Wreath

Once you got the pom poms made the assembly is simple. Using a little matching wool sew the pom pom to the wreath form.

The wreath frame for a DIY Christmas Wreath. The wreath frame is going to be sewn with dozens of hand made pom poms to become a snowball Christmas wreath.

First row –  Tie the end of the wool to the wreath form with a knot.  Cut four or five feet of wool off and thread the other end onto the large needle.  Place your pom poms on the top of the wreath.  Sew each one through the middle of the pom pom.  When you pinch your pom pom you will be able to feel where the center is with the ties dental floss, pass the needle through that loop.

Pass the needle through the frame and then continue with the next pom pom all the way around.   Cut the wool and tie the end to the wreath form.

Second row – Starting with a new piece of yarn attach another row of pom poms on the inside of the wreath form.

Third row = The last row is placed on top of the first row of pom poms.  This time attach the pom poms and run the thread through both layers of the pom poms to the form.   Continue to the next pom pom.

Final Finishing

You may find that you pom poms flop around a bit.  To fix this sew one pom pom to it’s neighbour, making sure to pull the wool through the center of the pom pom.  Do this along each row.

Print out the Free Snowballs Printable  on to card stock. Hole punch the two top corners and tie them to the wreath form with some wool.  My wreath has a plastic dollar store snowflake snuggled into the snowball wreathd

Large white pom pom craft for Christmas. A large DIY Christmas snowball wreath hanging on a front door.


Day Nine of the 12 Days of Christmas –   DIY Christmas Wreaths

Today’s 12 Days of Christmas challenge is about Christmas wreaths.  Wreaths are such a tradition for Christmas, my Mom was very practical and not into decor very much, but she always insisted on having a beautiful wreath for Christmas.   I don’t remember ever hanging a wreath on the front door for Christmas but am happy to be finally joining in on the tradition.


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