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It’s All about Yellow DIY Easter Centerpiece

DIY Candy Vase DIY Easter Centerpiece

As Spring arrives so late in Canada, supplies weren’t available and now were all home.  Were all so thankful for craft stashes, and the week this is over, I am ditching Canada for Montana and a trip to Hobby Lobby.  Hopefully you have the supplies to make this super simple all yellow DIY Easter centerpiece.

In spite of being created with simple supplies, the all yellow colour adds a pretty colour hue to the entrance.  So strange how something so simple can make such big impression on a space.  

A DIY Easter Centerpiece with handmade Candy Vase using Dollar store flowers

To make this candy vase flower arrangement you will need the following supplies.

A large vase, and a small vase, jar, or glass that fits inside.

A collection of Spring flowers

Assortment of Easter Candies

Transparent tape

Selecting and Preparing the Vase

Select a large clear vase  you like, then start hunting for a second vase to place inside.  Make sure the height of the inside vase is as tall, or almost as tall as the outside vase.  The dollar store vase I wanted to use was too short,  after some digging around I chose a simple tall water glass.  

Having the two vases allows you to use much less candy, but I would not recommend using fresh flowers.

An DIY Easter Centerpiece with a candy filled vase.

Using transparent tape make a criss cross pattern on the top of the vase.  Once done wrap another piece of tape around the top of the glass to hold everything in place.

Place the small vase inside of the large vase.

Filling the Vase

You can use whatever Easter candies you have on hand.  I used marshmallow Easter bunnies which I love because they were all yellow.  You can use any candies you like jelly beans for example.  

As the bunnies are large I had to place them individually, if you have smaller candies just pour them into the space between the two vases.

Placing Candy between two vases for an Easter centerpiece or DIY flower arrangement.

Adding the Flowers

My flowers are all dollar store faux forsythia branches, that I trimmed to 16 inches using a wire cutter.  Place a flower in every section created by the tape.  The tape acts like a flower frog to hold the flowers in place and spread them evenly.  Fluff them to satisfied. 

A DIY dollar store Easter centerpiece using candy for a vase

Once the flowers are in, pull off some petals and cover up the tape showing at the top of the vase.

Covering transparent tape used for holding flowers with blossoms.

Because of the way the two vases fit together and the large size of the bunny candy, I was unable to fill the bottom of my vase.  To lesson the gap I added a simply tied ribbon at the bottom.   The bright yellow ribbon also helped to carry the right yellow to the bottom of the vase and balance out the strong yellow of the forsythia branches.

Cut 24″ of ribbon, tie it around your vase into a standard bow.  To make fish tail ends of the ribbon, fold the ribbon in half.  Cut the ribbon at a downwards angle from the center fold to the outside of the ribbon.

My first choice was to try and make something with this beautiful tall vase.  My idea was to fill it with the cardboard from Christmas wrap, but the tube wasn’t large enough for the flowers.  Sigh….

Hopefully I Hubs can snag me some fresh flowers when he makes our next must have grocery run.  I hope this related post gives you some other ideas.

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If you have some washi tape kicking around and a plain clear glass vase, like this one I bought from IKEA, make this adorable Bunny Faced Vase.

How to make an Easter bunny vase using a plain IKEA vase and washi tape.

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