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Being organized is always a good thing. Our kitchen cupboards were somewhat organized, I had everything in jars, or plastic containers but the labels were chalkboard, and green painters tape I had on hand. Chalkboard labels worked for awhile, but the chalk rubs off, and lets face it the green painters tape meant I was glad to have cupboard doors.

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Welcome back to Waste Not Wednesday! For those who have been following along for a while, you’ll know Waste Not Wednesday as a linky party. But Leanna and I have decided to change things up a bit. Each Wednesday we will be bringing you fun projects not only from us but some of our favourite bloggers. This week’s theme is label organization!

I had been wanting to create some pretty labels and tackle the pantry and when Sam agreed to do a post about labels it was just the nudge I needed to quit procrastinating.

Declaring today as the day, I hauled out my old Silhouette Cameo 2 cutting machine, spent several hours fiddling with different fonts, vinyls and cut settings and created these DIY Pantry Labels svg files. It took some fiddling but once the settings were tweaked the cutting and weeding worked for me on all the cuts I finished. Let me show you how.

Two glass jars with DIY white vinyl script font farmhouse style labels. There are also two bins with vinyl category labels for the pantry.

DIY Pantry Labels Supplies

651 Orocal Gloss Vinyl

Cricut Regular Transfer Tape

Green Painters Tape

Silhouette Weeding Tool


Baking Labels Cut Files

Opening the Cutting File

There are two types of files, one for glass jars, and larger pantry category labels for plastic bins. The glass jar labels have a flower in the corner, and the bin labels are a little bit larger. Here are the links to all the different Pantry Label SVG files.

Pantry Baking Labels 1 includes: Apricots, Icing Sugar, Brown Sugar, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chips, Coconut, Currants, Cranberries, Walnuts, Raisins, Pecans and Graham Crumbs.

Pantry Baking Labels 2 includes: Cocoa, Unsweet Choc, Semi Choc, Bran, Almonds, Sugar, Flour, Caster Sugar, Self Rising Flour, Large Oatmeal

Pantry Cooking Labels 1 includes: Basmati, Rice, Sweetener, Risotto, Coconut Flour, Steel Cut Oats, Granola, Popcorn, Couscous, Almond Flour

Larger Pantry Bin Labels 1 includes: Sugar, Flour, Pasta, Salad, Dog Treats, Soup, Baking Mixes, Condiments, Crackers, Snacks.

Larger Pantry Labels 2 includes Cooking Mixes, Coffee & Tea, Soup, Cookies, Snacks, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Drinks, Salads

Cutting the Vinyl

They are designed to cut out on the typical 12 by 12 mat with vinyl.

The font used is Dahlia script, and the size is 60 the larger bin labels are in size 72. I have already fixed and welded the text and grouped each word with the flower. The larger bin labels don’t have a flower.

I have included various words for you, just pull any wording you don’t want on to the side off the 12 by 12 work surface in Silhouette studio.

Tape the very edge of the vinyl to the mat on both sides with green painters tape. This helps the rollers on the cutting machine roll evenly to avoid twisting the vinyl and ruining your cutting.

A Silhouette cutting mat with white vinyl showing how the edges are taped down with green tape to make the rollers hold in place while cutting.

I spent an entire day fiddling with different fonts, vinyls, and settings and finally came up with the following settings that worked 100% of the time on my Silhouette 2, using glossy 651 vinyl

Set the send cutting settings to: Needle 1 . Speed 5. Force 8. Pass 1. Then cut the file.

Some Tips for Weeding the Vinyl

Small labels using script fonts are difficult to weed. While weeding these labels I found some hacks that helped make it easy.

Trim the individual words out from the 12 by 12 with scissors before starting to weed.

Use the weeding tool to hold down narrow portions of lettering while gently pulling the vinyl away. before weeding. If the 12 by 12 before weeding. Hold the piece your working on in your hand and start by weeding off the bottom portion first. For whatever reason it makes that portion easier to remove. As you remove the vinyl snip off excess pieces of the vinyl.

A DIY pantry label that has been cutand it having the outside vinyl weeded out to show the wording.

The cuts can be difficult to see on the white glossy vinyl. Place the vinyl in the light so you can see the outline on the reflection. Once the bottom vinyl is weeded out, its much easier to see the remaining portion and the lettering.

The letter o has two holes in to weed out, for the inside weeding I used the Silhouette weeding tool to hook the centers out. But I found it very handy to have tweezer handy when little bits readhered themselves to the vinyl.

Using the Transfer Tape

I do not like Cricut vinyl, but I do like Cricut transfer tape. Just make sure to buy the regular transfer tape, instead of the strong, and avoid the extra trip to the craft store like I had. The Cricut transfer tape does a great job of adhering to the lettering while being easy to remove from the glass.

Once the word is weeded, remove the backing from the transfer tape and attach to the front of the lettering. If you have a hard time detaching the backing from the transfer tape. Hook it with the silhouette tool and pull it away.

Removing the backing from cricut transfer tape using a silhouette weeding tool.

Press along the letters to help it adhere. I found pulling along the width of the wording make the tape come off easily.

Removing backing from vinyl cut text on transfer tape.

Attaching the Vinyl to the Jar

Place the label where you want it on the jar.

A DIY pantry label made with white vinyl that says Raisins with a small flower on the end.  It is on a clear glass jar showing placement and still has transfer tape on top of it.

Pull off the corner of the transfer tape and pull it across the lettering. Be careful when you first reach the start of the lettering, if it lifts use the weeding tool to hold the vinyl to the glass. This is where I really loved the Cricut transfer tape, it worked exactly like I wanted it to without any struggles at all..

Raggedy Bits – Organise & Label Moulds, Decor Stamps & Stencils

Four 12 by 12 size plastic craft containers with DIY craft labels to organize molds, stencil and supplies.

How to Organise & Label Moulds, Decor Stamps & Stencils

Other Really Nice DIY Pantry Labels

I know not everyone owns or wants to use a cutting machine, so I spent some time curating some really gorgeous DIY Pantry Label ideas for you. I know you will find something here to inspire you, so many pretty ideas and methods.

This post from Lia Griffith shares two different kinds of farmhouse label printables, these pretty vintage brown labels and chalkboard labels.

A set of kitchen jars with lids filled with baking supplies like pecan and flour. There are nice farmhouse styled labels on front in cream with white lettering.

Printable Farmhouse Pantry Labels in Two Styles | Lia Griffith

Jill fro, One Good Thing got tired of cupboard full of bright garish and cluttering food packaging, and decided to make these simple labels with beautiful jars. I love the vintage look of her jars, with the clean simple lettering of her labels that allows the pretty jars to shine.

Four large pantry jars with DIY printable labels.

How to Make Your Own Custom Print Labels | One Good Thing by Jilliee

These simple printable DIY pantry labels from Making Lemonade Blog are great as you likely have everything you need on hand.

Free printable pantry labels in white with black lettering. The printed pantry labels are on the counter with a placemat, jars, and a tea towel.

Printable Pantry Label to Organize Your Kitchen | Making Lemonade Blog

Three IKEA jars in different sizes sitting on a counter with a light cutting board, and lemons. The jars have white modern farmhouse style DIY baking pantry labels that say chocolate chips, raisins, and unsweetened chocolate.


  1. I have an apothecary and need something wonderful to label my jars and drawers, I am seriously going to look into these ideas as they would fit in with my aesthetic.

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