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Smores Dessert Recipes for at Home

No smoke, no ants, but lots of Smore flavours. This collection of Smores dessert recipes was super fun to put together. I am amazed at all the creativity and different ways these brilliant bakers came up with for the Smore recipes to make at home and no campfire needed.

A collage of S'more recipes with chocolate, marshmallow and graham squares. There are cakes, dips, cookies and cupcakes

S’more are great around the campfire, but rather messy and for us glampers we can always make one or two of these S’more desserts ahead of time, and pop them in the camper before we leave home.

Delicious, impressive to serve and easy to make. That’s the perfect recipe for a busy weekend. This simple S’mores Poke Case starts with a box mix, and it looks wonderful.

S’mores Poke Cake | Butter with a Side of Bread

One of those amazing and simple recipes that makes you wonder “why didn’t I think of that?” Marshmallows popcorn balls with chocolate chips and graham cereal. This recipe is easy enough to make while camping, but you don’t need to wait until you do.`

A large S'more popcorn ball made with marshmallows, graham square cereal, and chocolate chips. There is one large popcorn ball in the front, with three more popcorn balls in the background.

S’more Popcorn Balls | I Heart Eating

Starting with a graham crack bottom, layer of fudgy brownie then covered with marshmallows and chocolate chips. A delicious upgrade to regular brownies.

A tray of S'mores brownies with a coating of toasted marshmallow and chocolate chips.

S’mores Brownies Recipe | Passion for Savings

Can you imagine how excited kids would be to have this casual looking S’mores cake sitting on the counter waiting for them to come home from playing. Yummy.


A square cake pan full of S'more poke cake with chocolate, marshmallows and honey graham cereal on top.

S’Mores Poke Cake | Mirthmade

A velvety smooth and thic cheesecake with hot fudge sauce and toasted marshmallows. A show stopping dessert made for her sister’s visit.

A whole S'more cheesecake with a slice cut out showing the layers including toasted marshmallows, chocolate ganache drizzling down, a thick layer of cheesecake amd cookie crumb crust.

S’mores Cheesecake Recipe | Will Cook for Smiles

These scrumptious gorgeous S’More cookies are made with chocolate chip cookie dough, dipped in milk chocolate and then graham cracker crumbs.

A whole tray of gorgeous S'more cookies, dipped in chocolate , then marshmallows which are toasted golden brown.

Easy S’mores Cookies | The Cookie Rookie

Make this Chocolate S’mores Pudding Cake, a gorgeous poke cake recipe. I think the way the chocolate pudding blends with the cake layer makes this cake look much fancier than it is to make.

A large centered piece of chocolate Smores pudding cake with layers of graham crust, chocolate putddimg, melted marshmallows and crunchy bits of graham cookies, mini marshmallows and chocolate bits.

Chocolate S’Mores Pudding Cake | Inside Bru Crew Life

Candy bar shaped homemade S'mores squares recipe. Four squares with a marshmallow center topped with a thick layer of chocolate and sprinkled with graham crumbs.

No Bake S’Mores Bars |Garden in the Kitchen

Can you believe I have never made a skillet cookie? I grew up with them and swore I would never own one. After seeing this recipe from Beth Cakes I have some shopping to do. I love this picture showing all the delicious layers.

A large caste iron pan sitting on a counter filled with S'more skillet cookie. The large cookie has a slice out of the middle so you can see the layers, and it is edged with toasted mini marshmallows.

S’mores Skillet Cookie | Beth Cakes

Graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, frozen on a stick and covered with chocolate. Everything served on a stick makes a simple recipe Fun. This recipe is something fun to bake with kids, they would have so much fun decorated these.

A tray of chocolate covered S'more pops on popsicle sticks, Each S'mores pop is decorated differently some with marshmallow and graham crumbs, another has white chocolate drizzle and others have sprinkles.

S’more Pops | Like Mother Like Daughter

These cute Hershey S’more cupcakes remind me of Ding Dongs I had occasionally as a child. That marshmallow center is so tempting, you just know these little gems aren’t dry.

Two large S'more cupcakes with a graham cookie crust, chocolate cake cupcake, marshmallow fluff center and dark chocolate icing.

Hershey S’more Cupcakes | OMG Chocolate Desserts

Four easy layers combine together to create this easy and delicious S’mores Pie.

A slice of S'mores pie with loads of chocolate, sittimg on a white plate with a form.

S’Mores Pie | I Heart Naptime

Cupcakes are addictive and I found these little treat really appealing. Just the right size, and I adore how they are decorated.

Smore cupcakes with a large swirl of marshmallow icing on top. Then decorated with a chocolate hershey square, a mini marshmallow, and a small graham cookie.

S’mores Cupcakes with Smoked Chocolate Ganache | This Celebrated Life

Graham crumbs, ice cream and toasted marshmallows is just one of the variations for this simple easy to make Smore in a Jar recipe.

A small jar filled with a layer of graham crumbs, chocolate,and marshmallow and then tied with a pretty brown gingham ribbon.

Smores in a Jar | Somewhat Simple

Get out the napkins, but these fun Smore Ice Cream Sandwiches are worth it on a hot day.

Three homemade ice ceam sandwiches with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Smore Ice Cream Sandwiches | Lolly Jane Blog

Get the oooey gooey goodness of smores, without baking. I am a total fan of no bake desserts in the summertime.

A frozen no bake S'mores tart recipe with a graham cracker crust, marshmallow fluff filling, chocolate, whipping cream and then topped with graham crumbs and chocolate chips.

Easy Frozen Smore Cups | Creations by Kara

Graham crust, chocolate cheesecake and marshmallows. The thick layer of very chocolately cheesecake looks extra decadent. My family would devour this dessert.

A thick slice of homemade frozen s'mores cheesecake on a white plate with a fork beside it. The cheesecake has a graham crust, thick dense layer of chocolate cheesecake filling, and toasted marshmallow topping.

Frozen S’Mores Cheesecake | I am Baker

A fun chilled S’mores Milkshake with toasted marshmallow, graham crackers and of course chocolate!

A S'mores milkshake dilled with marshmallow milkshake, the jar rim is coated with chocolare and graham crumbs. The topping is toasted marshmallows and there is a graham cookie and piece of hershey's chocolate bar on top.

S’Mores Milkshake | Celebrating Sweets

A super quick no bake Smores recipe. These are perfect for back yard play dates, or picnics at the park.

Piles of no bake smores on a wood board surrounded by 3 giant marshmallows. There is a green checkered tea towel in the background.

No Bake Smores | Hello Creative Family

A smore candy bvark made with layers of graham crackers, melted chocolate, toasted marshmallows, nuts and miniature Hershey’s chocolate bars.

A big stack of rocky road S'more bark candy.  This homemade candy recipe has a graham crust layer, melted chocolate, topped with toasted marshmallows and hershey bar chunks.

Rocky Road Smores Bark | A Pumpkin and a Princess

S’Mores cake made into a swiss roll, just a little bit fancier, doesn’t this look appetizing?

A luscious rich slice of homemade S'mores swiss chocolare spiral cake, served on its side.  The cake sirs on a whire plate, it coared wirh melted chocolare and covered wirh mini marshmallows.

S’Mores Swiss Roll Cake | Let’s Eat Cake

Two of my favorite recipe words for Summer, No Bake! Marshmallows and homemade chocolate cream swirled together into a sweet S’mores dessert dip.

A large dark blue pot filled with fluffy S'mores dessert dip with big swirs and topped with marshmallows. The blue container is surrounded by graham cracker cookies.

Fluffy S’mores Dip | Homemade Hooplah

The icing in this ultimate smores cake has marshmallows you broil in your oven, then add them to butter, icing sugar and marshmallow cream. And on top of that look at how beautiful this cake is.

A whole entire S'mores cake with chocolare cake overed with chocolate icing, then drizzled with chocolate and then covered with melted toasted marshmallows.

Ultimate Smores Cake | Cake by Courtney

This icebox cake whips up in 20 minutes. The layers are so appealing.

Thin layers of graham crumbs chocolate and marshmallow fluff are repeated for ten layers with chocolate chips on top. A beautiful side slice of the cake showcases all the layers.

S’Mores Icebox Cake | Chelsea’s Messy Kitchen

A decadent chocolate shell filled with mousse, and topped with melted marshmallow and a thick piece of hersheys. The S'mores dessert is served on a white plate and look very elegant and formal.

S’mores Mousse Cups | Wonder and Charm

This recipe has me daydreaming about a walk in the park on an amazingly hot sunny day. These S’more ice cream pops look so refreshing for Summer.

Three S'mores ice cream cups with popsicle sticks in the bottom. The S'more ice cream pops are laying on there side on a bedding of graham crumbs. Each pop is made with marshmallow ice cream, then dipped in chocolate and coated with more graham crumbs.

Smore Ice Cream Pops | Lou Lou Girls

A fancy schmansy delicious decadent S’mores tart. These little S’more tarts are just fancy enough to end a summer dinner party.

A tray of S'more tartlets with one centered inthe front.  The tartlet has a cookie crust and you cam see layers of just melted mini marshmallow kissed with little bits of graham cracker crumbs.

S’Mores Tartlet | Oh Sweet Day Blog

S’more truffles with cookie dough filling, marshmallows, crushed graham cracker and then decorated withj more mini marshmallows and crushed graham crackers. These look good enough to serve at Christmas.

A tray scattered with S'more truffles dipped in chocolate and then coveed with graham crumbs and mini marshmallows.

No Bake Smore Truffles | Delicious Table

A scrumptious take on this iconic summer dessert.

An entire S'mores cake with smooth chocolate icing on a pedestal plate.  The top of the cake is decorated with dollops of marshmallow fluff and big chunks of luscious chocolate.

3 Layer S’Mores Cake | House of Nash Eats

This is a very special looking cake that looks like a pastry chef made it. I never knew the simple S’more could look so elegant.

Little fingers of chocolate filled topped with toasted swirls of marshmallow fluff. The picture shows three servings on white plates.

S’Mores Chocolate Mousse Cake | Julie Marie Eats

Our next trip out with the travel trailer is going to be tasty and there are more than a few of these recipes to make with kids, and your favorite chocolaholic of course will love them all.

S'more cakes with toasted marshmallow topping, a tart with marshmallow filling and chocolate, and marshmallow ice cream pops on a stick. All the S'more desserts have layers including chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers.

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