Dollar Tree Wooden Houses DIY with Free Printables

One of my favorite sections of the Dollar Tree is their craft wooden supplies. I love to use the wooden supplies as a template for a larger project but these Dollar Tree wooden house are already the perfect size. Let me show you how to make some simple farmhouse signs for your bathroom using my free printables inserts its the easiest wood sign hack you can make.

Now that I made the first ones my mind is whirling with new ideas. If you don’t want to use my free printables you can create your own, or use a simple pretty cardstock for the background. Today I am sharing a tutorial for how I made two different DIY farmhouse signs for the bathroom, lets begin.

I am obsessing about green right now so I made the printables a pretty sage green, but I created a set of black and white printables as well. If you prefer black and white how about painting your dollar tree house frame white and adding a cute buffalo check ribbon, or a separate constracting buffalo check filled wooden house.

Free printables for the bathroom that have been downloaded, one set is black and white the other is sage and white. The free printable signs says Be The Change with a toilet paper graphic, and a toothbrush graphic with the wording Brush.

Preparing the Free Farmhouse Printables

Begin by printing out three different free printables in landscape. There is one for Brush, one for Be the Change, and one plain template printable.

Begin by cutting the house patterns on the plain template. Hopefully your Dollar Tree wooden houses the same size as mine and your all set. But if its not, you can easily make your own template. Don’t skip making the template first, it makes fitting the printable so much easier.

A basket filled with rolls of toilet paper, decorated with pretty toilet paper flowers for in the bathroom. There is also a cute DIY bathroom sign that says Be the Change.

How to Make a Custom Sized Template

To make your own template lay the dollar tree house onto a piece of plain paper, trace the outside. Cut out the shape, then fold each side over about 1/4″ to adjust for the thickness of the wood. Fit the folded template inside the wood house form. Once it fits you can use it as your template.

A dollar tree wood house laying beside the paper template for cutting out a simple sign for the bathroom. The photo is a tutorial with step 1 saying outline, step 2 saying fold.

Cutting the Farmhouse Sign Printable

Layer the house template over the farmhouse sign printable and cut out.

Cutting out a free printable sign using a template. The sign is sage, the template is white, and there are two dollar tree house shadow box frames in the background.

Insert the cut to size sign inside the shadow box frame to make sure it fits. If it doesn’t fold it over and trim where needed.

Adding a Scrap Wood Roof

We always have a pack rats collection of small bits of wood, so I asked Hubs to cut me two strips of wood 3 inches long, at an angle of 22 degrees at the top.

Adding 1 by 2 inch lumber scrapwood to the top of the little wood house frames to resemble a roof.

He used 1 by 2″ lumber, but a piece of pallet wood trimmed down, a wide dollar store popsicle stick, or a paint stirrer are other ideas. Once cut I glued them to the stop of the Dollar Tree wooden houses using E6000 glue letting it dry for a couple of hours before continuing.

Attaching the Farmhouse Paper Insert to the Frame

I find working with mod podge burdensome, for whatever reason I find it hard to work with. I know its weird, but full disclosure, I got one coat of the stuff on the frame, and the insert put in all pretty and smooth. Not wanting to push my luck I skipped adding an overcoat. A second coat for waterproofing is up to you.

A dollar tree house shaped shadow box with a pink, purple, and teal floral background being painted with mod podge glue. You can see a funny farmhouse toilet paper printable next to it that says be the change.

Spread a thin layer of mod podge over the back of the dollar tree house shadow box frame, let it dry for a couple of minutes. Starting at the peak insert the prefitted printable. Smooth the edge and then work from the middle ensuring there are no airbubbles or wrinkles. Once smooth repeat the process smoothing the paper from the center to the bottom of the frame.

The Brush Bathroom Sign

Sage coloured bathroom sign that says BRUSH with a cute toothbrush graphic. The print sign is sitting inside a little farmhouse wire basket and there is a wrapped bar of soap and a washcloth in the basket as well.

Twine Bow Tutorial

To make the twine bow. Leave a tail about 6 inches long, and then wrap twine around two fingers six times.

Then wrap the twine around the middle of the bow, fitting the end between your fingers.

Pull tight and then tie in a knot.

Attach using hot glue. If you need more info the how to is in the video above.

Two DIY dollar tree wooden house frames turned into a pretty bathroom signs by inserting and gluing free printables to the back. One says Brush with a toothbrush graphic, the second one says Be the Change with a toilet paper graphic. Both mini wood houses are sitting on bathroom vanity with toilet paper and soap arranged around them.

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  1. Your bathroom printables are adorable. I really love the “Be The Change” sign!

  2. Karins Kottage says:

    Absolutely adorable! Love that used things from the dollar store!


  3. How cute are these?! And such a bargain too.

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