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Easy Easter Craft – Easter Bunny Chalkboard

Easy Easter Craft Chalkboard Bunny

This time of year our home is such a hubbub of cleaning,  purging and reorganizing.  Every surface in our home is in use,  it feels good when it’s done but during the process, the clutter overwhelms me.    Soon the house will be neat and tidy and ready for Spring with some easy DIY Easter crafts, like this little chalkboard bunny.  This little chalkboard bunny is a simple inexpensive Easter craft idea that can easily be done with children.d

A chalkboard bunny Easter craft used for your Easter decorating ideas. 

This particular bunny chalkboard is hung by the front door, beside a candy dish and some faux carrots I have been using throughout our Easter arrangements.  It’s a great little backdrop for any Easter vignettes and I like to think of little ones enjoying the fact they helped with the decorating.

Supplies for the Easter Bunny Chalkboard

Like most chalkboard crafts, this Easter bunny chalkboard is super inexpensive to make.  The only real cost is a chalkboard, if you happen to already own one it’s almost free to do.  Here is the list of supplies I used to make this Easter craft.

A chalkboard at least 12 inches wide

Coloured chalk

Cotton swabs

Cotton balls


Easter Bunny Template

Creating the  Easter Bunny Chalkboard

The outline of the rabbit is from a template.  The actual colours you choose is totally up to you.  Have some fun playing around with the chalkboard until your bunny is just right.  I enjoyed designing this one and tried a couple of different styles before deciding he was perfect.

Chalkboard Bunny Easter Craft Tutorial for Decorating.

Adding the Easter Bunny Transfer

There are various ways to fill in the little bunny, I tried three versions before settling on this one.  The templated rabbit is kind of sweet and soft looking and I found lightly filling in the sections kept the soft look I wanted.

If you want your rabbit to be a little more rugged you follow the tutorial and lightly zigzag the outline.     Its fun to play with and if you don’t like it, wipe it off, with the template as a start it only takes minutes to create a new version.

Print out the bunny chalkboard template in landscape, letter sized it’s two pages.

A free Easter bunny chalkboard template for making your own Easter Bunny Chalkboard.

Cut the bottom template along the line.  Line up the two halves of the template and tape them together.

Place your template printed side out on a window.  Using chalk outline the template, using the colors you choose.

A chalkboard Easter bunny craft idea for Easter decor.

Place your bunny template chalk side down on the chalkboard.  Rub the template with your finger, concentrating along the lines.  Remove the template, your chalk transfer will look similar to this.  You will notice the ears are wider than the 11-inch paper, so hand draw in the ends of the ears.

An chalkboard craft for Easter. How to transfer chalk onto a chalkboard from a template for making an Easter bunny chalkboard.

Completing the Easter Craft Chalkboard

As you can see the chalkboard outline is a bit faint, and needs to be filled in and tidied.  However, it does give you the general outline, proportions, etc.  Now you get to have fun and make it your own.

Easter bunny chalkboard made with a free printable Easter bunny pattern.

Using the chalk colours you like to outline all the lines of your rabbit.  Fill in the nose, mouth, and eyes.

To fill in the remaining portions of the rabbit, place chalk on your fingertip.  Then use your finger to smudge the chalk onto the rabbit.  If you happen to mess up an existing line don’t worry, we will fix that at the end.

Once your rabbit is filled in, lightly blow the excess chalk off of the chalkboard.  Use a dry cotton ball to lightly smudge and dust off the rabbit.

Dip a cotton swab into the water and pinch to remove the excess, so your swab is just moist.  Trace around the inside of your lines cleaning up the edges.  Repeat on the outside of the lines.  This neatens your lines and makes them stand out.

Adding the Lettering

Using your computer create the wording.    Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share the printable for the lettering because of the fonts.  I used my Silhouette print and cut, but you can use Word as well.  I came up with this little saying because the chalkboard is being placed next to my candy dish by the front entrance.

Easter Bunny Craft Idea for Children or adults.

Other Easter Crafts to Try

You may notice the little stuffed carrot embellishment I placed on the top of the chalkboard.  If your wanting to make some yourself here is the post with the tutorial.

A simple Easter craft, sew some adorable stuffed carrots.

DIY Miniature Carrots for Spring Decor

This little bunny template is my most popular post.  This super easy Easter craft is perfect for children.  All they need to do is print and then cut out the rabbits.  The paper patterns are part of the template, no special paper is required.

Easy craft for children, an adorable bunny banner.

Print and Cut Bunner Banner Craft for Children

I hope you enjoy making one of these easy Easter craft ideas.   Let me know if you make one.


    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you. I need to create a template before I do a chalkboard, that way I can fold it to get the sides the same etc. This year I was all about lop-eared rabbits, glad to hear you like him.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Cheryl. I love chalkboard art as well. I am still at the stage where I prefer to make a template first and then apply the chalk. I

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you very much Virginia. I enjoy designing a different chalkboard for the seasons. They are fun and of course, the variety is endless.

  1. Your little bunny is so adorable. I think he should be up long after Easter. 🙂 Great tutorial also.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you, Debra. It was a bit of work to keep the chalkboard looking as soft as the template did. He was fun to do.

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