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Easy DIY Fairy Pond Centerpiece

How to Create an Easy DIY Fairy Pond with Floating Candles

It’s time for this month’s Farmhouse Hens collaboration,  this month were all creating centerpieces.  My contribution is an easy DIY fairy pond centerpiece, my friend’s wonderful posts are located at the end of mine.

This fairy pond centerpiece is made with some extra precautions due to the floating candles.  If you don’t plan on having floating candles it will still be pretty, but not quite as dramatic.


A DIY fairy pond with succulents and floating candles.


Supplies for making an Easy Fairy Pond

To make your own pond you will need a miniature fairy hut

Large round galvanized container

Assorted faux greenery

Large food can

Green electrical tape and florist tape

Green paint and brush (optional)

Tin snips

Hot glue gun and glue

Small artificial succulents, and rocks embellishments

Homemade or purchased twig fairy fence

Twigs and florist wire.

Floating candles (optional)

Fairy Pond Tutorial

I purchased the smallest floating candles I could find and the first thing I did was test how much water they needed to float.  Thankfully two inches of water was adequate.

I then chose a galvanized dish that was deeper than two inches, and about 16 inches wide.


How to build a fairy pond with floating candles.

The faux greenery especially the moss can be a fire hazard, so don’t ever leave the lit candles unattended.

To keep the moss and fairy hut away from flame put the hut on a higher elevation so that moss isn’t near the open flame of the candle.  You can use whatever you have handy that is nonflammable.  I used an empty and cleaned large tin can.

To prepare the large tin can stand start by removing the label and washing it thoroughly.  Place it in your container and make a mark to ensure the can will be higher than the galvanized container.


Using a tin can to make a balcony for a DIY fairy pond.

Wearing gloves car and tin snips carefully cut the can to the right height.  Careful not to get cut.


Cutting a tin can for making a DIY fairy pond centerpiece.


Once cut wrap a bit of electrical tape around the bottom of the can to cover the sharp edge.

Attach the end of a piece of green florist tape to the bottom of the can using hot glue, then wrap the florist tape around the can until its covered. Alternatively, paint the can green and let dry.


Covering a tin can for a DIY fairy garden pond craft.


Place the covered can towards the back side of the galvanized container, then using a hot glue gun take one large faux lilypad leaf and glue along the remaining back portion of the galvanized dish. Doing this creates a barrier to prevent the candles from floating right against the fairy house. Using hot glue attach the sides of the large leaf to the front of the tin can, and to the side of the galvanized container.


Gluing a large leaf to the side of a galvanized container for a fairy pond.


Next balance your fairy house towards the back of the centerpiece. Apply lots of hot glue to the top of the tin can before placing the fairy hut on top and press down firmly. Hold until the fairy hut stays in place.


Placing a fairy hut onto a balcony for a fairy pond craft

On the other side of the fairy hut, add faux succulents, start by gluing one to the tin can and to the galvanized edging. You need to glue them in place as they are light enough to float on the water.

I added a twig fence that made a couple of years ago.  To make the fence gather small twigs, cut each twig to two-inch lengths. Cut two longer twigs and using florist wire wrap each small twig to the larger cross piece branches.  Don’t worry if it’s haphazard looking, that just adds to the charm.


A DIY twig fairy fence as part of a fairy pond centerpiece


Finish the arrangement by adding some little bits of greenery to cover any areas that have metal or bare wood showing.


Adding greenery to finish a DIY fairy pond centerpiece or fairy garden


Finally, take something that is a little bit taller than the underside of your galvanized tin and use it to tilt your container a little bit away from the fairy hut. I used some florists foam for mine.


A DIY twig fairy fence as part of a fairy pond centerpiece


You don’t need to use the florists’ foam if you’re not using candles.


A homemade fairy pond centerpiece


The heat of the burning candles does make them move around a little bit.  Its pretty to sit and watch the candles, which I did for about half an hour.  Because the fairy pond is tilted away from the fairy hut the candles never got near to my hut.  Under no circumstances would I or should you leave it unattended.  Just like any real candle its never a good idea to walk away and leave them.


Fairy pond lit up with candles.


Easy DIY Fairy Pond and Garden tutorial


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  1. That is so cute! I love it. Definitely a conversation starter

    1. Fairy gardens are a Spring tradition, my granddaughters started me on. I love all the green on Spring so this helps while I wait for it to finally arrive.

  2. Leanna, this fairy pond is truly magical! The floating candles was such a great idea! Your creativity amazes me!

  3. Awwwwww, you know how much I love fairy crafts Leanna, and this has to be one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It’s magical

    1. Thank you Michelle. The entire time I was making this I was thinking of you. It reminded me of something you would create in that beautiful garden of yours.

  4. Naomi Shelton says:

    My favorite is definitely your Fairy House Centerpiece, Leanna! I love the rustic look of the little house and the twig fence and the greenery, especially the faux succulents. And the floating candles make it look really magical. It’s just so unique and appealing. I’m tempted to make my own! I love little houses so I might even attempt to craft the house myself.

    Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration!

    1. Your so welcome Naomi. I am glad you love it. I think it could be done on a larger scale, and I may consider that if I find a washtub at the right price.

  5. Your Fairy Pond Centerpiece is adorable. What a great idea!

    1. Thank you Kristie. It brings the outdoors in for a little bit until it eventually warms up here.

  6. You’re fairy center piece is amazing Leanna! I absolutely love it and it’s so very magical. Great job and you have inspired me!

    1. Thank you Chas. That means lots to me, because I never read a Chas’s Crazy Creations post without thinking the same thing lol

  7. This fairy centerpeice is just SO cute, Leanna! I love how you’ve added the water and floating candles! It adds such a beautiful calming touch! I bet the fairies are super happy with there new home!

    1. Thank you Sam. I would love to place it outside on a covered porch. Hubs even commented on liking it in the evenings when I lit it up.

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