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Christmas Front Porch Decor

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Handmade Wood Sign for your Christmas Front Porch

Christmas decorating is a fun and festive past time, everything looks so special and sparkly with pops of colour.  This year for several reasons, I don’t want to create anything that makes a mess.  I refuse to cut anything causing dust, nor do I feel like painting.  Fortunately I figured out a way to create a new Christmas front porch sign without any mess.   Its even safe and easy enough for kids to do.


You will need a backdrop like the DIY shutters I had made, or a plain  piece of  12″ lumber.

Christmas Fabric to cover the board.  Mine is 1 1/2 yards of 45″ buffalo check

4 Dollar Store Pom Pom Garlands

3 packages of dollar store glue on Velcro dots

Staple gun, or thumb tacks

Pretty Buffalo Check and Red letters on a wood sign for Christmas

How to Attach Fabric to a DIY Christmas Wood Sign

If your careful and place your staples along the very edge of your fabric, you will be able to reused the fabric after Christmas.  Stapling the edges of the fabric only ruins just the edge of your fabric. The glue on Velcro attachments pull off without leaving any marks.  You can just toss it in the wash and place back in your fabric stash.

These simple DIY shutters are fantastic for all types of decor and easy to make.  I could skip this step, you can either make them or use a 12″ wide piece of lumber by 2″ piece of lumber.

Stapling fabric to a DIY Christmas Sign

Start by wrapping your fabric around the shutter.  Place the edge of the fabric along the cross piece wrap around the front and staple the edge around the corner on the back.  Do the same on the opposite side.

Repeat the process at the bottom, making sure that the fabric is smooth.

Staples on the back of a DIY Christmas wood sign

Once you have the top and the bottom stapled in place, turn the sign over and finish stapling the fabric on the back.

Easy no mess Farmhouse Porch Sign for Christmas Decorating. An easy to make buffalo check sign.

Using Lumber

If your using a piece of lumber, wrap the fabric around the wood like a Christmas present stapling the seams on the back side.

 Adding Letters to the Wood Christmas Sign

Buffalo check fabric make lining up the letters very easy.  For my sign sign each letter is 7 inches long and six inches wide, and 1″ apart.  I used the squares in the buffalo check as my guide.  If you choose a different fabric measure the placement of your lettering and mark the corners with the Velcro dots.  If you make an error like I did, simply remove and reattach the Velcro dot.

Start by placing the Velcro dots on the four corners of each letter, adjust if needed.

Adding Pom Pom garland to make letters for a Wood Sign

Then do each letter at a time using similar lines to count the number of pom poms for example, this letter M has two 7 pom pom strings.  To begin lettering I only placed velcro dots at the end of each string to make sure I have enough Velcro.

Adding a letter to a handmade Wood Sign for Christmas

Here an outline of how I did the remaining letters. I hope you can see the white Velcro I added red circles to make it easier to see.

How to Add Letters to a DIY Wood Sign with Velcro and Pom Pom
A large DIY farmhouse wood sign with buffalo check. Perfect for a Christmas front porch

Weathering and Adhering

I am not sure if these pom poms will stay on the board outside in Canada’s very cold winter.  If they do happen to come off, I will glue the poms poms to the velcro with a stronger adhesive.

Once I had the pom poms attached to the fabric, I went back and added any remaining Velcro dots I had remaining to the pom poms.

Some Other Buffalo Plaid Christmas Ideas

A large buffalo plaid Christmas tree with black and white buffalo plaid ribbon, and DIY buffalo plaid Christmas balls all an assortment of red and white Christmas ornaments

A Rustic Buffalo Check Christmas Tree

A rustic farmhouse Buffalo Check Christmas Tree, with homemade ornaments, and lots of red farmhouse decorations.


  1. Love this Leanna! It’s the perfect decor piece and I love buffalo print

  2. Happy to see your black & white buffalo check creations back on the blog, I always look forward to them. Great idea for adding a festive touch to wood shutters. Love the pops of red and that everything is temporary and can be reused again. Pinned

    1. Thank you Marie. It feels great to be creating again. When I see the home decor blogs they have so much stuff, and the only way I can have that higher end look is by slowly making and gathering it. By the time I got it made I then want the newest craze lol

  3. This is so unique. It goes with the theme and is welcoming.

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