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Family Christmas Games – Trivia or Charades

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33 Different Christmas Games

Today’s post is about Christmas games.  I have created two simple games suitable for different age groups.  Links to my Blogging friend’s Christmas games posts are located right below mine.

Family Christmas Games

We do Christmas puzzles every year, I go and pick out a new one for everyone to work on. I put it on a big whiteboard and it gets hauled off and on the table repeatedly all season.   A couple of years ago my sons told me they hated doing our Christmas puzzles when they were growing up but they loved the snacks, so they just smiled and pretended.

The funny part is I don’t care whether they loved doing the puzzles or not.  It brings everyone to the table.  Whether you work on the puzzle or sit and visit instead, everyone is gathered and no one is plugged into anything.  Puzzles draw people into a common goal.

We also play board games that have multiple players, steeplechase is one example.  The little ones can’t truly participate in these games so last year I devised one we can all do together.  If it’s for the grandchildren the adults are all pretty happy to join in and of course, snacks are still included.

Christmas Charades

For this game the players are placed into two teams,  the topic is picked from a jar and the winning team keeps the question as a point marker.  This game is great for younger children, some of the topics are written especially for them

.Winter and Christmas Charades Game

A homemade Christmas Game for Families

Christmas Charades Printable

Christmas Trivia

This game needs a host and the players can be teams or individuals.  You can have the player compete for points or since it’s Christmas plan ahead and have inexpensive wrapped gift players can choose from a jar, basket or bowl.

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Some small gift examples are, one 5 dollar object like a Christmas CD, a nice bar of soap and the rest are dollar store items; cash, tic tacs, lifesavers, chocolates (of course), scratch and win tickets are just some ideas.

There are  11 questions, so the game would cost about $15 to put together.

The party host keeps the front answer sheet and cuts up the second sheet placing the question in a jar for players to draw from.

Christmas Trivia Game Printable

If anyone questions the answers I have included links to the references below.

Most popular Christmas Song of all Time?   –  Silent Night

Where did the idea of kissing under the mistletoe come from?   The English Druids

Where did our idea of the modern north american Santa Claus come from?  Coca Cola

Whats the angel’s name from “It’s a Wonderful Life”?  – Clarence Odbody

When did people start wrapping gifts in paper?  The Chinese in 100 AD 

Mrs. Claus first name. Santa is Kris. Mrs. Claus is?  Trick question, she really doesn’t have one.

Who is Rudolph’s father?  Donner

Where is the abominable snowman from in Rudolph the red nose reindeer story?  The North Pole

The Grinch’s poor suffering dogs name is?  Max

What is the name of the magician’s rabbit in Frosty the Snowman?  Hocus Pocus

At the end of Charlie Brown, which character quotes the bible and talks about this is What Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown?  Linus

I will admit I made the last couple of questions a bit harder to make the game last longer.  I thought about all the different Christmas characters I remember from every year.  Santa Claus, Charlie Brown, The Grinch, Rudolph, Frosty, they are a such a large part of North American culture.   I thought of the questions first and then really enjoyed looking up all the answers.

33 Awesome Christmas Games

Merry Christmas and I hope you have fun!


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  1. I love trivia games and your Christmas trivia is great! My family will love this.

  2. Very good games, Leanna. Playing games brings everyone together and creates great memories.

  3. Christmas Trivia is always fun! I think we will play yours at our Christmas party this year too! Now that I have read it, I know all the answers 😉

  4. These look so fun! I love how you included the answers.

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