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Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Craft

Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Decorations

Make the cutest Dollar Tree Easter craft using a Dollar Tree bunny wall hanging. wall hangings. This bunny topiary decoration for Spring is a fun weekend DIY decoration idea you can create to match your holiday decor. The dollar stores this year had some adorable Easter wall plaques that I love. Unfortunately, the bunny plaques were smaller than I would use but perfect for crafting.

Two bunny DIY easter decorations sitting in their pots on a dining room sideboard. You can see farmhouse decor in the background for Spring decorating.

Bunny Topiary Dollar Store Supplies

I purchased everything for this craft at the dollar store for less than $15. I had my paint but you can use any latex paint you like or Dollar Tree store craft paint.

  • Two wall Easter bunny wall plaques
  • Craft paint or Fusion paint
  • Two heavy glass jars
  • Screwdriver, paint scraper
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • Long BBQ skewers or small dowels
  • Florist foam
  • E6000 glue, hot glue
  • Two Dollar Tree wire greenery bundles
  • Ribbon & twine
  • Green Moss
A DIY wood Easter bunny from the dollar store before painting, The bunny is part of a plaque and has wood grain finish, metal ears and a burlap ribbon.

How to Make a Bunny DIY Decorations for Easter

Gather your supplies, and using a small screwdriver remove the staples from the back. With a paint scraper remove the metal ears and original burlap bow. If some of the bunny comes off with the ear don’t worry. Sand the front as smooth as you can with 120 grit sandpaper. The ears go back on as does a ribbon and that will cover any damage caused by removal.

Removing stapples from the back of a dollar store wooden bunny plaque.

Paint the front and back of each wooden bunny. Make sure to catch the sides and any drips. To prevent drips I prefer to do the back first so any drips can be sanded off the back instead of the front.

Two wooden bunnies painted white and two metal Easter bunny ears painted green. There are assorted craft supplies like white paint and green paint sitting beside the bunnies.

It took three coats to cover the front of my bunnies and two for the back.

Paint the metal ears in a pretty coordinating color, I used sea foam green.

While the paint dries you can prepare the topiary bases and wooden dowels/skewers.

Cut your skewers so that one is about 18 inches long and the second one 14 inches. Set aside.

Making the Bunny Topiary Bases

When purchasing the glass jar bases I made sure mine were heavy, so that I didn’t need to add anything for extra weight. Remove the labels and wash the jars thoroughly. Let dry.

Using a piece of florist foam. Place on top of the jar and cut a large square bigger than the opening. Carve the foam down, in slices until it fits.

Add E6000 glue to the bottom of the foam, and place it in the jar. Stuff the remaining bits of foam around the block of foam to fill in the space as much as possible. Set aside. ( If you’re using a light jar or can base instead of packing the jar with the remaining foam, use something heavier.)

A green glass dollar store topiary base filled with florists goam, you can see two painted wood bunnies and a small green wreath in the background.
Filling in the topiary base with strips of florist foam so that it fits tightly. The image shows the top of the jar filled.

Finishing the Bunny DIY Decorations for Easter

Now that all the prep is done now the fun party starts where you can start seeing your creation. Do you start to get excited and hurry at this stage? I certainly do.

Using E6000 glue the metal bunny ears back in place. Let harden.

Lay the wreath flat on your table, and insert the dowel from the bottom so that it comes up over half of the opening. Glue both sides of the dowel inside the wreath where you can’t see it.

A small green wreath with a wooden dowel inserted in it. The image is to show placement.
Attaching a painted farmhouse style wooden bunny to a green wreath while making Easter decoration DIY .

Place your Easter bunny decoration on the wreath and make sure your dowel doesn’t show above the bunny. If the placement is good cover the top of the dowel with lots of hot glue, then place your bunny and hold. Add hot glue behind the bunny’s ears and legs so that it attaches to the wreath. Repeat for the second bunny.

Homemade Easter decorations using white painted wooden bunnies,in front of two dollar store green wreaths, and made into bunny topiaries. The diy decor is sitting on a dining room sideboard with other farmhouse styled decor beside it.

If you like my soft style of Easter decor, I have an Easter Decorations Board on Pinterest. On there you will find all of the different Easter decorations I have made including bunnies, tulips, carrots, and lots of printables to enjoy.

Decorating with the Bunny Topiaries

These bunny topiaries can be used in pretty much any room as part of an indoor centerpiece. They are beautiful on the back of a Spring tray centerpiece as they give the arrangement height, and are likely easier to use than a frame, etc as they stand on their own.

Embellishing the Dollar Tree Easter Bunny DIY

I think it’s easier to decorate the wooden Easter bunny and the topiary jar bases before assembling. I tied a thin Dollar Tree white ribbon and twine around the bunny’s neck and the wreath.

Then I added the same ribbon to the green glass jars.

Finally, insert the bunnies and dowel into the base.

Other DIY Easter Decorations to Try

A spring diy decor sin in natural coloured wood. The sign has a pretty watercolour lamb printable standing among flowers.

DIY Spring Decor Sign

Using canvas paper and a free downloadable printable this super easy farmhouse Easter sign can be made in under an hour. It’s a great teen Easter or Spring craft idea as well.

A coffee table decorated with a tulip crate and neutral Spring decor. There are fabric carrots, farmhouse beads, a vintage clear glass jug all displayed on the tulip crate.

DIY Dutch Tulip Crate

Make this DIY Dutch tulip crate in less than an hour using scrap wood or pallet wood. It’s a beautiful rustic decor piece for Spring and Summer and is so versatile and strong. I want more of them for our home.

Six free bunny printables hanging on a shelf for Easter decor.

Easy Print and Cut Printable Bunny Banner

A really fun farmhouse Spring or Easter craft is one of my most appreciated posts. The bunny template comes with the designs and colour includes so you just print and cut on cardstock.

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  1. They’re adorable, Leanna. The green hoop in the background creates such a beautiful sense of motion. It looks like the bunnies are jumping through hoops of joy.

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