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30 DIY Garden Markers with How-Tos

What are GardenMarkers Used for?

Before we start looking at all the gorgeous DIY gardening markers for the garden, lets talk about why we need them.

I have to confess I am not a green thumb, Hubs does the majority of the gardening and thankfully loves it. But we’re both learning how to tend a new yard and aren’t experts by any means. Already after one year in this large yard, we know remembering what is what and where exactly we planted anything can be a challenge. When taking over a new yard we accidentally let a few weeds grow large as we had no idea if it was friend or foe. Garden labels should help prevent that.

Four of of 30 different garden marker diys, including a clay tag with copper, a white farmhouse tag, clay vegetable shaped tags and wooden garden stakes with copper labels.

Last year Hubs planted the large vegetable garden while I was away and later on he wasn’t 100% sure of the exact plant locations. Once that happens it is impossible to give specific care to any group of seedlings. With the garden tagsyou can map out what you have and give them the specific care they need. This is especially true for new gardeners.

I also like the idea of labeling plants while you’re planting them with large gardening markers at the end of each plant row. Then tie a string between the plant markers so the seeds are planted nice and straight. Hubs may “decline” my need for organization in what is his vegetable garden, but I am going to try and convince him. Having nice garden markers already made for his garden is a good first step I think.

DIY Garden Markers

An assortment of hand sculpted vegetable characters made into DIY Garden Markers.  There is one for peas, carrots, peppers, tomatos, and green peppers.

DIY Clay Vegetable Garden Markers

If you have more art skills than I do, I suggest making these fun and fabulous DIY clay vegetable garden markers from Homemade Heather. They are so fun and I love that you would instantly know what the label is, no moving plants aside to read. A super fun and productive way to spend an afternoon crafting.

Brightly coloured paint stick garden markets with polka dot gloves beside them.

Paint Stick Garden Markers

These bright cheerful and easy to see paint stick markers from Happy Hooligans are great for a vegetable garden. I like how strong they would be for stringing lines to plant seeds etc. So cute and fun for the garden.

Printable garden markers that resemble vintage seed packs. The image shows four varieties, turnip, broccoli, tomato and carrots.

Printable Garden Markers

These printable garden markers are a free download from Create Craft Love. Download print and seal. They have such a nostalgic vintage seed look to them. Easy and pretty both.

Black and stained wood garden markers made out of paint sticks. The large DIY plant markers are in the garden with baby vegetable plants.

DIY Plant Markers for Your Garden

There is just something very special about black. These simple to make DIY Plant Markers from Ideas for the Home have a high-end look because of the contrast of the wood and black paint. They are also a very nice large size for the vegetable garden.

Wood candle cups and paint are used to make fun garden markers with painted vegetables on the front.

Cute Painted DIY Wooden Garden Markers

These DIY Painted Garden markers from Craft Create Cook will help you keep your garden organized and add some cute decor to it as well. These fun little pots are wood candle cups and she gives you step-by-step instructions on painting the simple shaped veggies.

Classic brown and metallic labels vegetable markers.  There are five markers with stained based and metallic painted labels.

Wooden Vegetable Garden Markers

Aren’t these gardening markers classic and beautiful? Here’s a secret they aren’t made with metal. I think these garden markers from DIY Vibes are simply fantastic.

Dollar store garden pegs are given an upcycle using wood stain and pretty printable labels.

Upcycled Wooden Plant Label Stakes

These plant label stakes are from the dollar store, and they don’t look like it anymore. My friend Marie from the Interior Frugalista gave them a pretty amazing upcycle. She shares a free printable for the decals and how to make them waterproof.

Three garden markers made using the cricut joy, vinyl, and wooden spoons. Each one is painted white with a cheerfully coloured vegetable one front.

DIY Garden Markers with Cricut Joy

Using the Cricut Joy, smart vinyl, and white paint The Soccer Mom Blog made these cheerful garden markers for her raised gardens. An easy craft idea for outside.

Popsicle craft garden markers for a childs vegetable garden. This one is painted white and has cherry tomatoes painted on it.

Popsicle Stick Garden Markers

These adorable garden markers are perfect for a kid’s garden. The Gluestick blog made them for her children’s garden which is a great summer activity.

Easy and inexpensive diy garden markers. The markers are made using brightly painted green clothespin that has the name of the plant printed on it. The clothespin in then attached to a twig in the garden.

Easy DIY Garden Markers

Kristi from Chatfield Court found the perfect shade of green for her DIY Garden Markers. Such an inexpensive idea you could afford as many as you need even for a large garden.

Printable plant labels that are downloadable and then attached to plastic garden markers.

Free Printable Vegetable Plant Markers

Easy to do plant markers from Crafty for Home you can do with kids. Great for the garden and seedlings.

Wood stain garden stakes with dremel engraves metallic labels.

How to Make Garden Stakes

This simple wood garden stake tutorial comes from Dremel. You use a Dremmel to mark your metal tags. These are a very classic somehow masculine tag, these would make a nice DIY gift for someone.

Childrens garden markers made from plastic jungle toys painted in bright colours and then marked with white pens. There is a red elephant bell pepper sign, a purple cilantro giraffe sign, and a blue tomato lion garden sign.

Kids Safari Animal Garden Markers

A super fun, bright, and cheerful way to get children involved in gardening. My sons always had a play garden with plants that grew quickly. Things like sunflowers, pumpkins, and zucchini. I wish I had thought of these Safari Animal Garden Markers like Mom Trends did. They are fantastic.

Garden Markers for Herb Gardens

Although I am still no great green thumb I have more experience growing herbs than vegetables. For Herb Gardens it can take a little while to identify the different plants until they get larger. Most herbs are green and leafy and as small plants it’s easy to forget which herb is where. Also if they are nicely labelled you can ask someone else to go take a snip for you. I don’t accidentally want to put stevia in a spaghetti sauce.

A beautiful plant stand filled with clay pots, flowers, and herbs. Each pot has a nice farmhouse style diy plant marker.

Farmhouse Style Wooden DIY Plant Markers

These wooden DIY plant markers were created by Angela Marie Made, to create a cut set up to display potted herbs with plant markers. She sure met her goal. I think they are fabulous right down to the white paint and tall and skinny font she chose.

Small terra cotta pots planted with fresh herbs and marked with beautiful DIY garden markers made out of fabric and wooden sticks.

Printed Veggie Herb Garden Markers

These printed on fabric Veggie Herb Garden Planters are part of a “Grow Your Own Pasta Sauce” Garden Gift Basket created by Satori Design for Living. Both the basket and these beautifully simplistic garden markers are such a great gift idea.

Upcycled DIY garden markers using black coffee lids and small dowels. Each garden marker has a white painted label beside a long planter full of herbs.

Upcycled Plant Markers for your Garden

A very simple DIY garden marker idea for your herb garden from RemodelaCasa. Write the plant names on a coffee lid with painted labels and place them on small dowels. They look trendy all lined up in this garden don’t you think?

Brick Herb Garden Markers

If you have some extra bricks left over or a Habitat for Humanity nearby you can create these rustic brick garden markers from Simple Details Blog. She has had them for a couple of years and they have held up to the weather.

Three wood garden markers made using Sticks and a wood burnr. Each marker has a label burned into the side for a herb using a wood burner.

Natural Wood Plant Markers

Tidbits & Company made these DIY Natural Wood Plant Markers with wood she found at Hobby Lobby and a wood burner. Her process is simple to do and I enjoy the rustic look of these garden markers.

A small plant pot marker for herbs as part of a DIY gift idea.

DIY Herb Garden and Plant Markers

Create a small herb garden using jars and then mark each planter with it’s tiny herb marker. Check out Eighteen 25 for the complete tutorial for the plant markers and the DIY Herb Garden

Last year we were more focused on the large DIY renovations than we were the yard. But I did at least manage to place the purchased plant label in a plastic Ziploc and cover it with a rock for this year. This year we need to do something much nicer for our large yard. I thought a great way to get started was to check out as many different yet different DIY garden markers I could find.

Aluminum Duct Tape Garden Markers

Not in a million years would I have thought of using aluminum duct tape for garden markers. I have crafted with aluminum tape before but this idea for DIY plant markers from Aunt Peaches is brilliant.

DIY wooden plant markers made with the cricut joy.

DIY Wooden Plant Markers

These DIY wooden plant markers from Lemon Thistle are made using a Cricut joy machine. I enjoy the clean classic style of these herb markers. They say what they need to say but fit into the garden landscape. Made with Cricut vinyl I think they would be long-wearing as well.

DIY Garden Markers made out of plastic spoons and painted in bright colours and then labeled with black pens in pretty fonts and label design.  There is a yellow marker, as well as orange, green and blue garden markers in the image.

Plastic Spoon Garden Markers

These little Plastic Spoon Garden markers are the perfect size for all sorts of pots in the garden. I enjoy all the cheerful colors in these garden markers from Crafts by Amanda

Garden Markers for Flower Beds

Our new home came with five or six flower gardens and we had no idea what was where, or if anything was planted at all. Even the simplest of garden markers from the previous owners would have been amazing for both us and the plants. We had to wait until everything was grown and recognizable to plant a rose and a peony, and unfortunately I know I destroyed a lily or two because I didn’t know they were planted there.

These DIY garden markers are beautiful for any garden, flower garden markers are not

A diy beaded garden marker made with copper wire and lettered beads. The garden marker is sitting in a herb garden.

Beaded Garden Markers

This is a fun garden activity you can do with kids. These DIY Beaded Garden Markers from Paging Fun Mum is such a fun way to spend a day learning the names and spellings of the plants in your garden.

DIY Garden Markers made out of old teaspoons and stamped. The one in the image is stamped Mint and is snuggled in beside a small mint plant.

DIY Spoon Garden Markers

These DIY Spoon Garden Markers were created by The Prairie Homestead out of old teaspoons. Stick them in your garden and you’re all set. So pretty and creative.

A minimalist DIY Garden Marker made with wire and brown polymer clay. The clay tag is sitting in garden surrounded by greenery.

Easy DIY Garden Markers

These Polymer Clay Garden Markers are from The Things We’ll Make. A sweet minimalistic style that would be perfect for any garden, but I love them for an herb or floral garden as they are pretty and would softly blend in.

A tall stevia plant marked with a nice white garden markers made out of clay and then stamped.

Stamp Clay and Jute Wire Plant Markers

Another unique clay stamp idea for garden markers. These clay and jute stamped wire plant markers come from Addicted 2 Decorating and I appreciate the farmhouse feminine feel of them.

Four different birdy shaped garden markers in pretty Spring colours.

Birdy Flower Markers for the Garden

These garden markers are whimsical and sweet. Let Crafts by Amanda show you how easy these are to make.

A close up of a terra cotta pot plant marker with real copper wire, and white painted label.

Terracotta Copper Plant Markers

These terracotta and real copper DIY plant markers are usable anywhere, but I think they would be fabulous in a flower garden. Pith and Vigor share a step-by-step tutorial on making these wonderful plant markers.

A blue mason jar filled with DIY garden labels that are printed and coated with lamin

DIY Garden Markers that Last

Printed and then laminated Flower Garden Markers from Dishin and Dishes. The laminated covers make them last.

Various sized rocks painted dark black with white plant names lettered on them. They garden markers are sitting on the curb of a garden.

Pebble Plant Markers

These minimalistic Pebble Blackboard Plant Markers from Craft and Creativity are easy to make and you could make them as visible or as hidden as you like.

DIY plant markers made uusing wooden sticks and white clay.  Each label is cut with a cookie cutter shape and then stamped with a plant name.

Clay Plant Labels

These cute customizable clay plant labels from Say Yes are another really great gardening activity you could make with children. I think they look fantastic in white and using cookie cutters you can have any shape you like.

How to Make Plant Markers Last

How long your DIY plant markers last in your garden depends on all kinds of different circumstances including your climate. You can use a paper label and have it last very well if you laminate it, wood labels work much better if they are protected with a sealer, if you have exterior paint available for your markers it will last better than acrylic interior paint or craft paints. Most of the tutorials include some directions for protecting your crafted garden labels. At the minimum I would add a clear exterior polyacrylic sealer to my DIY plant tags. Any plant markers I create will need to be kept indoors over the winter.

Collage showing 6 0f 30 different gardening marker diys including one made with coffee lids, wooden sticks, black painted rocks, white clay garden markers anda wooden marker for the herb garden.

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