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33 Ghosts for Halloween – Costumes, Decor & Recipes

Ghosts for Halloween are just plain fun. I love how versatile the ghost theme is, whether you want a sweet and adorably tulled princess ghost costume for a baby, or a scary ghost decoration provides a bone chilling experience to neighbours friends and family. We often describe Christmas as joyous, but Halloween can be joyous good fun. Gathering together these 33 ghosts for Halloween was too much fun. I am certain your going to love them.

8 Boo-tiful Ghosts for Halloween Costumes

Every year we look forward to the trick and treaters, all the excitement, and shiny happy faces. Although kids often pic the latest action figure, movie character for Halloween, I favor the traditional Halloween themed costumes. Enjoy these fantastic DIY ghost costumes Moms created for their little ones.

A little girl dressed up in a new sew ghost Halloween costume with a scarygood face.

No-Sew Ghost Costume

This no sew halloween costume is so adorable. I love the little white hat for those cold climate trick and treaters. This DIY no sew ghost costume from Gina Michelle is ghostly good.

A group of Halloween ghosts, in different coloured Halloween ghost costumes

DIY Rainbow Ghosts Team Costume

Doesn’t this image make you smile. Who said ghosts can’t be full of boo yah colour? These ghost costumes for a team from The House that Lars built, are fabulousy fun for a team or family ghost costume idea.

Adorable tulle ghost costume on a little girl for Halloween

Adorable DIY Ghost Costume

Tulle costumes are my personal favorite, everytime I see one this Grama’s heart melts. This sweet tulle ghost costume from this Lovely Life Blog, shows just how heart melting a ghost costume can be. Another no sew ghostly idea.

Scary last minute Halloween ghost costume with a little boy in black with white ghauze costume and face makeup.

Easy DIY Scary Ghost Costume

Some trick and treaters just want to be scary and who can blame them its so fun. Bit and Bauble did a boo-tiful job creating this last minute scary ghost costume, with black outfit, makeup and gauze.

A glowing ghost costume for a little boy. The costume lights up.

Glowing Ghost Costume for a Child

This glow in the dark ghost costume is not only one of a kind its a great safety feature. So much fun, this one if for a child but I bet an adult or two would love to wear one as well. Thanks to Coolest Homemade Costumes for sharing it.

Boys and girls cute DIY ghost costumes in white with funny black faces.

DIY Easy Ghost Costumes

These little ones ghost costumes are not only good for trick or treating they are simple enough to enjoy all through October. The boy with the impish grin and check out the long eyelashes on the little girls T. An adorable idea from Honey Mommey

A little boy in a ghost costume with chains.

Scary Charles Dickens Inspired Ghost Costume

Of course the creepy chains make this scary ghost costume stand out, and Heather Handmade designed it for a trick or treater to be able function getting in and out of a car. Either way its a spooky good Halloween costume idea.

An elaborate spooky ghost costume with lantern.

DIY Kids Ghostly Costume

How creepy is this DIY kids ghost costume, its look beetlejuice to me because of the funky striped legging. Fun, and fa -boo-lus I love this costume. Juvenille Hall Design shows us how to make one.

10 Ghastly Ghost Treats

A ghost themed Halloween party can be made fangtastic for any age group. Whether your hosting a family Halloween party or packing up some Halloween Treats for school there is a gooey good ghost treat your family will love.

Easy Ghost Brownies

These Ghost Brownies from Life in the Lofthouse start with a mix or a favorite brownie recipe and then soft gooey marshmallow ghosts are placed on top. Were all so busy this time of year, I bet like me you can appreciate the simplicity of these fun brownies.

Chocolate brownies with marshmallow ghosts on top

Spiced Ghost Pancakes

This is a fun way to start off a day for trick or treaters, older kids and adults. A stack of spiced pancakes with a piped on Halloween ghost. The Spiced Ghost Pancakes from Taste and Tell and a fantastic way to celebrate Halloween with older kids, especially if your on a tight budget. Lovin this Halloween idea.

A stack of pancakes with syrup and a ghost shaped topping of whipped cream.

Banana Ghosts with Healthy Chocolate Dip

A healthy idea for Halloween. With these fiendish funny faces I am sure kids will be just fine getting some fruit choices. These are such a yummy treat and spooky without being scary. These Banana Ghosts from Veggie-Quest are great for a kids Halloween party where there will be little guests.

7 banana ghost desserts with chocolate chip faces and a bowl of chocolate dip with RIP gravestones.

Ghost Brownie Parfaits

These delightfully fun Halloween Brownie Parfaits are super easy to throw together. All you need is a fresh batch of brownies and a bowl of vanilla pudding. Shirley from Intelligent Domesitcations always shares easy delicious recipes and these ghosts parfaits are both.

Four Ghost Halloween parfait treats

Halloween Ghosts on Shortbread

If your not sold by just the shortbread, how about topping with ghostly version of whipped white chocolate ganache. Fun enough for children, delicious enough to serve adults. These Halloween Ghost Cookies from Manusmenu will be one of those Halloween recipes you want every year.

White chocolate ganashe piled in the shape of a ghost. Sitting on top of a shortbread cookies

Boo-Nilla Ghost

A simple to make vanilla milkshake that gets a curdly scary look with a ghost face painted jar. No only is this delicious, its a fantastic way to use old jars, especially if needing to make several.

Vanilla Milkshakes in Jars that have ghost faces on the side.

Ghostly Mini Cheesecake Bites

Eat Amazing shares this family friendly Halloween ghostly mini cheesecake bites with chocolate chip faces. My family would inhale this things, the ghosts wouldn’t have a chance. Anything cheesecake disappears quick.

Mini cheesecakes in the shapes of little ghosts with chocolate chip eyes.

Ghost Themed Halloween Party

Sugar and Charm has a complete array of Ghost decorations and ghostly snacks she created to host a Halloween ghost party. So beautiful, and what a lucky family having all this talent and effort in their home. These little donuts are just one of several ghostly treats she shares.

A large mixed stack of ghost mini donuts with white icing and black and white eyeballs.

Ghost Pudding Cups

These ghost pudding cups are brilliants easy to make. And each one comes with their own serving dish. Such a cute ghostly idea for a Halloween party.

Chocolate pudding cups decorated with little cookie ghosts and candy pumpkins to be mini graveyards.

Ghost Pizza Bagels

These individual sized ghost pizza bagels are another great individual serving idea for your next Halloween party. With the simple toppings of just cheese and marinara sauce pretty much everyone large and small will love them. This recipe is written from Linday Funston at Delish.

Easy to make pizza bagels with cheeze cut in the shape of ghosts.

8 Eerily Silent Ghost Yard Decorations

These DIY ghost yard decorations are sure to add laughter, excitement and chills to the neighbourhood trick and treaters. Some are more spooky than others, but all of them are boo-tiful.

8 large DIY outdoor ghosts holding hands around a fire.

DIY Lawn Ghosts

I am certain you have seen this image before its just so spooky looking. I found the Lawn Ghost tutorial from Pink Pixie Forest. They use simple supplies and they are easy to replicate. Fangtastic idea don’t you think?

A family of ghosts for Halloween that are outside on a front lawn. The ghosts vary from 3 feet to maybe 7 feet tall.

A Ghost Family

Talk about spooky, this whole gathering of ghosts will give anyone the shivers. This family of ghosts is spookygood, it give you you a hint of Halloween chills but aren’t macrabre or ugly. Love the face inside the covering idea from Jest Cafe

Very large and creepy outdoor ghost decoration with a lit up pumpkin head and giant spider.

Halloween Ghost Decoration

The Art of Doing Stuff created this giant front porch ghost that blows and move with a standing fan. And of course she added huge spiders which would keep me off the front porch. This is a whole new level of ghastly goodness and I was so excited to find it I

Two Halloween outdoor decorations large size ghostss casually sitting on the end of a porch in rocking chairs.

Foam Head Form Muslin Ghost

These two Muslin Ghosts are the kind of subtle outdoor Halloween decoration that would make you scream, when they catch the corner of the eye. Just image them in the dark. Boo-yahhhh! I’d run how about you? This fun ghosts are from Lia Griffith.

Three DIY Outdoor Halloween Ghosts with colonial era caps

DIY Scary Ghost Decor

Take a good look New England Pastoral house in the background. Then imagine seeing this colonial DIY ghost decor at night. It would make make me stop the car. Such a fantastic example of using your surroundings as part of your decor.

Two lit up outside ghosts with howling faces. One ghost is floating.

Easy Lighted Hanging Ghosts

These hanging ghosts designed by The Navage Patch are a easy dollar store Halloween DIY for outdoors. I love that they are lit and that one is floating. Such a fun idea using a plant hanger.

DIY Ghosts made using white garbage bags, with painted on faces.

Ghost Leaf Bags

Here is a time saver idea from Everyday Art. Clean the leafs in the yard, and makes some Outdoor Ghost Leaf Bags with them.

A life sized ghost with white swoopy arms in a tree surrounded by leaves and pumpkins.

Life Size Halloween Ghost

Lately I have seen this particular yard ghost everywhere. I found the complete tutorial on HGTV. I assumed it was hung from the tree, and I was wrong.

A large ghost Halloween porch decoration with lights and surrounded by pumpkins.

Dog in a Ghost Costume for Halloween

A dog mask , dollar store sheet and tomato cage is all you need to make this Dog Ghost for your front Halloween Porch

6 Ghost Decor Crafts for Indoors

All of these ghost decor crafts are easy to make, inexpensive and adorably spooky.

Ghosts in a Jar Halloween Craft

Such a simple craft to make and the final result is so cute. I was pleasantly surprised at how Landeelu from Eighteen 25 makes these adorable Ghosts in a Jar.

A ghost in a jar craft idea for Halloween.

DIY Ghost Candle Decor

This is one of those fantastic simple ideas you wish you had though of. So easy to do, but this DIY ghost candles craft from Thoughfully Simple are so dramatic and eerie. Just imagine having them in various rooms in your home for Halloween.

Six glass pillar candles with ghost faces.

Urban Outfitters Ghost Pillow Dupe

The Blush Home drew a pattern on construction paper, cut some sherpa fabric and got busy on this adorable ghost pillow. My house needs one of these, how about yours?

A handmade ghost pillow Halloween craft idea with big round eyes, and cozy fluffy fabric.

Spooky Ghosts for your Kitchen

This is such a simple to do DIY Halloween party decoration. These spooky ghost for your kitchen from Crafts and Sparkle are certain to make all your Halloween guest smile.

diy ghost themed light covers on kitchen island lights.

Ghost Under Glass Halloween Decor

My favorite part of this Halloween ghost cloche are the subtle painted branches. They give this cloche from Yester on Tuesday a really spooky vibe.

Ghost under glass Halloween ghost cloche

DIY Halloween Ghosts for Indoors

These are the cutest Halloween decorations, and simple to make as well. The Idea Room made these little DIY Halloween ghosts using cheesecloth. They reallyy are boo-tiful.

Two easy ghost decor Halloween crafts on a mantel.
A collection of ghosts for Halloween including a ghost dip recipe, ghost decoration on a mantel, a ghost cushion and ghost front yard decorations.

Every single time I put together a roundup I am awestruck by the talent, imagination and loving care put into family holidays. I hope you loved reading these ghostly Halloween ideas as much as I did searching, finding and collecting them. Happy Halloween! Leanna

Best Witch Ideas for Halloween

Cackling and spell-binding witchy ideas for Halloween. Witches, and black cats have been personal favorite Halloween theme of mine. I am certain your going to enjoy checking out all these Witchy ideas.

40 different Halloween witch idea, halloween witch decorations, and witch themed halloween recipes. There is a stuffed witches hat, witch cookies, witches brew, a witch windsock .

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