Monster Pretzels for Halloween

Easy Pink Monster Pretzels

Try these easy Halloween pretzel monsters, that are more cut than scary, like little fuzzy pink monsters. If your looking to send off some treats for a Halloween food party, or whipping up some different Halloween candy ideas for a charcuterie board these little pretzel Halloween treats are sure to be a hit.

Homes with children are busy anytime of year, but this time of the year can be mind boggling busy for Moms, with school, sports, Thanksgiving, Halloween and early Christmas planning. These easy Halloween monster pretzels are so easy to make and kind of cute too.

Easy pretzel for Halloween idea with pink candy coating, licorice fangs and white eyeballs. The bright pink Halloween treats are sitting on a black plate.

These candy covered Halloween pretzels can be made in any colour you like but I do suggest matching the colour of the candy melts to the sprinkles so that you have a “furry” look. They take no time to put together and you can make them ahead of time. You can assemble them whenever you have half an hour to put them together.

Monster Halloween Pretzel Ingredients

  • 1 bag regular salted pretzels (wrapped shape)
  • 1 bag of pink candy melts
  • Vegetable oil or coconut oil
  • Sprinkles
  • Candy eyes
  • Round shaped licorice

How to Make Pretzel Halloween Treats

Step One – Prep

Line a tray with parchment paper. Set aside

Step 2 – Melt the Candy Melts

Melt the candy melts according to the directions on the box, I bought bulk ones without directions and melted them in the microwave, they were all lumpy and I don’t know if they were over cooked or not softened enough. I tossed them and bought new candy melts in a package that came with melting instructions. So much easier.

Begin by following the instructions on your candy melts.

Step 3 – Dip the Monster Pretzels

After you warm your candy, simply dip your pretzels into the candy melts, spoon a layer over them, lift the pretzel out and set aside.

Step 4 – Decorate

Do each Halloween pretzel one at a time. As soon as you transfer the pretzel to cool, add the sprinkles, cut the licorice and add the eyeballs.

Hallowenn Pretzel Monsters Video

A very simple video showing me placing the decorations on the pretzel monsters. Its funny to say, but these little pretzel monsters really come to life when you add the eyeballs.

Repeat with the next one. Doing them one at a time immediately after transferring from the warm chocolate means the sprinkles, licorice fangs and eyeball candies all attach without having to fiddle with dipping each little piece into the melts before “gluing” them to the pretzel.

A dozen Halloween pretzels in candy coating with eyeballs and candy fangs.

Hubs was with me while I took these pictures and laughed when I added the little hand prop. He said it made the pretzels look scared of being eaten.

Making the Halloween Pretzels Ahead of Time

These little monster pretzels are made with candy melts, so they can be made up to two weeks ahead and set aside in a air tight container. Just remember to start with fresh pretzels. Once you make the monster Halloween pretzels wrap them in plastic and then a sealed container. They will keep well in a cool dry space.

A black plate filled with bright pink Halloween treats made using pretzels to look like little furry pink monsters

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