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Halloween Dog Decoration Sign

This Halloween dog decoration is made using an old Halloween sign thats seen better days. If your a dog lover like I am this new dog Halloween decor is perfect for your foyer, kitchen, livingroom.

Its worth taking the time to update an old sign instead of using a dollar tree frame, of course you can do that as well. But, I think this ghost dog Halloween decoration looks higher end because of the dimensions of the original thrifted sign.

A fun diy sign for Halloween with Halloween ghost dogs. There are four Halloween ghost dogs each dog is a different bread and each Halloween dog has a ghost costume on it. The DIY halloween sign also has a bunch of pumpkins as well.

Halloween Dog Decoration Supplies

To make this Halloween dog ghost you will need a few supplies.

  • Old piece of art in a size to work with letter size printables
  • White Paint
  • Small piece of muslin to fit front of canvas
  • Parchment paper, iron
  • Etsy transfer from Trendfully
  • Jolee Easy Image for Dark Fabric Transfer Sheets
  • Spray on adhesive or mod podge
  • Brayer/roller

I tried three different transfer methods before I found one that worked the way I wanted it to. Parchment paper was much too smeary, and the Jolee for light fabrics didn’t transfer the white portions of the ghost enough. I finally worked with the Jolee Easy Image for Dark Fabric Transfers sheets.

Painting the Original Sign

Paint whatever original sign you have in white. It took me three coats of leftover ceiling paint, you can use whatever white latex paint you want. Let Dry.

Printing Out the Ghost Dog Template

Download the Halloween dog printable. I then used picmonkey to resize the image for my canvas size and wording underneath. If using Jolee’s image you can try www.joleeseasyimage.com as well. With the dark transfer images do not mirror.

Test Printer

Transfer paper is expensive so I suggest doing a test print first to see which side of the paper your printer prints on. I wrote the work up on one side, fed that side face up into the printer and ran a test. My printer prints on the bottom.

Printer Settings

Every printer is different of course, my inkjet is an HP envy and I used the following settings; best print quality, printed in color, landscape orientation, hp paper setting (ie I didn’t use photo paper) I set it to print on lettersize sheet. The Jolee printable directions shares different paper choices based on your printer brand making it easy.

Printing the Transfer

Load the paper into your printer so that it prints on the non-glossy unlined side. Be patient and let the printer work, it takes a while to go through the printer. Trim the edge as close to the dog ghosts as possible.

Attaching the Transfer

Rip the edges of the muslin to the correct size, checking the fit on the painted frame. Ripping gives the edging that torn look, I had one edge that would not rip so I cut it and pulled out the threads instead. Iron your muslin flat so its flat.

Remove the Transfer Backing

Honestly this is the only challenging part. I am not good at it at the best of times and franky it was hard to get the first starting edge to lift. Once you do pull the back of the transfer away carefully. The printed on side is a bit rubbery and stretchy which helps, just be careful.

Place the printable in top of the muslin. Cover with parchment paper. Using an iron with the no steam setting hold down the iron on each bit for 10 seconds before lifting the iron and doing the next part.

Adhering the Halloween Dogs

I used spray on adhesive to glue my dog ghost template fabric to the wooden frame. Apply a good coat of the spray, place the printable over top of the adhesive and then work the wrinkles out starting from the center and working towards the outside. If you need to lift up a section to replace it don’t worry it will restrict.

Once you have the printable how you like it, cover the top with parchment paper and using a brayer smooth out the top. Hang and enjoy!!

A DIY dog halloween decoration made using an upcycled sign and transfers. The image shows Halloween picture hanging on a kitchen blacksplash of four little trick and treating dogs in ghost costumes.

Halloween Ghost Dog Video

If your wanting more specific instruction on how to make these Halloween ghost dog decoration I have created an instructional video I hope you find helpful.

I really adore making anything dog ghost. Here is a post about a full size Dog Ghost Decoration we made for our front porch.

A large ghost Halloween porch decoration with lights and surrounded by pumpkins.

Front Porch Dog Ghost Decoration

This little dog ghost decoration for the front porch is much easier to make than we first thought. He’s adorable and just a little bit spooky.

Ghostly and spooky Halloween porch at night lit with candles, and decorated with branch covered spooky trees, and a large DIY ghost.

Halloween Front Porch Decor

This Halloween Front Porch consists of several easy DIY Halloween decor ideas, including a creepy tree, the dog ghost, and a dollar tree sign update. Together with some pumpkins its got just a spatter of spooky.

Halloween DIY sign for a Halloween Front Porch

Hiss and Scratch Halloween Cat Sign

Its all about animals today. In case you prefer black cat to ghost dogs I created this Hiss and Scratch Inn Halloween porch sign. The hanger does double duty as a pot holder during the summer.

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  1. That’s so cute. My Mom isn’t a big fan of Halloween but this little sign would probably convince her to ad a little spook factor to her decor.

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