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30 Mummy for Halloween Ideas

Halloween Mummy Costumes, Treats, Crafts and Decoration Ideas

Mummy for Halloween ideas are a fang-tastically easy Halloween character to create in a variety of ways. Like his distance cousin the ghost, the mummy is easy to make using an old sheet, or white icing, or cheesecloth. The Halloween mummy is one of those classic Halloween monsters that this Mom always appreciated as its a theme you can whip together quickly and often with what you have on hand. Besides all that I really enjoy the classic Halloween monsters and the Mummy is definitely a much loved classic.

I have gathered 30+ different ideas for Halloween Mummies. Whether you want a last minute Halloween Mummy costume, a delicious Halloween Mummy recipe or a creative DIY Halloween mummy decor project. Your certain to find a fantastic mummy for Halloween idea.

6 Halloween Mummy Costumes

The thing to remember when creating a mummy costume is not to turn yourself into an actual mummy in one solid costume. Eons ago I helped someone who made that mistake at a party and needed my help to use the washroom. Lets just say its not the best situation. Here are some Mummy costume ideas to get your Halloween costume needs all wrapped up.

I saw loads of mummy costume images and sales, but managed to locate 6 really great mummy costume diys with how tos.

A little girl playing in her Halloween Mummy Costume. She is acting scary and has adorable bows in her pigtails.

Little Girl Lace Mummy Costume

White lace, white socks and white leggings are the basis of this sweet Little Girl Lace Mummy Costume. I think DIY Divas did a fantastic job of making a sweet little mummy.

A sweet little toddle in a Halloween mummy costume. The toddler is holding a small jack o lantern and has a big smile.

Baby Toddler Mummy Costume

A handmade costume using bandages. How adorable is this little mummy trick and treater in his Mummy Costume from Super Lucky.

A little boy dressed up in his DIY mummy costume for Halloween.

DIY Mummy Costume for Kids

Another variation of a simple mummy costume for kids. This one is for a little boy and comes from Sew Much Ado.

A little boy and a little girl dressed in their Halloween Mummy costumes. The children are sitting on the grass and are having fun laughing.

How to Make a Kids Mummy Costume

You can tell the children in this post enjoy their Mummy costumes and were having so much fun. The Mummy Costume tutorial from Polka Dot Chair has instructions for both costumes.

A family of five in their halloween mummy costumes. They are sitting on their front porch having fun looking like scary mummies.

Easy Costume for a Family of Five

This family is having so much fun and look spooktacular. You would never think this Easy Family Costume from Blue Gray Gal would be a last minute idea.

A beautiful woman with beautiful make up in an all gold gilded and sparkling mummy Halloween costume.

Beautiful Guilded Mummy Costume

This guilded mummy costume from The House that Lars Built is not only different and spectacular, there is a how to tutorial so you can make your own.

17 Mummy for Halloween Recipes

Here is a series of ghoulishly good mummy for Halloween recipes. There are sweet treats like Halloween Mummy cookies, a mummy cake, and simple mummy Halloween super ideas like mummy hot dogs and this first recipe for a mummy cheeseball.

A cheeseball shaped and decorated to look like a mummy for Halloween.

Mummy Cheeseball Recipe for Halloween

This easy to make Halloween Cheese Mummy, is such a fun appetizer for Halloween and I appreciate the it isn’t a dessert. The Halloween recipe comes from Eat Richly.

A plate of round cookies each decorated with white chocolate, drizzles of icing across them and candy eyeballs. The Halloween cookies look like little mummy faces.

3 Ingredient No Bake Mummy Treat

Fun and easy, the perfect combination for busy Moms. These No Bake Mummy Treats from Everyday Family Cooking.

A whole chocolate chip cake that decorated in white icing with large brown googly eyes to look like a Mummy.  A beautiful fun Mummy Halloween cake idea.

Chocolate Chip Mummy Cake

This post for Chocolate Chip Mummy Cake is from scratch with lots of beautiful layers. Created by Diane designed this beatiful cake. I think you could use it for any type of Halloween celebration, its fancy enough to be a Halloween themed birthday cake. Mummmmmm good!

A tray of mummy decorated Halloween cookies that look like little mummies. They are cut with candy eyeballs.

Spooktacular Mummy Cookies

How does 10 minutes and 4 ingredients sound for these adorable Milano cookie based Mummy Halloween Cookies from Passion for Savings?

Large pretzels covered in chocolate and decorated to look like mummies. Each pretzel stick has white chocolate with icing drizzle and chocolate chip eyes.

Halloween Mummy Treats

Made with salty pretzels and delish white chocolate these Halloween Mummy Treats will be appreciated by all ages.

A tray of banana pops that look like mummies. Each mummy banana is skewered on a stick iced in zig zag icing and two candy eyes.

Halloween Banana Mummy Pops

Bananas on popsicle stick with sweet chocolate drizzle and fun candy eyes. A very simple but adorable Mummy banana treat recipe from Lemon and Zest.

A black basket filled with adorable nutter butter mummy cookies.

Nutter Butter Mummies

Made with nutter peanut butter cookies and almond candy these fun Nutter Butter Mummies from Bake it with Love are another easy to do Halloween treat idea.

six cute mummy cake pops on sticks held in mid air. Their little eyes are fun and comical looking.

Mummy Cake Pops

Get the kids involved in making these Mummy Cake Pops from Desserts on a Dime. They will love swirling the chocolate on these little Halloween mummies.

Halloween Pizza pockets that look like little mummies with olive eyes. These pizza pockets are sitting on a white platter and are being served with a bowl of pizza sauce on the size.

Mummy Pizza Pops

I love the round shape of these little pizza pops, with the olive eyes peaking out from their wraps. This is a great recipe for Halloween supper and they don’t just have to be served to children. My Hubs would devour this recipe from My Pinterventures.

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Three Halloween juice boxes wrapped in white paper to look like Halloween mummies.

Juice Box Mummies

A really terror-ific idea for kids Halloween parties. These juice box mummies from Mas and Pas will be much appreciated as a Halloween treat drink idea kids can handle on their own.

A plate of Halloween mymmy homemade pizza bites on a white plate. The little mummies have black olive eyes.

Pizza Bites – An Easy Kids Halloween Snack

This easy recipe from Printable Crush keeps the little ones entertained while still being easy for busy Moms to make.

Donut Hole Mummies made out of donut holes. Each one is decorated in white chocolate then a drizzle and candy eyes.

Easy Mummy Treat Donut Holes

Another Halloween sweet treat idea for Mummies, but this time they are made using donut holes. Yummy Easy Halloween Treat Donuts Holes from High Heels and Grills .

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Coffee spoon stirrers that look like mummy coffee stirs.

Chocolate Covered Mummy Spoons

Every Halloween coffee bar needs a set of these chocolate covered mummy spoons from Kids Friendly Things To Do

A fun large mummy cookie sitting on the counter. He is covered with lots of white icing and has large googly eyes.

Mummy Cookies

These from scratch homemade mummy cookies have pumpkin flavoring in the dough. A spooky Mummy Cookie recipe from Not Quite Susie

A tray of hot dog mummy treats for Halloween supper.  There are several full sized mummy wrapped hot dogs sitting on a plate.  Each hot dog mummy for Halloween has googly eyeballs.

Mummy Dogs

Hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls are the basis for these adorable little Mummy Dogs from Play Party Plan

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A cookie tray covered with flat pumpkin cookies. Each cookie is a rectange thats then covered with a layer of pumpkin filling and criss crossed with more cookie dough to look like mummies. The final touch is two cute eyeballs on each cookie.

Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

A homemade cookie dough is wrapped around a sweet pumpkin filling for this Mummy Pumpkin Cookie recipe OMG Chocolate Desserts from . These little mummies are so cute, I laughed when I first saw them.

A chocolate Halloween cupcake sitting on a marble counter. This halloween cupcake recipe looks like a mummy as its made first with dark chocolate icing and then covered with white stripes of icing to resemble mummy bandages.

Easy Mummy Halloween Cupcakes

A very simple and super cute way to decorate Mummy cupcakes for Halloween. These Halloween Mummy cupcakes begin as a chocolate cupcake then the white icing is piped on. Such an easy way to decorate cupcakes for Halloween.

10 Marvelous Halloween Mummy Craft Ideas

A Halloween front porch with the door decorated like a large smiling mummy.

DIY Halloween Mummy Front Door

This smiling Halloween mummy is easy enough to create at the last minute. You likely have everything you need already on hand. I think this particular Mummy door from Thrifty Decor Chick is more adorable than scary.

A no sew Halloween pillowcover that looks like a Mummy. The cushion is what with bits of fabric criss crossing on the front. Then there are two large felt eyeballs to create the mummy.

No Sew Mummy Pillow

This no sew mummy pillow from Sugar and Charm is just the right amount of Halloween spooky for the livingroom, or a little ones bedroom. Its surprisingly easy to make.

A pair of DIY Halloween porch signs that look like mummies. The two wooden Halloween mummy signs are sitting on a Halloween decorated front porch surrounded by pumpkins.

Fun Front Porch Mummies

Decorating the porch for little trick or treaters is a great way to get involved in Halloween. These simple front porch mummies from Bomb Shell Bling are cute and so one of a kind fun.

A really cute dollar tree mummy craft.  A small mommy is wrapped in coffee stained fabric with vvery large eyes and a cut burlap  bow.

Creepy Cute Dollar Tree Mummy Craft

Creepy cutd is the perfect way to describe this Dollar Tree Mummy craft from Manda Panda Projects. The little bow on the front is adorable don’t you think?

A round DIY Halloween wreath thats hanging on the wall. The mummy Halloween wreath is adorable with big googly eyes, covered in white fabric bandage and has a spider that looks like a hair clip.

Dollar Tree Mummy Wreath

Halloween and Dollar Tree go so well together for simple crafts like this Mummy Wreath. Michelle’s Party Planet shows us how to make our own.

Two halloween mummy candles.  The two candles look like mummies and are made with flameless candles.

Easy Mummy Candle Craft

Make these mummy candle holders from My turn for Us for an easy Halloween mummy craft.

A dollar store Mummy DIY Halloween project. Its a dark black face with mummy wraps sitting insside a black frame.

Dollar Store Halloween Mummy Decor

This Halloween Mummy doesn’t look likes it from the dollar store. The Navage Patch shares a great tutorial on how to make one.

A life sized Halloween mummy Halloween craft hanging on the front door for Halloween decor.

Kids Craft Life Size Mummy Door Decoration

Carla from Small and Friendly makes this Life Size Mummy Decoration with her son. I love how she hung it on her front door.

A large white mummy head sitting on a black platter for Halloween decor.

DIY Mummy Head

This DIY Mummy head for Halloween is beyond creepy. Imagine having one sitting on your foyer table. Make Life Lovely shows how to make one ourselves.

DIY Halloween mummy decoration with a candle and a spooky paper banner overtop

Halloween Mummy Model

This miniature Halloween Mummy from Duct Tape and Denim is just brilliant. I have seen so many of these little artist models for really great prices and never would have though of this. What a fab idea.

Want to try and make a mummy themed costume, recipe or decoration? Pin this post to have it when you want it.

A collage showing assorted Mummy Halloween costumes including a baby mummy costume and little boy mummy costume a family mummy costumes, as well as a mummy door decoration and mummy cookies.

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