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Home Valentine Decorations Craft

DIY Valentines Craft

Pink is one of my favorite colours, but looking through Valentine crafts on Pinterest there is loads of every Valentine craft in either pink or red. So today I decided to make a pretty Valentine’s craft in neutral colours.

A home decor Valentine craft idea in cream fabric with dark blue embroidery and flowers. A little heart shaped Valentine hanger with lavendar flowers.

This easy home Valentine decoration is made using my Cricut Maker, but if you don’t have a cricut I created a paper pattern just for you. Just cut it out and pen it youself.

Valentine Craft Idea Supplies

The supplies you need are a bit different depending on which method you choose. Lets start by describing what you need to use the Cricut. The other template method for creating the Valentine pattern is farther down the post.

Cricut Valentine Supplies

Besides a Cricut maker you will need the following supplies:

  • Infusible Ink Pens – I used the basic 0.4 set with Black, Ultraviolet (purple), Green, Cardinal (bright pink(Tawny (brown)
  • Cricut design – Flower Border #M44A51408
  • Cricut Rotary Blade
  • 2- 12 by 12 pieces of cream linen, cotton, dropcloth or duckcloth fabric
  • Heavy iron on interfusing, glued on one side
  • Iron and Sewing Machine
  • Dark embroidery thread (optional) and needle
  • Wide eyed needle
  • Thin dark blue ribbon or twine.

Prepare Fabric for Valentine Craft

Do this for both Cricut and paper pattern methods.

Cut two pieces of fabric 12 by 12 inches square, and two pieces of the heavy interfacing 12 by 12 inches square. The edging does not have to be perfect, it just needs to fit on the cricut mat.

Iron the fabric smooth. Place the fabric good side down, cover with the heavy interfacing glue side down. Iron according to the interface instructions. Repeat with the second piece and let cool.

Farmhouse fabric prepped for cutting with interfacing.

Valentine Design in Cricut Design Maker

I have a step by step video of the design process in the video. Here are the steps covered.

  1. Upload the flower border or any one you prefer. Size it to 4 inches wide and then change the cut file layers to pen layers, choose colours.
  2. Use the free heart shape on the shape panel, resize to 7 by 11 inches.
  3. Layer and place the flower border where you want it vertically. Use the horizontal center to arrange. Highlight both and attach.
  4. Create and then choose fabric settings. For my farmhouse Valentine I used the duckcloth setting.

Print and Cut Valentine on Cricut

Place your fabric on the pink fabric cutting mat, flatten with a brayer or rolling pin to make sure it adheres well.

Using a brayer to attach fabric to a fabric Cricut mat.

Once your design is finished. Load the fabric cutting mat into the cricut maker. Add the cutting blade and first pen as suggested by your Cricut machine. Follow the instructions in Cricut Design maker. Mine did the purple flower first, then the center and finally the cursive sides. Once drawn it cut out the fabric.

Print and Cut Valentine with Paper Pattern

If making the farmhouse Valentine without the Cricut, here is your list of supplies.

  • Fine Tip Fabric Pens – black, purple/blue, green.
  • Free downloadable paper pattern
  • 2- 12 by 12 pieces of cream linen, cotton, dropcloth or duckcloth fabric
  • Heavy iron on interfusing, glued on one side
  • Sewing machine
  • Dark blue embroidery thread (optional) and needle
  • Thin dark blue ribbon
  • Iron

Once the fabric is prepared, lay one piece of the fabric with the interface side down. Cover with a piece of carbon paper and then put the heart pattern on top.

Carbon paper pattern transfer onto duckcloth for a Valentine

Trace the heart and the flowers using a pencil. You will notice the small end of the Valentine isn’t on the pattern. It was a bit bigger than the paper, so just draw that portion in.

A piece of farmhouse Valentine thats had the pattern carbon traced onto it.

Repeat with the second Valentine shape, but skip tracing the flower border on the second piece of fabric.

Cut out both Valentines. Using the fabric pens colour or trace out the flower border the way you like.

Assemble the Farmhouse Valentine

From here on regardless of the method used, you end up with a fabric DIY Valentine crafted heart thats cut and just needs sewing and final details. So lets do that part now.

Place the two fabric Valentine’s with the interfacing towards inwards between each other. Pin if needed.

We will sew around the bottom edges of the Valenting and leave a space at the top unsewn.

Diagram showing where to sew a fabric Valenting for home Valentine decor.

Sew the first seam about 1/8 from the edge. This is to seal the edge of the fabric so that is is able to fray a tiny bit. And it holds the two separate hearts together of course. Run the edge of the foot where the first red line is along the edge of the fabric.

A close up of a sewing machine foot marking along the edge of the farmhouse Valentine.

Once your done sewing the first seam, repeat by sewing a second seam. This time sew the second seam about 1/4 inch from the edge. This second seem reinforces the very narrow outer seam and we will use it as a guide for the embroidery.

Sewing a second seam along the edge of a farmhouse Valentine.

The top of the Valentine stays open.

Adding the Valentine’s Blue Embroidery

This is optional. I love the look of the Valentine with the dark contrast embroidery, but your time is your own and you can skip this if you like.

Embroiderying the edge of a home Valentine decor craft.

Start from inside the heart and sew a neat row of running stitch embroidery around the edge of the heart. I stitched this using all six threads of dark blue embroidery cotton. Start at the top where the sewn seam starts, and work your way down using the inner seam as a placement guide. Sew a simple length of running stich around the bottom of the heart and up to the other side. ( An easy way to describe a running stitch is to sew a dashed line of equal size stitches. Each stitch and each space is relatively the same size) I like to place a pen mark on the edge of my finger as a guide.

Note: Try and make the embroidery as neat and straight as you can. BUT don’t worry about little inconsistencies in your stitch, the inconsistencies make it look home made. We are making home Valentine decor and I think the stitching looks fantastic with tiny inconsistencies.

Start sewing from the inside of the heart so that your knot doesn’t show.

Once you finish both bottom pieces. Finish the open sides of the Valenting by sewing a narrow running stitch along the front Valentine. Repeat for the back side Valentine. This finishes the heart shape border and as a bonus helps reinforce the interfacing.

Finishing and Hanging Valentine Craft

Adding a hanging piece of twine to your Valentine is much easier to do if you have a large eyed needle. If you don’t have one I recommend getting one as soon as you can. They are fabulous for stringing anything, and in this Valentine craft you can use it for either hanging the Valentine with ribbon or with string.

Using a large eyed needle and twine to sew on a hanger to a fabric heart home Valentine decoration.

Thread the large eyed needle with either ribbon or twine. Then push it through the first layer, and then the second layer. If you have difficulty pushing the needle through twist is in a large circle pattern to make the hole a little bit larger. It will eventually work its way through.

A heart shaped Valentine craft in cream fabric with blue embroidery and a flower motif.

I bought some faux lavender to set of my little fabric Valentine craft, its looks very nice just on its own as well. I really enjoyed making this Valentine, let me know if you make one as well.

Primitive Valentine decor craft in a heart shape with a inked on embellishment, embroidery edges and hanging from a vintage pie safe.

Want to give this craft a try? Pin It for Later!

A primative Valentine decor heart made with cream fabric and blue embroidery thread stitches around the outside.

Other Home Valentine Decoration Crafts

A valentine decor arrangement with a DIY farmhouse wood bead garland with tassels and extra bling.

Farmhouse Bead Craft with Valentine Bling

Natural wood beads pair very nicely with soft pink beads in this Farmhouse Bead Valentine Craft

Use a free printable to make inexpensive bedroom art

Romantic DIY Floating Frame with Printable Valentine

Turn an old Vintage frame and a free printable Valentine into romantic Valentine’s Day decor for your bedroom.


  1. This is so pretty Leanna, perfect as a valentine decoration but pretty enough to be used all year round. I can imagine switching up the flowers every month or so to make it seasonal, lovely! This is a feature over at Handmade Monday this week 🙂

    1. Thank you for featuring the Valentine decoration Julie. I am excited to know it.

  2. I love your Valentine craft, Leanna! I’ve been thinking of getting my sewing machine out to do more crafting like this. Your heart turned out so pretty with the contrasting thread too. Pinning!

    1. Thank you so much for the pin Crissy. My sewing machine is a very basic model and I love having it for crafting. I hope you spoil yourself with one.

  3. Julie Briones says:

    Such a pretty Valentine crafts, Leanna… and I think it could be used throughout spring! I’ll be featuring your post at Tuesday Turn About this week! Pinned!

    1. Right on Julie, I am honoured. I finally found sometime to start linking again and being featured really boosts my energy. Thank you so much.

  4. I’m not a big fan of pinks, but blue I can do anytime. Pinned

    1. Hi Michelle. I love pink but for whatever reason this year I just am not into it. I guess I just wanted something different and that I could use any time of year.

  5. GORGEOUS Farmhouse Heart, Leanna!
    Followed and Pinned!
    Creatively, Beth

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